Last Updated: August 4, 2017 

Download 2017-18 MWA Elite Tryout Dates-Grades 3rd-12th

Transitioning to the MWA Elite-Local | February 1, 2017

The Michigan Hoopers are now transitioning to the MWA Elite Basketball Club beginning February 1, 2017. The Hoopers have been an entry level AAU basketball club for over 10-years. The club has competed in the AAU Detroit Basketball Leagues and Midwest Athletics tournaments. The club has provided an avenue for families who are new to AAU Basketball and this will remain the case with the MWA Elite-Local teams. Several of the families that have searched out the Hoopers were looking for better coaching and better competition. We will still provide qualified, non-parent, paid coaches and better competition by playing in one of the most competitive leagues around, the AAU Detroit Leagues.

The MWA Elite offers 3-types of teams: Local, State & National. The MWA Elite will give players the opportunity to showcase their skills on a higher level team, within the same club. For State & National team info, please go to for more info.

Fall-I Tryouts | Boys 3rd-12th Grades | Play in the AAU D-League

MWA Elite-Local Boys Fall-I Tryouts -Grades 3rd-12th

Tryout Dates: Monday, September 11th, Wednesday, September 13th & Saturday, September 16th 

Tryout times

Monday & Wednesday

3rd-7th Grades

6:00pm to 7:00pm

Tryout times

Monday & Wednesday

8th-12th Grades

7:00pm to 8:00pm

Tryout times


All Grades

9:00am to 10:00am

Click here to register for tryouts

Returning Players: Please email Steve Benard at or call at 313-580-0351 to save your returning player roster spot.

Tryout Cost & Location: $25 fee covers all scheduled dates. Tryouts are held at Basketball City-16400 Eastland Dr., Roseville, MI 48066

Season: Begins on Monday, September 18th to November 5th |  Season Cost $250  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Returning Players Registration | Tryout Fee

The MWA Elite-Local will offer up to 6-seasons of AAU play during the calendar year. The calendar year for the club is September 1st to August 31st. There has been several inquires about when to tryout, for what season and when to pay for the tryout process. Please review the following information to guide you from season to season.

Tryout fee of $25: The tryout fee is only required to be paid 1-time during the calendar year. After you tryout for a season, you can attend the next seasons tryouts or any of the future seasons tryouts at no charge.

Returning players/new season: If you would like to continue playing in the next season or if you missed a season and would like to return to the program, here is what to do.

  1. Please reply to emails for returning players. Several emails will be sent from the club director, about the new seasons and returning players. Please include your child's name, grade and previous team.
  2. Click on the season payment tab and complete the season payment registration.


Coach Williams Court "Just Play"

With years of dedication to the club, players, parents and the great game of basketball, it only made sense to reward Coach Williams for all of his hardwork. If you see Coach Williams give him a handshake and say Thanks. He is what is great about teaching, preparing and rewarding the youth of today.

Karl Williams began his basketball career at the age of 14 in VanWerth, Ohio. Williams relocated to Detroit, Michigan and attended Osborn High School for the 11th and 12th grade. Williams graduated from Osborn in 1989 and was then recruited to the Macomb Community College (MCC) basketball team located in Warren, Michigan where he finished 2 years as a “strong” power forward. Williams went on to play for Walsh College located in Canton, Ohio. He continued his love for basketball in Detroit, Michigan playing in multiple semi-pro leagues, Gus Macker tournaments and the American Old Timers basketball traveling league for 35 and over, representing Wayne County Michigan.

In 1999, Williams began his career as a coach for Russell Street Baptist Church in Detroit. At Russell Street, he coached three basketball teams for boys’ ages 5-16 years old, in one season. From 2002 to 2005 he continued coaching for Huron Park Elementary School for his son and daughter’s basketball teams who played at the Parks and Recreation Center in Roseville, Michigan. In 2003, he went into the arena of coaching for the American Amateur Union (AAU) boys’ basketball team the Macomb Maniacs. In 2005, Williams assembled and coached a boys AAU team at Basketball City in Roseville. Williams is in his 7th season of coaching boys and girls AAU teams with the Michigan Hoopers.

