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2018 Schedule

Below are the files for the 2018 Season. Please come back here to view any changes. If you see any issues please email us at Helenasoftball@yahoo.com with your team name, date of game, and the description of the issue and we will jump on it ASAP!

Good luck to all teams this year! 

  • 2018 Season and all documentation (PDF) - This includes summary rules, 2018 schedule, out of town games (Women and COED White will play some games in Boulder), Scheduled Helena Tournaments, State Tournaments, and Team Abbreviations. Last updated April 20. 
  • 2018 Season (Excel) - This only has the scheduled games in Helena. This list does not include out of town games in Boulder for some Women and COED White Teams. This list is found in the PDF link above. Last updated April 20. 
  • Online schedule to be uploaded soon. 

Looking for a Team? Your Team needs players?

If you are looking for a team or your team needs players go to the Message Board page (Click About > Message Board) and add your contact information along with a brief description. This is one of the best ways to get information out there. 


Official Bats for this year's league and tourney play

HSA enforces the use of ASA certified bats for league and tournament play. To review a list of all certified bats for this year's season go to https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Play-USA-Softball/Certified-USA-Softball-Equipment 

2018 COED-Rec League Bat Rule Addendum:

You will not be able to use composite bats in the 2018 season. Aluminum bats or wooden bats will only be allowed due to the voting results from the 2017 COED Annual Meeting. Please be aware of the changes. If you want to use those composite bats you will have to move up to E 3 or any other upper league to use them. 

Copper City Cash Softball Tournament

Men’s and women’s softball tournament July 7-8 at Stodden Park in Butte.  $300/Team. Cash will be paid out in the amount of $100 per team entered into the division.

For more information head over to their Facebook event page

Women's Annual League Meeting Notes

Helena Softball Association 2018
Women’s meeting minutes, March 8, 2018
Recorded by: Ashley Hurt, Secretary

  • Jackie resigned from her position as secretary and nominated Ashley Hurt. A vote confirmed her nomination and here I am. 
  • Women’s league lost 1 team this year, potentially losing 2 if Commercial Bar doesn’t enter. We will be gaining 1 new team and predicting to have a total of 7 women’s teams this season.
  •  Debbie is using a “remind” program for game updates and communication.
  • Rosters and fees are due May 24th. Drop off to the concession stands at Batch or the trailer if you are at Centennial. 
  • $5.00/ team liability insurance required. Covers negligence and injury to non-players. Included in team fees. 
  • Flyers need to be passed out/hung up but are ready now.
  • 2018 Women’s Home Run limits: 
    • C- 4
    • D-2
    • E-0 
  • When a call is missed or inquired about when involving a missed base or a runner leaving the base early, a team captain may appeal this call.
  • Team sign-ups: 7:00 Thursday, April 5th at the L&C Public Library. Team fees are due at this time.
  • Rescheduled games due to not being able to field a team will be considered a forfeit until (or unless) played at the end of season. 
  • Game balls went up to $46.50 from $44.00. Women’s League has spent more than it brought in. 
  • Leslie, +$16.00 bank error. Corrected but not really corrected. She will watch bank statements to follow up.
  • Voted to pay for trophies for the top two women’s League teams only.
  • Player’s Fee: $30.00, Team Fee: $325.00
  • Did not pay Boulder’s field maintenance fees last year. Debbie requested an invoice for weeding, dragging fields and mowing. Leslie is going to ask Jack F. for the official number of games played in Boulder last season.
  • Butte women’s team would like to play in Helena and/or Boulder. Present Helena Women’s team reps say they are willing to meet in Boulder to play games.
  • Concessions/Bathrooms: wiring issues, sink leaking, need to be ready April 20th
  • Discussed ideas to bring exposure to HSA… Encouraging sponsors to offer deals for team/league members or for wearing team jersey to sponsor place of business. Jim is interested in live streaming games via YouTube Live or Facebook Live. Carroll College softball weekend-spectate, talk to players about league, set up a booth?
  • Voted yes to replacing Bonnie Heller’s memorial plaque due to damage. Nelma is looking into cost and protection options to prevent future replacements.


Notes from the Annual Men's League Meeting

The Annual Men's League Meeting was held on Wednesday, March 14. Below are the notes

Men's Slow Pitch Softball Meeting, March 14, 2018.


