Last Updated: February 12, 2016
  • Schedule of Events Updated due to Weather
  • Registration Available for Boys Varsity Bishop Daley
  • Registration Available for Girls/Boys Open Diocesan Tournaments

Schedule of Events 2015-2016 - REVISED January 30


Click on the link below for all dates related to Diocesan Sponsored Tournaments for the 2015-2016 postseason including Diocesan, State, Bishop Daley and Rising Stars tournaments.

A reminder that with this message was a disclaimer that all dates were subject to change due to weather, gym availability, etc. The most recent version of the calendar of events (Dated January 30, 2016) is included by clicking on the link below.

While this document will be updated periodically, the more specific tournament information including dates, sites and times will be posted to their individual links on the main menu as the information becomes available.

Schedule of Events with Revisions as of January 30, 2016