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Housatonic Youth Basketball
Housy Dome, Main Street, Housatonic, Massachusetts
Updated 2/4/17






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Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, Feb 23
3-4 Travel
3/4 Travel PRACTICE6:30pmHousatonic Community Center
5-6 Travel
5-6 Travel PRACTICE5:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Friday, Feb 24
Other games/events
Golden Knights @ POSITION/TBD5:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Saturday, Feb 25
5-6 Travel
5-6 Travel @ Mt Everett1:00pmMt Everett
7-8 Travel
7/8 Travel @ Mt Everett2:15pmMt Everett
Other games/events
Golden Knights @ POSITION/TBD9:00amHousatonic Community Center
Golden Knights @ POSITION/TBD3:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Sunday, Feb 26
2nd Season Junior Division
Carlson Wood Floors @ Amerigas12:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Aberdales @ Tom's Toys1:30pmHousatonic Community Center
Monday, Feb 27
Senior Playoffs
TBD @ Aberdales5:15pmHousatonic Community Center
TBD PRACTICE6:30pmHousatonic Community Center

For a complete schedule listing, click here!