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Halifax/Kingston Future Stars Game at Silver Lake


Halifax/Kingston Future Stars Game at Silver Lake

The Halifax Girls 5th Grade Travel team played an exhibition game tonight vs Kingston 5th Grade Travel players at the Silver Lake Girls Varsity Game. The girls were part of the player introduction tunnel, the starter introduction tunnel and the National Anthem before playing in the halftime exhibition game. Great job by all the girls. 

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In-Town Recreational Basketball Registrations

We will be closing registrations for Halifax Girls Basketball In-Town program soon. If you are interested in registering your daughter, please send in the form.


Late Registration (After Nov 1st) - $90.00 per player / $75.00 each for 2 or more players


Mail-in registrations can be sent to 3 Orchard Circle, Halifax MA 02338

General Schedule (schedule may be altered for school events, cancellations or balancing of league schedules:

  • Grades 3rd/4th - Games Saturdays, practice Thursday
  • Grades 5th/6th/7th/8th/9th - Games Monday, practice Thursday 5th/6th, no practice 7th/8th

You can download the registration form here .

Any questions, contact Ken Boudreau @ kfboudreau@gmail.com


About HGBL
Halifax Girls Basketball League (HGBL) is a non-profit organization that allows Halifax girls in the 3rd-9th grades the opportunity for exercise, learn and develop basketball skills, and to socialize with their peers on a recreational level. Games are played at the Halifax Elementary School gym. HGBL strives to keep it's registration rates low and affordable for all families in town and no girl will be denied the opportunity to participate due to financial hardship. HGBL also forms grade appropriate "travel" teams that will compete in the South Shore Girls Basketball league and in various tournaments.
In-Town Basketball
Halifax Girls grades 3rd through 9th are welcome and encouraged to play in the Halifax Girls Basketball In-Town League. The In-Town league provides girls an opportunity to have fun with their friends, get some exercise, and learn some basketball skills along the way.
All games are held at the Halifax Elementary School Gym
Games are typically once a week
Games typically start in January and end in March
Teams typically practice once a week
Game/Practice Guideline for In-Town League
3rd/4th Grade Saturday Thursdays
5th/6th Grade Monday nights Thursdays
7th/8th/9th Grade Monday nights None


Halifax Travel Basketball
Halifax Girls Basketball holds tryouts in October to form "Travel" teams for 4th-8th grades for the upcoming season. Girls must be a full-time resident of the town of Halifax to be eligible. Practices will start immediately after teams are selected.

The 4th grade team:

HGBL will form a 4th grade team if there is sufficient interest on a year-to-year basis.
Will play in an independent 4th grade travel league at the Kingston Sportcenter in Kingston, MA.
May (at coaches discretion) participate in a tournaments at an additional cost
Each player will use a team issued reversible-mesh jersey
Will practice on Sunday mornings

The 5th-8th Grade teams:

Will participate in the South Shore Girls Basketball league
May (at coaches discretion) participate in 2-3 tournaments at an additional cost
Each player will receive a full uniform; reversible team jersey, team shorts, team warm-up shirt
Will practice 1-2x per week depending on gym availibility

Travel players in grades 4-6 are required to also participate in our In-Town league. HGBL believes that players need to participate in both, as the In-Town games allow the travel players to work on "their game" and further practice and implement the advanced skills they are learning in travel. Playing time is not equal in Travel games, not every girl carries the ball, etc, but in the In-Town league they are the top players and will do more.

Girls in grades 7-8 are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to also participate in our In-Town League. (For the same reasons as above)

Halifax Girls Travel Accomplishments

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