Registration is CLOSED Registration is closed for Cadets, Jr Lads, and Lads. Instructional and Sr Lads are still open.  
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Registration Information - Update
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Saturday, November 19, 2016   12:00 PM


The game schedules for all teams are now posted.  Click on Schedules on the left, then select the proper division at the top.  Teams are designated by number and coach's name.  Once sponsors are assigned to the teams, sponsor names will replace the coaches' names.

All Cadets games will be played at Crockett Middle School.  Jr Lads will be played at Nottingham High School and Grice Middle School, while the Lads Division will play at all three.  Please pay careful attention to the game locations.

The final week of the regular season (2/11) for Cadets and Jr Lads is "Positional Week".  The games for that week will be determined by the standings upon completion of the games on 2/4.

The week of 2/18 is an open week for Cadets and Jr Lads for any make up games.  Playoffs will begin on 2/25, with 3/4 being the championship game.

Playoffs for the Lads Division will be begin on 2/18, with the championship game on 3/4.

Please be advised that the schedule posted on the website is the ONLY official schedule.  If there is ever a question regarding the schedule, the website is the place to go.  


Thank you to everyone who came to tryouts on Saturday! Due to your cooperation, we were able to get through all the players in a quick and efficient manner.

All of the teams have been selected.  You should be hearing from your coach in the next day or two with details regarding practice.  All teams should begin practicing this week, or next week, depending on gym availability.

Those not selected for the division they tried out for have been notified.

The first game will be on Saturday, November 19.  The complete schedule will be published and distributed by Saturday, October 22.  


Hamilton Little Lads Basketball is still accepting registrations for our Instructional Division and Sr. Lads Divisions.  Registration may be completed on-line using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) by clicking the 2016-2017 Registration button above.

Anyone wishing to pay by check must register by mail.  Send the completed registration form (Click Documents & Forms on left to download form) to the address listed on the form, along with payment in form of a check.

Players registering for the first time will be required to provide a birth certificate upon request. 


Instructional Division (ages 5 & 6)…………$85

Sr. Lads Division (ages 15, 16, 17)………..$95

(Ages are as of 8/31/2016)


For more details, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section of the league website at or feel free to send an email to


Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for all questions regarding the league in general, and specifics for each division.  


Please be advised that we will be using the rear entrance to the Nottingham High School gyms this season.  All parking should now be in the back of the building.  The front driveway is completely designated as a fire lane, so parking anywhere within the driveway is prohibited.  Any cars parked there are subject to being towed. 

Please use the picture below as reference for where to park and enter the school.




