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Helena Teams do well at State Tournaments

Helena's Women's Grubstake team won the USA Softball of Montana State Tournament in Women's D.  The team went undefeated in the tournament in Billings defeating Fat Boys from Kalispell in the championship game.
KAOS of Helena took second in the Men's D State tournament in Billings.  KAOS was defeated by Team Beaver from Billings in the championship game.
Man Bear Pigs took third in the Men's E State Tournament in Kalispell.  The team played "all day" through the loser's bracket - losing to Claim Jumper of Missoula in the semis.  Ascension Electric finished tied for seventh.
99Problems is representing Helena this weekend in Bozeman in the State Coed D.  Sleeping Giant Lanes/Haps and Glittercats are participating in the State Coed E - also in Bozeman.
Final Results for the Men's D District Results in Helena
1st Place ManBearPigs
2nd Place TeamMP Sponsored by Legal Tender/Windbag/Haps
3rd Place AAF Sponsored by American AF/Pigman Flooring/Pepsi/ MacKenzie River Pizza

2017 Season Schedule

Below are links for the 2017 Softball Season. Please check back often for possible changes. Download all files and review them. Online Scheduler will be available later this week. Any questions or comments please email us at helenasoftball@yahoo.com.

Late starts and two games a week for Rec and Coed teams:  Some teams will find they start later than other teams and many have a week with two games.  This is due to an odd number of teams in the league.  In order for teams to play each week the league is playing, a team has to have two games so that the odd numbered team can play that week.
Women and Coed EIII teams please check the out of town game schedule for games.  There are five games in Boulder and ten games in Townsend.


2017 Season Information

Total games by League:

    • Women's Division: 16 (Including out of town games)
    • Men's Division I: 18
    • Men's E League: 18
    • Men's Rec League: 12
      • (Coke has 14 due to being the only Masters League Team. They play inter-league games.)
    • COED CI: 12
    • COED Rec: 12
    • COED EIII: 12 (Including out of town games)

League schedule & other info: (Check back for updates) 


Official Bats for this year's League and Tourney Play

HSA enforces the use of ASA certified bats for league and tournament play. To review a list of all certified bats for this year's season go to http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Play-ASA/Certified-ASA-Equipment.aspx. Then scroll to the bottom, in the drop down select "Bats" then click GO. 

COED-Rec League Bat Rule Addendum:

You will be able to use composite bats this year (2017), but in the 2018 season you will not be able to use them. Aluminum bats or wooden bats will only be allowed due to the voting results. Please be aware of the changes for next season. If you want to use those composite bats you will have to move up to E 3 or any other upper league to use them.