Last Updated: April 23, 2015
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Organizational History

In operation for several years, the Germantown Hardknocks Basketball Inc. organization is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that promotes positive youth development programs which will generate measurable improvements in youth self-esteem, goal setting abilities and attitudes toward learning. The programs help inspire and guide youth in the belief that they can act on their dreams, make a difference in their community and realize their potential, one step at a time. It also puts priority on character development, volunteerism and service to the community, as well as career exploration.

Our coaching staff and administrative teams are committed to the following -


a)      Promoting sportsmanship and true spirit of competition;

b)      Promoting health, social, educational and character development;

c)      Teaching and developing fundamental skills and techniques to further one's abilities in the sport of basketball.

We have a very exciting 2015 Spring/Summer season planned that will include tournament participation, service to the surrounding communities, fundraising, and group activities that will foster their development into productive young adults.


Spring/Summer 2015 - AAU Fees


Note – For all players participating in practice, games and/or tournaments, fees are NOW due. Please see your Head Coach or Team Manager (contacts page) to make a payment or request payment arrangement. Fees are used directly for uniforms, league fees, tournament fees, etc...and must be made for players to ensure continued participation.

Thank you!