Upcoming Games

Saturday, Nov 19
304-Wolfsgruber @ 301-Knab2:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
308-Giordano @ 305-Gmitter3:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
312-Rivera @ 309-Kinley4:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
310-Wilcox @ 307-McQuigg5:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
303-Edwards @ 306-Anderson6:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
311-Bisset @ 302-Duke7:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
Junior Lads
205-Radaslovich @ 206-Leach2:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
209-Zsenak @ 210-Curet3:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
207-Soganic @ 208-Williams4:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
203-DelValle @ 204-Lee5:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
201-Wassell @ 202-Hewitson6:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
105-Simone @ 106-Slattery12:00pmCrockett Middle School
109-Pihokken @ 110-Mazzella1:00pmCrockett Middle School
107-Pandolfini @ 108-Cox2:00pmCrockett Middle School
101-Bisset @ 102-Perelli3:00pmCrockett Middle School
103-Pagano @ 104-Hendershot4:00pmCrockett Middle School
Saturday, Dec 3
308-Giordano @ 307-McQuigg2:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
303-Edwards @ 304-Wolfsgruber3:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
310-Wilcox @ 309-Kinley4:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
302-Duke @ 301-Knab5:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
311-Bisset @ 312-Rivera6:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
306-Anderson @ 305-Gmitter7:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
Junior Lads
201-Wassell @ 210-Curet2:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
208-Williams @ 209-Zsenak3:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
204-Lee @ 206-Leach4:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
202-Hewitson @ 205-Radaslovich5:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
203-DelValle @ 207-Soganic6:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
101-Bisset @ 110-Mazzella12:00pmCrockett Middle School
108-Cox @ 109-Pihokken1:00pmCrockett Middle School
102-Perelli @ 105-Simone2:00pmCrockett Middle School
104-Hendershot @ 106-Slattery3:00pmCrockett Middle School
103-Pagano @ 107-Pandolfini4:00pmCrockett Middle School
Saturday, Dec 10
306-Anderson @ 312-Rivera2:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
310-Wilcox @ 304-Wolfsgruber3:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
309-Kinley @ 303-Edwards4:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
305-Gmitter @ 311-Bisset5:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
307-McQuigg @ 301-Knab6:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
302-Duke @ 308-Giordano7:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
Junior Lads
202-Hewitson @ 208-Williams2:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
209-Zsenak @ 203-DelValle3:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
206-Leach @ 210-Curet4:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
204-Lee @ 205-Radaslovich5:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
201-Wassell @ 207-Soganic6:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
102-Perelli @ 108-Cox12:00pmCrockett Middle School
109-Pihokken @ 103-Pagano1:00pmCrockett Middle School
106-Slattery @ 110-Mazzella2:00pmCrockett Middle School
101-Bisset @ 107-Pandolfini3:00pmCrockett Middle School
104-Hendershot @ 105-Simone4:00pmCrockett Middle School
Saturday, Dec 17
307-McQuigg @ 312-Rivera5:00pmCrockett Middle School
303-Edwards @ 308-Giordano6:00pmCrockett Middle School
305-Gmitter @ 310-Wilcox7:00pmCrockett Middle School
304-Wolfsgruber @ 311-Bisset7:00pmGrice Middle School
301-Knab @ 306-Anderson8:00pmCrockett Middle School
302-Duke @ 309-Kinley8:00pmGrice Middle School
Junior Lads
201-Wassell @ 204-Lee2:00pmGrice Middle School
203-DelValle @ 206-Leach3:00pmGrice Middle School
209-Zsenak @ 202-Hewitson4:00pmGrice Middle School
205-Radaslovich @ 208-Williams5:00pmGrice Middle School
207-Soganic @ 210-Curet6:00pmGrice Middle School
105-Simone @ 108-Cox12:00pmCrockett Middle School
107-Pandolfini @ 110-Mazzella1:00pmCrockett Middle School
109-Pihokken @ 102-Perelli2:00pmCrockett Middle School
103-Pagano @ 106-Slattery3:00pmCrockett Middle School
101-Bisset @ 104-Hendershot4:00pmCrockett Middle School
Saturday, Jan 7
302-Duke @ 310-Wilcox5:00pmCrockett Middle School
307-McQuigg @ 306-Anderson6:00pmCrockett Middle School
304-Wolfsgruber @ 305-Gmitter7:00pmCrockett Middle School
309-Kinley @ 301-Knab7:00pmGrice Middle School
308-Giordano @ 312-Rivera8:00pmCrockett Middle School
303-Edwards @ 311-Bisset8:00pmGrice Middle School
Junior Lads
206-Leach @ 208-Williams2:00pmGrice Middle School
210-Curet @ 204-Lee3:00pmGrice Middle School
202-Hewitson @ 203-DelValle4:00pmGrice Middle School
207-Soganic @ 209-Zsenak5:00pmGrice Middle School
201-Wassell @ 205-Radaslovich6:00pmGrice Middle School
102-Perelli @ 103-Pagano12:00pmCrockett Middle School
107-Pandolfini @ 109-Pihokken1:00pmCrockett Middle School
101-Bisset @ 105-Simone2:00pmCrockett Middle School
110-Mazzella @ 104-Hendershot3:00pmCrockett Middle School
106-Slattery @ 108-Cox4:00pmCrockett Middle School
Saturday, Jan 14
312-Rivera @ 310-Wilcox5:00pmCrockett Middle School
309-Kinley @ 311-Bisset6:00pmCrockett Middle School
308-Giordano @ 306-Anderson7:00pmCrockett Middle School
301-Knab @ 303-Edwards7:00pmGrice Middle School
305-Gmitter @ 307-McQuigg8:00pmCrockett Middle School
304-Wolfsgruber @ 302-Duke8:00pmGrice Middle School
Junior Lads
204-Lee @ 208-Williams2:00pmGrice Middle School
209-Zsenak @ 206-Leach3:00pmGrice Middle School
207-Soganic @ 205-Radaslovich4:00pmGrice Middle School
202-Hewitson @ 210-Curet5:00pmGrice Middle School
201-Wassell @ 203-DelValle6:00pmGrice Middle School
107-Pandolfini @ 102-Perelli12:00pmCrockett Middle School
103-Pagano @ 108-Cox1:00pmCrockett Middle School
101-Bisset @ 106-Slattery2:00pmCrockett Middle School
109-Pihokken @ 104-Hendershot3:00pmCrockett Middle School
105-Simone @ 110-Mazzella4:00pmCrockett Middle School
Saturday, Jan 21
308-Giordano @ 309-Kinley2:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
312-Rivera @ 304-Wolfsgruber3:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
310-Wilcox @ 306-Anderson4:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
305-Gmitter @ 301-Knab5:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
302-Duke @ 303-Edwards6:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
311-Bisset @ 307-McQuigg7:00pmNottingham HS - New Gym
Junior Lads
207-Soganic @ 202-Hewitson2:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
203-DelValle @ 208-Williams3:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
209-Zsenak @ 204-Lee4:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
201-Wassell @ 206-Leach5:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
205-Radaslovich @ 210-Curet6:00pmNottingham HS - Old Gym
101-Bisset @ 103-Pagano12:00pmCrockett Middle School
109-Pihokken @ 106-Slattery1:00pmCrockett Middle School
107-Pandolfini @ 105-Simone2:00pmCrockett Middle School
102-Perelli @ 110-Mazzella3:00pmCrockett Middle School
104-Hendershot @ 108-Cox4:00pmCrockett Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!