Last Updated: June 28, 2017
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Women's League Schedule

The Commercial Bar team from the Women's League has has dropping out of competition for the rest of the season. HSA has rescheduled the remaining Commercial Games. Below is the list. We will get them updated in the Online Schedule very soon. 


Rescheduled games updated June 15

Updated Schedule for rain-outs and requested game reschedules. Updated June 15, 2017


Looking for players or a team?

Are you looking for a team to play on? Are you looking for additional people for your team's roster. Go over to the Forum page and look at potential teams or players. If you don't see what you are looking for post your information including Who you are, what you are looking for, and contact information. This is one of the best ways to get involved. 


Sign up for text alerts

Want text alerts about if games are rained out? Fill out this form and we will get you signed up. You will get a confirmation text within 24 hours. Text charges my apply depending on your cell phone plan. You can always cancel text messages by replying "STOP" to any text messages you get. 


COED Team Information Available

Many COED teams expressed interest in contacting other teams for scrimmages, picking up players, etc. You can now contact COED teams from the 2017 Team Info link found on the left menu. Phone numbers listed have been approved to be shown on the website. If you don't see contact information for a team, they have not approved their phone number to be published. If you would like to add or remove your contact information please contact us a


2017 Season Schedule

Below are links for the 2017 Softball Season. Please check back often for possible changes. Download all files and review them. Online Scheduler will be available later this week. Any questions or comments please email us at

Late starts and two games a week for Rec and Coed teams:  Some teams will find they start later than other teams and many have a week with two games.  This is due to an odd number of teams in the league.  In order for teams to play each week the league is playing, a team has to have two games so that the odd numbered team can play that week.
Women and Coed EIII teams please check the out of town game schedule for games.  There are five games in Boulder and ten games in Townsend.


2017 Season Information

Total games by League:

    • Women's Division: 16 (Including out of town games)
    • Men's Division I: 18
    • Men's E League: 18
    • Men's Rec League: 12
      • (Coke has 14 due to being the only Masters League Team. They play inter-league games.)
    • COED CI: 12
    • COED Rec: 12
    • COED EIII: 12 (Including out of town games)

League schedule & other info: (Check back for updates) 


Official Bats for this year's League and Tourney Play

HSA enforces the use of ASA certified bats for league and tournament play. To review a list of all certified bats for this year's season go to Then scroll to the bottom, in the drop down select "Bats" then click GO. 

COED-Rec League Bat Rule Addendum:

You will be able to use composite bats this year (2017), but in the 2018 season you will not be able to use them. Aluminum bats or wooden bats will only be allowed due to the voting results. Please be aware of the changes for next season. If you want to use those composite bats you will have to move up to E 3 or any other upper league to use them. 

2017 Women's League Annual Meeting Minutes

The 2017 Women's League meeting was held on April 10 at 7pm. Click here to review the meeting minutes


2017 Team Registration is now closed

2017 Team Registration is now closed. HSA leagues are now compiling the teams and divisions then construct the 2017 season schedule. Schedule should be out by the end of April and will be available to be downloaded here on our webpage. The online schedule will follow within 1-2 days. 

Good luck to all teams and players this season!


COED Annual Meeting Notes

Click Here to review the 2017 Annual COED meeting notes. If your team did not attend this year's meeting please review this document regarding the upcoming COED season. 


Extra Income This Summer?

Do you need extra income for the summer?  Want to set your own schedule, for the most part, working in the evenings and No weekends unless you desire to?  Earn $22 for 1 – 1 ½ hours of work?

If so, then consider becoming an USA umpire with the Helena Umpires Association.  We need some umpires for this upcoming season.  Startup cost are very minimal. Umpiring is a great source of earning some spending cash and gets you involved in the game even more so than playing it as well. 

Please contact Jack Foster at 465-1319 in order to get signed up!!



Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Jun 28
MackDad @ Smitham6:15pmBATCH1
WatchYoM @ AmLegJes7:30pmBATCH3
KAOS @ TeamMP6:15pmBATCH3
RuffNeck @ RPALode7:30pmBATCH1
Trolls @ MillRS6:15pmCENT1
AofGod @ GoldRush6:15pmCENT2
Coke @ IMPACT7:30pmBATCH4
CCLawmen @ FIBank7:30pmCENT1
ServPro @ SandyM6:15pmBATCH2
SMisses @ GStake7:30pmBATCH2
CBar @ BigRBall7:30pmCENT2
Thursday, Jun 29
SaltyDogs @ PSlapped6:15pmBATCH1
MLTM @ STaco6:15pmBATCH2
KLJ @ Windsor6:15pmBATCH4
HomeG @ TheKCC6:15pmCENT1
Outlaws @ Scrappers6:15pmCENT2
BipolarB @ BisonE7:30pmBATCH2
AmeriGas @ Bulkley7:30pmBATCH3
VillPeep @ Enterprise7:30pmBATCH4
LCBrew @ TeamVA7:30pmCENT1
SmashP @ GotWings6:15pmBATCH3
PartyPlus @ BDragon7:00pmTownsend
Smitham @ CofGod7:30pmCENT2
Wednesday, Jul 5
GlitterK @ GrubS6:15pmBATCH1
VIdiots @ SGLHaps6:15pmBATCH3
99Prob @ PeakPT7:30pmBATCH3
MackDad @ GotWings6:15pmBATCH4
AAF @ YankDeez6:15pmCENT1
LOB @ TmToxic6:15pmCENT2
RAD @ RuffNeck6:15pmCENT3
RPALode @ AElectric7:30pmBATCH1
MBPigs @ TeamMP7:30pmCENT3
BigRBall @ SandyM7:30pmBATCH4
KittyK @ GStake7:30pmCENT1
ServPro @ BWings7:30pmCENT2
Thursday, Jul 6
Here4Beer @ PeakPT7:30pmBATCH1
PetesBP @ Blackfoot7:30pmBATCH4
PartyPlus @ CofGod6:15pmBATCH1
Smitham @ AmLegJes6:15pmBATCH4
SmashP @ HeadHunt6:15pmCENT1
TeamS @ WatchYoM7:30pmCENT1
RPALode @ MBPigs6:15pmCENT3
HnB @ CityBrew6:15pmCENT2
KAOS @ Rivals7:30pmCENT2
CLBHouse @ Coke7:30pmCENT3
SMisses @ BigRBall7:00pmBoulder
SandyM @ CBar7:00pmTownsend
Monday, Jul 10
LOB @ RuffNeck6:15pmBATCH1
AAF @ AElectric6:15pmBATCH3
YankDeez @ TmToxic7:30pmBATCH1
MBPigs @ RAD7:30pmBATCH3
SandyM @ BWings6:15pmBATCH2
ServPro @ SMisses6:15pmBATCH4
KittyK @ BigRBall7:30pmBATCH2
CBar @ GStake7:30pmBATCH4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!