Last Updated: May 19, 2015
  • May 1st - first game of season - 6PM @ B Field Minors Anytime Fitness (10U) - Argyle.
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  • May 9th, Photo Shoot!
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Important Dates / Events
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Important Dates / Events

June 4th, 6 PM - End of the Softball Season League Picnic!  Bring a Dessert to share.


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Welcome to our Hudson Falls Girls Softball League Web Site!

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We hope to keep you informed on changing events on a weekly basis. During the season, this site will be updated regularly with the current news and events! If you have any information to publish or comments please send it to the webmaster by clicking on the Blue rotating email mailbox icon to the left.

The Hudson Falls Girls Softball League, Inc. opened their new Dix Avenue field complex in 2005. The fields consist of four playing fields and a field house / concession stand. The complex was a joint effort between the Hudson Falls Central School system, the Hudson Falls School Tax Payers and the Hudson Falls Girls Softball League, Inc. The League was able to finance the fields though a loan with the school, and now the league is paying back this loan at no cost to the Tax Payers.

The league continues to make improvements to the fields adding dugouts to "A" field in 2010, "C" field in 2011, "B" field in 2012. "D" field in 2013! 

We now have a paved path to the concession staff, as well as, handicap parking!

Schedules, Teams, Important Dates, They're All Here!

We've generated this website to help find forms, schedules for tee-ball, minor, major and senior leagues. We'll also be able to communicate important dates (i.e. coaches' meetings, parade info., rules for each division, etc. If you have any questions or comments, please forward them via email to the webmaster.

Best of luck to all. To all the coaches and volunteers, we greatly appreciate your dedication and time.

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  May 23
Brownell Electric @ Emerich sales and service 10:00am D Field
Instructional (8U)
Parker Machine @ GF Kiwanis 10:00am A Field
HF Fish&Game @ Maxwells 10:00am C Field
A Shear Experience @ Lewis Super 12:00pm B Field
Argyle @ Ginny Rae's 1:00pm B Field
Tuesday,  May 26
Instructional (8U)
Parker Machine @ Lewis Super 6:00pm A Field
Ginny Rae's @ Maxwells 6:00pm B Field
HF Fish&Game @ A Shear Experience 6:00pm C Field
GF Kiwanis @ GF National Bank 6:00pm D Field
Majors (12U)
Kingsbury Fire @ SGF-3 6:00pm @ SGF
Wednesday,  May 27
Hilltop Construction @ Emerich sales and service 6:00pm B Field
Pediatric Dentistry @ Brownell Electric 6:00pm D Field
Minors (10U)
Rosick Well Drilling @ South Glens Falls 6:00pm @ SGF
South Glens Falls @ Thermal Assotiates 6:00pm C Field
Thursday,  May 28
Instructional (8U)
Maxwells @ HF Fish&Game 6:00pm A Field
Parker Machine @ GF National Bank 6:00pm B Field
A Shear Experience @ GF Kiwanis 6:00pm C Field
Lewis Super @ Ginny Rae's 6:00pm D Field
Saturday,  May 30
Hilltop Construction @ Pediatric Dentistry 10:00am D Field
Instructional (8U)
HF Fish&Game @ GF Kiwanis 10:00am B Field
Maxwells @ A Shear Experience 10:00am C Field
GF National Bank @ Argyle 12:00pm Argyle
Majors (12U)
Queensbury @ Kingsbury Fire 9:00am A Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  May 25
Memorial Day Parade
Thursday,  Jun 4
Picnic HF A Field

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Emerich Sales & Service