Last Updated: July 6, 2016

Upper - Ninety Booster Club

  • Lady Hawks vs Polytechnic 3/1/2016
    BIG 10-0 win for the Lady Hawks against Polytechnic!
  • Hawks vs Polytechnic 3/1/2016
    Hawks win with a 4-2 victory over Polytechnic!
  • Lady Hawks vs. Lake Dallas (2/26/16)
    Tough 3-1 loss for the Lady Hawks against Lake Dallas.
  • Hawks vs. Lake Dallas (2/26)
    Hawks tie the Falcons 2-2 in regulation, but win in PK's 5-4! Go Rayce!
  • Lady Hawks vs Eastern Hills (2/23/16)
    Great 7-0 win for the Lady Hawks over the Highlanders!
  • Hawks vs. Eastern Hills (2/24/16)
    Hawks beat the Highlanders - 7-0!
  • Lady Hawks vs Carter Riverside (2/16/16)
    A big 2-1 win for the Lady Hawks!
  • Hawks vs. Carter Riverside (2/16/16)
    Hard 3-2 loss for the Hawks
  • Lady Hawks vs Grapevine (2/12/16)
    Lady Hawks defeat Grapevine 2-1!
  • Hawks vs Grapevine (2/12/16)
    Hawks fight to the end, but come up short.




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