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Housatonic Youth Basketball
Housy Dome, Main Street, Housatonic, Massachusetts
Updated 11/23/16













3rd4th grade Travel Team



The 3rd/4th grade travel team will be Saturday, December 10.  Stay tuned for additional details.



Pee Wee division


The Pee Wee division (grades K-2) will begin on December 10.  Expect an email the first week of December with team assignments and times.







Any questions you may have can be emailed to:

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, Dec 4
The East @ Wheeler & Taylor3:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Cove @ Aberdale's4:15pmHousatonic Community Center
Tom's Toys @ Aberdale's12:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Carlson Wood Floors @ Extreme Reach1:30pmHousatonic Community Center
Monday, Dec 5
Aberdale's PRACTICE5:00pmHousatonic Community Center
The East PRACTICE6:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Cove PRACTICE7:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Wheeler & Taylor PRACTICE8:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Tuesday, Dec 6
PRACTICE Extreme Reach4:30pmHousatonic Community Center
PRACTICE Tom's Toys5:45pmHousatonic Community Center
PRACTICE Amerigas7:00pmHousatonic Community Center
7-8 Travel
PRACTICE 7/8 Travel6:30pmMonument Valley
Wednesday, Dec 7
Cove @ Wheeler & Taylor5:15pmHousatonic Community Center
The East @ Aberdale's6:30pmHousatonic Community Center
Thursday, Dec 8
Tom's Toys @ Carlson Wood Floors5:00pmHousatonic Community Center
Aberdale's @ Amerigas6:30pmHousatonic Community Center
7-8 Travel
PRACTICE 7/8 Travel6:30pmMonument Valley

For a complete schedule listing, click here!