Last Updated: February 20, 2017
  • March General Meeting - 3/20/2017
  • April General Meeting - 4/17/2017
  • May General Meeting - 5/15/2017
  • June General Meeting - 6/19/2017
HYFL Bylaws

Welcome to the home of the Hopewell Youth Football League

We're from Hopewell couldn't be prouder if you can't hear us we'll shout a little LOUDER!!!!!!



Colleen Jesko has accepted the position of VP of Cheer!  Congratulations Colleen!

Anyone interested in assuming the role of Uniform Coordinator please forward your resume along to Nathan Muzy.



Football registration dates at the Municipal Building 10-1

April 8, May 20, June 3 (You'll look fierce in your new uniform!!!)


Cheer Tryouts and Registration Hopewell memorial Jr. High

Practice April 18-20

Cheer Tryouts and Football Registrations April 22 TBD (Two time Grand Champion anyone?)

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