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  • Hurricane Amateur Basketball League
  • Home of the Redskins!
  • Championship Tournament Begins December 15th

Congratulations to our League Champions!

10th-12th Grade Division/Senior League

Champions : 76'ers

Runner-Up: Thunder

7th-9th Grade Division/Junior League

Champions: Heat

Runner-Up: Bulls

Thanks to all parent volunteers we appreciate all your help!


2nd/3rd Grade Girls Division

Champion:  West Virginia

Runner-Up:  Marshall

1st/2nd Grade Division

Champion:  UConn

Runner-Up:  UNC

4th/5th Grade Girls Division

Champion:  Tennessee

Runner-Up:  Duke

3rd/4th Grade Boys Division

Champion:  Kentucky

Runner-Up:  Kansas State

5th/6th Grade Boys Division

Champion:  Davidson

Runner-Up:  Liberty











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