Karl Williams is committed to the community by giving back to our youth. He strives on bringing out the best in them by utilizing the tools of basketball. Williams believes that by working hard and learning the fundamentals anyone can become successful at basketball or anything in life. Williams says; “This is the same philosophy I learned from Coach Switch at MCC”.

Coach Williams is currently the Head Assistant at Macomb College..

Williams’ family includes his wife, Donyale, daughter, Aja, and sons Traye and Troye

FLASH Training for the Club-$10


The Michigan Hooper’s basketball season is here. This season FLASH training will be offering 3 days per week with a focus on improving every single day. For the season we are going to work on getting to the Basket, Shooting, Ball Handling, as well as touch up on our other skills as well. FLASH Trainings focus is to partner with the Michigan Hooper’s and get better every day.

This is for the players on any of the Michigan Hooper’s teams that strive to get better when they don’t have a practice or game. FLASH Training has created a specialized program that is only available to the Hooper’s in the club. Take advantage of a great opportunity for a very reasonable cost. Look forward to seeing you all in the gym soon.

Monday- Come ready to work hard and compete against your peers.
Thursday-The main goal is to make a difference every time you step foot on the hardwood.
Saturdays- Its Go Time.

Dates: This program takes place on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for the entire Hooper’s season. THERE WILL BE NO TRAINING ON HOLIDAYS OR EVES.

Monday 5-6 or 6-7
Thursday 5-6 or 6-7
Saturdays 11-12 or 12-1

Cost: The cost is $10 per session during the current Hooper’s season. Drop in anytime and get better.

For questions please contact: Robert Crandall Jr. (313) 820-8242

About the Club

How the club and seasons work:

The Michigan Hoopers AAU Basketball Club is designed to expose new players/families to AAU basketball, build competitive teams from season to season with roster continuity and have a vision for the complete basketball experience from 1st grade to 12th grades.

The 2016/2017 AAU season is made up 6-“mini” seasons:-Fall-I/Fall-II/Winter- I/Winter- II/Spring/Summer. Each season will last anywhere from 8 weeks to 10 weeks.

Each season will coincide with the AAU Sanctioned Detroit Leagues. All of the club teams will compete in the D-Leagues. The D-Leagues provide mid-to upper level AAU competition, weekly games and appropriate age brackets. To learn more about the D-Leagues go to

Teams practice 2-times per week, usually play in 1-2 local AAU friendship tournaments, have a paid/qualified coach and have access to the weekly FLASH Repetition Training program on Saturday mornings.

Players can opt in and out of the program during the calendar year. We take every precaution to keep rosters together from season to season. This is great way to have a greater chance of success on the AAU circuit.


Summer Rosters | Season Payment | Coaching Assignments | Practice Schedules

Tryouts for the 2017 MWA Local Summer season have concluded and it is time to view the rosters. The staff is very excited about the great potential from tryouts and we look forward to a great season.

Season Registration:

Registration on-site: Season registration/payments and uniform orders can be made at Basketball City on the following days:

Thursday & Friday 5-7pm | Saturday & Sunday 12:00-3:00pm or at your first practice of the season.

Registration on-line: Season payments can be made online at by clicking the link Make Season Payment

NOTE: Players must be paid in full to begin practice. If any player needs financial help please contact Steve Benard at 313-580-0351 or e-mail him at

Season Fee: $250

AAU Insurance Membership: $14; This can be done at and you will need the MWA Elite club code which is WWDD9W

Uniforms: If you are a returning player, you do not have to purchase a new uniform for the Summer season. New players must purchase a uniform-(includes home/away shorts and home/away jersey.  

How to Order:

      1. Uniforms can be ordered at Basketball City at scheduled days above. Sample sizes will be available at Basketball City.

      2.Uniforms can be ordered online at 

Next Steps:

  1. Review roster, coaching assignment and practice schedule below.

  2. Please make your season payment of $250 and order a uniform if needed.

  3. Obtain an AAU Membership card


Practices will begin the week of Monday, June 19th at your regularly scheduled day and time below.

