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Housatonic Youth Basketball
Housy Dome, Main Street, Housatonic, Massachusetts
Updated 1/18/17



Junior Division Playoff Games 


Semi-Finals on Thursday and Consolation and Championship games on Saturday.  Congrats to all on a great season and good luck to the remaining teams.




Second Season


As the first season of the Junior and Senior Divisions wraps up, please let your coach know if you are interested in playing in the second season.  Or, if you did not play during the first half, but are interested and in grades 3 through 8, please contact us at the email listed below.


We split our season into two completely different seasons to allow kids the opportunity to play in one or both.  Second season is an opportunity for added instruction.  While the schedule is not as intense, typically, some travel team players do not play in the second season though everyone is welcome.  Note that if you are playing travel basketball there may be some conflicts with schedules. 


There is no additional fee for second season if you have played and paid for first season.





Housy Hoops apparel


See the link attached for Housy Hoops apparel.






Any questions you may have can be emailed to:

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, Jan 19
7-8 Travel
PRACTICE 7/8 Travel6:30pmMonument Valley
Junior Playoffs
Extreme Reach @ Carlson Wood Floors5:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Toms Toys @ AmeriGas6:30pmHousatonic Community Center
Friday, Jan 20
5-6 Travel
Boys Club Blue @ 5-6 Travel6:00pmMonument Valley
7-8 Travel
Boy's Club Blue @ 7/8 Travel7:15pmMonument Valley
Other games/events
PRACTICE Other5:30pmHousatonic Community Center
Saturday, Jan 21
3-4 Travel
3/4 Travel PRACTICE3:00pmHousatonic Community Center
5-6 Travel
5-6 Travel PRACTICE1:00pmHousatonic Community Center
7-8 Travel
7/8 Travel PRACTICE11:00amHousatonic Community Center
Hornets @ Clippers8:30amHousatonic Community Center
Warriors @ Mavericks9:45amHousatonic Community Center
Junior Playoffs
Carlson Wood Floors @ Toms Toys5:00pmHousatonic Community Center
AmeriGas @ Extreme Reach6:30pmHousatonic Community Center
Sunday, Jan 22
3-4 Travel
3/4 Travel PRACTICE1:30pmHousatonic Community Center
5-6 Travel
5-6 Travel PRACTICE12:00pmHousatonic Community Center
2nd Season Senior Division
Aberdales PRACTICE3:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Cove Lanes PRACTICE4:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Wheeler & Taylor PRACTICE5:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Monday, Jan 23
2nd Season Senior Division
Aberdales @ Cove Lanes5:15pmHousatonic Community Center
Wheeler & Taylor PRACTICE6:30pmHousatonic Community Center

For a complete schedule listing, click here!