The meeting started with a discussion of finances.  For 2017 the men's league expended about $1,000 more than was collected for umpires, softballs, trophies, and sanction fees.  This still left the league with a positive fund balance for the year.  Association finances were also discussed.  The association collected player fees and expended those funds on a number of different areas which included utilities, maintenance, materials, head umpire fee, equipment, equipment repair, and field improvements both to Batch fields and Centennial fields.  The Association collected $27,500 from player and team complex fees and expended $30,700.  About $25,500 of that was expended on maintaining the fields - City of Helena mowing, fertilizing, garbage, electricity, sewer, etc. and infield maintenance.


The list of state tournaments and their locations and dates for the year was discussed.  Kalispell will host the Women's C and D State Tournaments, August 3-5.  Men’s C and E are in Anaconda - Men’s D in Missoula (All August 10-12).  Men’s Masters +35 and +45 and Men’s Seniors +55 will be held in Kalispell on August 3-5.  Rosters for the Masters/Seniors can be formed from all men’s teams as long as the age requirements are met.  A team sanction fee will be included in the entry fee if the team is not already sanctioned.  The state home run rule changed from 0 – 2 – 4 for E, D, and C respectively, to 1 – 3 – 5. Any excess are outs.


There was discussion as to when to use the 6:15 and 7:30 start times for games.  There was also a discussion of the “sun problem” on Field 1. If it was possible, the 7:30 game could be switched to an 8:30 pm game a couple of nights a week and use the lights on just one field.  Every team would play one 8:30 game.  An estimate of the cost would be needed to see if funds are available to light one field.


There was concern that teams are not playing with the players on their rosters during league.  It was understood that sometimes to form a team during the week you need to pick up players, but to pick up high level players to play on lower teams and picking up “several” players from one team to fill another team causes problems with league games and standings.  Getting rosters in early was one option so teams would know if the players are on the team, or just being “reasonable” in who the teams are picking up.


During registration the men’s teams will be asked to vote on a revision to the 1-1 count rule used in league.  Instead of asking both teams if they want to switch to a 1-1 count at the top of the fifth inning, the game would start with a 1-1 count.


It was asked what team members could do to help improve the complexes.  This would be volunteer work.  If we are able to purchase fence tops (yellow) for the top rails we would need help to install them.  Also, repairs to the gates and fences and backstops are needed.  We could also use help in picking up larger rocks that find their way onto the fields.  Basically – it was anything we could do to improve the complexes without having to hire out the work.


There was discussion on how to get more people out playing softball.  The numbers are consistently dropping.  We can get marketing funds from the state association.  Also, streaming games on Youtube or Facebook and showing them at their sponsors or at the new sports bar at the golf course would maybe get interest up.  After the Brewers leave town, there was an idea to have a game or two at Kendrick and have people donate to play and watch.


Registration for all teams will be April 6, Thursday, starting at 7:00 PM at the Lewis and Clark Library.  All teams will need to have someone at registration to sign up their team.  A registration form will be placed on-line prior to registration for team managers to complete.  They can print out a copy to be brought to registration.  The team fee will need to be paid and collected at registration. Teams fees for men were set at $425 for upper division (no district tournament), $480 for men’s E (includes district), and $390 for men’s Rec (includes tournament).




HUA Looking For Umpires

Do you need extra income for the summer?  Want to set your own schedule, for the most part, working in the evenings and No weekends unless you desire to?  Earn $22/game for 1 – 1 ¼ hour game time for Adult league Slowpitch, $25/game for 1 ½ hour game time for JO Fastpitch!

If so, then consider becoming an USA Softball umpire with the Helena Umpires Association.  We need some umpires for this upcoming season.  Startup cost are very minimal. Umpiring is a great source of earning some spending cash and gets you involved in the game even more so than playing it as well. 

Meetings start March 5th at 6:45 at the Water Treatment Plant next to the Humane Society for learning and training.

Please contact Jack Foster at 465-1319 for more information!!

2018 Snowball Softball Results

This year's Snowball Softball was a huge success. Thank you to the 17 teams that braved the cold and snow to play in this annual event. 

Upper Division

Winner – Rated Argggh      $625 (Easton Klemundt)

Runner-up – SOS                $375 (Nick Heimgartner)

Lower Bracket Winners

Head Hunters       $625 (Impact Montana)

Runner-up Aftershock     $325 (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)

Costume contest winner: 

Diehards $300 (Helena Little League for underprivileged kids)

Dressed as Olympic Gold swimmers with a Gold medal and full fledged swimsuits!!)

Helena Umpires Association Donation

$100  (Camp Huff’n Puff  (American Lung Association))


Up to $200-$400 more to be determined!