Danny-11/12U Wednesday 5:30-7:00 & Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm at BBC -(First practice Wednesday, June 21)

Sayles-7th/8th Tuesday 5:30-7pm & Wednesday 5:30-7pm-(First practice Tuesday, June 20) at BBC

Sayles-15/16U Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm & Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm-(First practice Tuesday, June 20) at BBC

Henry-9/10U Tuesday 5:30-7pm & Saturday 12:15-1:45pm-(First practice is Tuesday, June 20) at BBC

Randle-16U Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm at BBC & Saturday 9:00-10:30am at Warren Lincoln HS-(First practice Tuesday, June 20)

Randle-17U Tuesday 8:00-9:30pm at BBC & Saturday 10:30-Noon at Warren Lincoln HS-(First practice Tuesday, June 20)


Coaching Staff: Click here for coaches contact info


2017 Summer Rosters:

Head Coach Windale Henry II
HENRY-9/10U Curtis Elder IV
HENRY-9/10U Nickolas  Woods
HENRY-9/10U DeAngelo Johnson
HENRY-9/10U Brandon Thomas
HENRY-9/10U Luke Reynolds
HENRY-9/10U Ethan Hamilton
HENRY-9/10U Jamel McIntyre
HENRY-9/10U Gavin Montera
HENRY-9/10U Samuel Zanon
HENRY-9/10U Joseph Shepard Jr
HENRY-9/10U Danny  Gross
Head Coach Danny Williams
DANNY-11/12U Ethan Green
DANNY-11/12U Tyrese Johnson
DANNY-11/12U Lamar Parker
DANNY-11/12U Randy Baker
DANNY-11/12U Zachary Cody
DANNY-11/12U Nolan McReynolds
DANNY-11/12U Maurice Dunn
DANNY-11/12U DeMarco Johnson
DANNY-11/12U Edward Bennett
DANNY-11/12U Khalel Payton






Lindsay III

Head Coach Will Sayles
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Tyree Anderson 
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Andrew Badder
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Randy Baker
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Bennett Bessert
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Ian Bonner
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Juan Caldwell Jr
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Bennett French
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Alex George
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Josiah Graves
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Xavier Hall
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Windale Henry III
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Jaron Jackson
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Nick Morrow
SAYLES-7TH/8TH Cooper Wiacek
Head Coach Will Sayles
SAYLES-15U/16U Dajuan Cook jr
SAYLES-15U/16U Nerim Gjokaj
SAYLES-15U/16U Mario Hall
SAYLES-15U/16U Aaron Jaciuk
SAYLES-15U/16U Jalen James
SAYLES-15U/16U Miles Jamieson
SAYLES-15U/16U Chester Jeanes
SAYLES-15U/16U Romaine Mckinney
SAYLES-15U/16U Adam Osterman
SAYLES-15U/16U James Thomas
SAYLES-15U/16U Kole  Wright
SAYLES-15U/16U Andrew Young Jr.
Head Coach Sonny Randle
RANDLE-15/16U Christopher Caladino
RANDLE-15/16U Carlos Jr Dixon
RANDLE-15/16U Carlos Dixon Jr. 
RANDLE-15/16U Matt Eldred
RANDLE-15/16U Ryan Jenkins
RANDLE-15/16U Andrew LeFaivre
RANDLE-15/16U Marcus Nesbary
RANDLE-15/16U London Rabb
RANDLE-15/16U Anthony Thomas
RANDLE-15/16U Jaeden Valadez
RANDLE-15/16U Stephon Williams
RANDLE-15/16U Davon Yelder
RANDLE-15/16U Jaylin Benson
Head Coach Sonny Randle
RANDLE-17U George Abro
RANDLE-17U Gino Bachi
RANDLE-17U Dylan Bachi
RANDLE-17U Nick Fenderson
RANDLE-17U Kalum Gaddis
RANDLE-17U Anthony Gavin
RANDLE-17U Michael Jordan
RANDLE-17U Jesse Judkins
RANDLE-17U Nicholas McClellan
RANDLE-17U Nicholas Samuel
RANDLE-17U Casey Scoggin
RANDLE-17U Calvin Cook Jr