Last Updated: August 21, 2017
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Fall 2017 Online Registration is OPEN (for Knee Hi)

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     NOTE #1 - When entering NAMEs for Contacts and Participants, if parent and child have

                       same name add a middle initial to the first name of the parent to keep the

                       names unique.     

                       example:   Name is  John Baseball

                                          First Name    Contact (Parent):  John J.            Participant: John    


     NOTE #2 -  Always add the address for the Participant; don't use the "Same as parent"  

                       option.  Keep the Address/Phone field as: "Enter New Information" and update

                       the Email, Street, State, Zip Code and Phone fields.

                       The address does not show on reports when "Same as....." is used.


                                   (League Lineup is working to correct these issues that HPAA as pointed out)


For Online Registration Support please email