Last Updated: May 26, 2017
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Hollidaysburg Area Summer Baseball League

HASBL to the Curve

Once again HASBL will be participating in the Altoona Curve Field of Dreams Program.  This year's event will take place May 21st, 2017 at 6:00PM when the Curve take on the Erie Seawolves.  Thirty players will be chosen to attend a pre-game picnic and eighteen players will be chosen to go onto the field with the Curve.

All players registered in the league will receive one free ticket, courtesy of HASBL.  Friends and family members are encouraged to attend as well at a cost of $7.50 per ticket.  Make checks payable to HASBL.  Click on this link for the order form.

We hope you will come out for a relaxing night with your fellow HASBL-ers, kids and parents alike.

The deadline to signup is May 16th.  Please give the order form (and payment if necessary) to your coach or drop it off at the concession stand.

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Upcoming Games:

Friday, May 26
Little League
Marzoni's @ McCarl's5:30pmLittle League Field
Sheetz @ Meadows7:30pmLittle League Field
Pee Wee Minor
Rangers @ Phillies5:30pmFoot of Ten
Cardinals @ A's5:30pmFrankstown Back
Tigers @ Yankees5:30pmHigh School (Softball Field)
Saturday, May 27
Little League
McCarl's @ Keystone Dental9:00amLittle League Field
Meadows @ RT Contracting11:00amLittle League Field
Sheetz @ Benchmark1:00pmLittle League Field
Tuesday, May 30
Pee Wee Major
Locker Room Pirates @ Napa Auto Parts Twins5:30pmY1
Dawson Wolfe Construction Braves @ All-State Insurance Royals5:30pmY2
Little League
Snare & Associates Mortgage Services @ Meadows5:30pmLittle League Field
McCarl's @ State Farm7:30pmLittle League Field
Pee Wee Minor
A's @ Mets5:30pmFoot of Ten
Pirates @ Phillies5:30pmHigh School (Softball Field)
Wednesday, May 31
Pee Wee Major
Tel Power Rentals A's @ New Pig Cubs5:30pmY1
Core Tigers @ Blue Knob Auto Blue Jays5:30pmY2
Little League
Benchmark @ Keystone Dental5:30pmLittle League Field
RT Contracting @ Locker Room7:30pmLittle League Field
Pee Wee Minor
Cardinals @ Yankees5:30pmFrankstown Back
Tigers @ Rangers5:30pmHigh School (Softball Field)
Thursday, Jun 1
Little League
McCarl's @ Locker Room5:30pmLittle League Field
Snare & Associates Mortgage Services @ Imler's Poultry7:30pmLittle League Field
Pee Wee Minor
Mets @ Pirates5:30pmFoot of Ten
A's @ Tigers5:30pmHigh School (Softball Field)
Friday, Jun 2
Pee Wee Major
Blue Knob Auto Blue Jays @ New Pig Cubs5:30pmLittle League Field
Napa Auto Parts Twins @ All-State Insurance Royals7:30pmLittle League Field
Saturday, Jun 3
Pee Wee Major
Locker Room Pirates @ Dawson Wolfe Construction Braves10:00amY1
Little League
Sheetz @ McCarl's11:00amLittle League Field
Meadows @ Locker Room1:00pmLittle League Field
Benchmark @ Snare & Associates Mortgage Services3:00pmLittle League Field
RT Contracting @ Keystone Dental5:00pmLittle League Field
Imler's Poultry @ Marzoni's7:00pmLittle League Field
Sunday, Jun 4
Pee Wee Major
Tel Power Rentals A's @ Core Tigers6:00pmY1
Monday, Jun 5
Pee Wee Major
New Pig Cubs @ Tel Power Rentals A's6:00pmY1
Blue Knob Auto Blue Jays @ Core Tigers6:00pmY2
Little League
Imler's Poultry @ McCarl's5:30pmLittle League Field
Sheetz @ Locker Room5:30pmLittle League Field
Tuesday, Jun 6
Pee Wee Major
Dawson Wolfe Construction Braves @ Napa Auto Parts Twins6:00pmY1
All-State Insurance Royals @ Locker Room Pirates6:00pmY2
Little League
RT Contracting @ Benchmark5:30pmLittle League Field
Meadows @ Marzoni's7:30pmLittle League Field

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