• Welcome to the Web Site for the Hiawatha Kids League

Welcome to the Web Page for the Hiawatha Kids League.


End of the Year Meeting Follow Up

September 7, 2017


The end of the year meeting on August 28th did not quite have the attendance that I was hoping for.  There were only 3 Non-Board members present and those 3 individuals were former board members and still volunteer on a regular basis.  With that being said here is an update on the meeting.  There was a very long discussion on how our “experiment” with the Girls Major pitching clinics went and there were still some mixed feelings on whether we should continue with player pitch or come up with an alternative so I am sure that the newly elected board will have their hands full with that.  The membership nominated me to serve as your commissioner for the 2018 season and I gladly accepted that role for another year.  The rest of the board was elected and we are short some people this year.  We have a 1-year term slot open and 3 two year terms open.  I would very much like to hear from folks who can help fill those positions.  It is very difficult to run the league without these volunteers to help evenly spread out the responsibilities.  So parents/guardians please consider helping out with your time.  You can email me at scottfisher@mchsi.com or give me a call. 319-551-8082.  We do have a board meeting on Sunday September 10th at the Hiawatha Public Library beginning at 4pm that you are welcome to attend also.  I will have more to share after the next meeting.



Restated Articles of Incorporation

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