Picture Day - Saturday, December 10

Picture Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 10.  All players need to be at the game location at least 45 minutes prior to game time.  Instructional Division should be at Crockett 20 minutes early.

Forms were distributed last weekend and at practices this past week.  The form is also available in the Documents and Forms section of the website.

Sr Lads Registration Information

Hamilton Little Lads Basketball is now accepting registrations for our Sr. Lads Division.  All players between the ages of 15 and 17 (as of 8/31/16) are eligible.  All new players will be required to present a birth certificate.  The registration fee is $95. 

The season runs from January 7 through the end of March.  Games are played on Saturday evenings at Nottingham High School, Crockett Middle School, or Grice Middle School.

To register, please visit the league website at www.HLLBasketball.net and click the 2016-2017 Registration button in the top left.  You may also register by mail.  On the website, go to Forms and Documents to download a registration form.  Complete the form and mail, with payment, to the address listed.  

You need to register soon.  Due to limited gym availability, we only have 44 spots available.  Returning players who register prior to December 31 will be guaranteed a spot.  The rest of the spots will be on a first come first served basis.  

All players must be registered and paid (or other arrangements made) to be eligible to play.  Any players registering once teams are assembled will be placed by the league, if a spot is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for all questions regarding the league in general, and specifics for each division.  

Week 2 - Updates & Reminders

We hope you all enjoyed a relaxing Thanksgiving!  As we head into our second week of the season, we’d like to provide a few updates and reminders…

  • Effective this weekend, we’re asking that players NOT bring their own basketballs to games.  This will eliminate the urge to shoot during stoppages in play and between games, as well as dribbling while games are in progress.  More significantly, you will not run the risk of your basketball getting mixed up with someone else’s.  Coaches should bring balls for pre-game and halftime warm up.  The league can provide practice balls, if needed.  The game ball should NEVER be used by either team to warm up.
  • As a reminder, only players, coaches, and assistant coaches (max of two) may sit on the side of the gym where the scorer’s table is.  ALL parents, friends, and other spectators should be on the side of the gym opposite the teams. Please try to keep the entrance to the gyms clear while games are in progress.  Either find a place to sit in the bleachers, or wait in an area outside of the gym.  This includes players waiting to play.  For safety purposes, we need to keep these areas clear.
  • Nobody should ever sit or stand along the wall of the baseline.  This is a safety hazard for both players and fans.  
  • Finally, Picture Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 10.  Your team pictures will be taken 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your game.  We need to stay on that schedule so games are not delayed.  Forms will be distributed at your game on Saturday.  You can also download a form by clicking on "Documents & Forms" on the left.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Instructional Classes Begin on November 19th

Classes will be held Saturday mornings at Crockett Middle School beginning on November 19th. 

The focus will be on teaching core fundamental basketball skills in a positive fun environment.

No equipment is necessary other than sneakers and shorts or sweatpants.  League shirts will be provided the first day.
Each class will last one hour.   Below are the times players are to report to the gym.  Players have been assigned by age (oldest at 8:30, youngest at 10:30).   
8:30am 9:30am 10:30am
Duck, Collin Reres, Lucas Crawford, Seth
McLaughlin, Colin Bailey, Jeremiah Leger, Sean
Hollar, Kyle Davis, Jackson Quinones, Derek
Bossi, Enzo Myers, Connor Ford, James
Lacey, Rachel Gerber, Harry LoBue, Louis
Quarcoopome, Michael Walsh, Trent Krupa, Tyler
Cophy, Bertrand Oommen, Darren Quarcoopome, Ryan
Bendas, Jack Verderame, Luca Mandell, Gabriella
Hunter, Joshua Spinola, Dylan Estepp, Olivia
Wright, Austin Mastropolo, Jack Delehanty, Jake
Moore, Sebastian Banning, Alexis Harrison, Landon
SanFilippo, Luke Deravil, Robbie Epps, Christian
Brody, Mateo Garretson, Christian Cophy, Phabrice
Please note:  If for some reason your child wishes to attend at different time (be with a friend; conflicting schedules; etc.), that is no problem at all.
Any questions please email Tom Cashin at tmcashin1@gmail.com

Looking forward to a great season!

School Parking and Entrance Information

Below are pictures of the three schools we use for games.  In order, they are Nottingham High School, Crockett Middle School, and Grice Middle School.  Each picture highlights the parking areas and entrances to be used.  There will be no exceptions to these.  There may be an entrance closer to where you park, but the only entrance that should be used is the one noted on the pictures.  

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!




Game Schedules - NOW POSTED

The game schedules for all teams are now posted.  Click on Schedules on the left, then select the proper division at the top.  Teams are designated by number and coach's name.  Once sponsors are assigned to the teams, sponsor names will replace the coaches' names.

All Cadets games will be played at Crockett Middle School.  Jr Lads will be played at Nottingham High School and Grice Middle School, while the Lads Division will play at all three.  Please pay careful attention to the game locations.

The final week of the regular season (2/11) for Cadets and Jr Lads is "Positional Week".  The games for that week will be determined by the standings upon completion of the games on 2/4.

The week of 2/18 is an open week for Cadets and Jr Lads for any make up games.  Playoffs will begin on 2/25, with 3/4 being the championship game.

Playoffs for the Lads Division will be begin on 2/18, with the championship game on 3/4.

Please be advised that the schedule posted on the website is the ONLY official schedule.  If there is ever a question regarding the schedule, the website is the place to go.  



Registration Information for 2016-2017 Season

Hamilton Little Lads Basketball is still accepting registrations for our Instructional Division and Sr. Lads Divisions.  Registration may be completed on-line using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) by clicking the 2016-2017 Registration button above.

Unfortunately, there are no spots available in any of the other divisions at this time.

Anyone wishing to pay by check must register by mail.  Send the completed registration form (Click "Documents & Forms" on left to download the form) to the address listed on the form, along with payment in form of a check.

Players registering for the first time will be required to provide a birth certificate upon request. 


Instructional Division (ages 5, 6, 7)…..……$85

Sr. Lads Division (ages 15, 16, 17)………..$95

(Ages are as of 8/31/2016)


For more details, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section of the league website at www.HLLBasketball.net or feel free to send an email to LittleLadsBasketball@gmail.com.



Upcoming Games

Saturday, Dec 10
306 - Farmers Insurance @ 312 - Mercer Digital Printing2:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
310 - American Tire & Auto Repair @ 304 - Hamilton Manor3:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
309 - PBA Local 167 @ 303 - GoBallistic Sports4:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
305 - Porfirio's @ 311 - Sterling Title5:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
307 - Emerald Title @ 301 - Doctors Express6:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
302 - Hamilton Dental @ 308 - Law Offices of A. Kusnirik7:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
Junior Lads
208 - G&E Auto Body @ 202 - Sterling Title2:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
209 - Nottingham Insurance @ 203 - Jireh Technologies3:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
206 - Hamilton Manor @ 210 - Memory Makers Studio4:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
204 - Creative Ceramic Tile @ 205 - Laundry Solutions.net5:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
201 - PBA Local 167 @ 207 - Doctors Express6:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
108 - Mercer Digital Printing @ 102 - Doctors Express12:00pmCrockett Middle School
109 - GoBallistic Sports @ 103 - Joey's Little Angels1:00pmCrockett Middle School
106 - Law Offices of A. Kusnirik @ 110 - Sterling Title2:00pmCrockett Middle School
101 - Unity Title @ 107 - Pandolfini Sports Academies3:00pmCrockett Middle School
104 - Hamilton Manor @ 105 - PBA Local 1674:00pmCrockett Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!