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Welcome to the Home of the

Hampton Wythe Little League

Please use the following link to check field locations. It's a pretty great utility.





Schedules for Games and Concessions have been added to website. Click the Calender link for the updated Conessions and Games schedules. You can also click on the Schedules link. This link will allow you to select which team's schedule you would like to view. A little easier on the eyes. 




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Virginia District 7

Cities of Hampton, NewportNews, Poquoson, and York



 Virginia D7

Little League

District 7, would like to welcome all the new Board of Directors for our 7 leagues.  In October, our district officially kicked off the 2014-2015 season with the newly elected Boards in their positions.  These volunteers are beginning to embark on an exciting year celebrating the 76th anniversary of Little League.


Presenting the District Staff:

District Administrator – Bob Sherrill

ADA / Umpire -In-Chief - Ray Churchill

ADA / Info Officer / Scheduler – Taylor Sherrill

BB ADA - Sean Belfry

SB ADA – Jeff Motley

Treasurer – Susan Benner

Safety Officer – Jumpy Rhodes

Challenger – Kim Catalano

Secretary – Beth Spivak

ADA/Special Projects - Kim McCaffrey


LLB Celebrates 75th Anniversary



LLB has implemented a new level in Baseball and it is making its debut in District 7!!  This new level is for players at the 11-13 age level.  The intermediate level is also referred to as 50/70 which is a step up to the next level while not going ALL the way to 60/90.  This is a more competitive level that allows the players to transition to the 60/90 fields.


Deer Park - Shannon Wells

Hampton Wythe – Phil Everhart 

Northampton – Tim Parks

  • Phoebus – Gerald Stutt
  •       Poquoson – Tom Sweeney
  • Warwick – Brian Sheets
  • York County – Mike Harvey


Facebook Page:


In an effort to keep all of our players safe during inclement weather, District 7 will do all they can to ensure the leagues are maintaining all the safety precautions and adhering to the regulations set forth  by Little League International.  It is imperative during the stormy season that we exercise caution and make sure all kids are safe.



Information about bats, umpire information and more! 
If you are a TEAM MOM for 2014,
please see the Team Mom Corner for new information.

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