Last Updated: September 23, 2017
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Hollidaysburg Area Summer Baseball League

Fall Ball Today: September 17th!!!

Last week we had over sixty players come out for our inaugural Fall Ball games.  For those who didn't attend, we split the players up into two groups:  10 to 12 and 9 and under.  Within each age group we made two teams.  The older group played a game on the LL field and the younger group played on Y2.  Each game had umpires.

Please remember we are using LL ages for the 2018 season.  Players who were 12 during the 2017 season are ineligible to play.  LL age determination can be found at  Be sure to use the 2018 Baseball chart.

If you were unable to attend last week, you are welcome to come this week.  There are no formal teams and the games are more "pick-up" in nature.  We will continue to play until the weather gets bad.  Ultimately, our goal is to take lessons learned from this year and make a more organized Fall Ball program next year.

Please arrive at the field at 4:45 so we can begin playing at 5:00.

2017 Fall Ball starts Sunday, September 10th at 5:00

Thank you for your interest in HASBL Fall Ball.  We are overwhelmed by the number of kids interested in getting in some more baseball before the snow falls.  We will start this Sunday, September 10th at 5:00 and will play each Sunday until the weather gets bad.  Game time may transition to 3:00 as the days get shorter. This Sunday, please arrive by 4:45 so we can get kids organized by teams.  We have six teams so we will play on Y1, Y2, and LL fields.  As we described in our introductory email, we are going to play slightly organized pick-up. What this means is, if we need to steal kids from one team to even up sides, we'll do it.  It also means a player may hit then go right to the field--playing "both sides of the ball"!  The key is the kids will be playing and improving.

You do not need to respond to contact us in the event you can't make it.  On the other hand, if you player wants or needs to opt out, please let us know. 

Thank you again for your interest.  We are off to a good start numbers-wise, which is a good indication we will be more organized in advance next year.  Again, to players and parents, please come with a relaxed, open mind and just have fun.

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Congratulations Hollidaysburg 12U District 11 & Section 4 Champions!

Congratulations to Marzoni's for winning the 2017 HASBL Little League Championship!

Congratulations to the Dawson & Wolfe Braves for winning the 2017 HASBL PW Major Championship!

2017 HR Derby Champion - Landon Perry from McCarls. Runner Up - Cooper Rother from Marzoni's.