Goals and Philosophy

The goal of this AAU program is unique compared to other AAU programs across the state. Our goal is to keep the girls’ basketball players in each of the four sending districts (Delaware, East Amwell, Flemington, and Readington) and surrounding areas playing together all spring, early summer and fall in preparation for high school basketball. It is the hope that the AAU program will provide an opportunity for your daughter to continue playing team basketball, to improve as an individual contributor to the success of the team, and to work on individually developing and improving her game.

The AAU team/coach can in no way GUARANTEE a certain amount of playing time nor can the AAU program GUARANTEE that your daughter will make the high school team in the upcoming season. The AAU team is only committed to providing an opportunity for the girls to play together, work together, and improve together.

The goal of the AAU program is not necessarily to win every game but instead is to improve as a team and compete consistently at a higher level.

Practice & Tournaments

Practice will be twice a week  7:00PM  at Hunterdon Central HS or other area middle schools.
Practice is essential to improving—it is expected that every attempt is made to attend every practice
Every attempt will be made to have practices on the same days each week.
Girls will compete in 4-5 tournaments from April through June. The 16U team will play an additional exposure tournament in early July.

Tryouts & Playing Time

Teams will be divided by age and by skill level. If players are talented enough to play up at a higher level they will be moved up according to the coaches discretion.
The AAU program cannot guarantee that your daughter will play a set number of minutes per game.
Everyone will get an opportunity to play but playing time will not be equal.
Playing time is based on skill level, specific needs of the competition, work ethic in practice, positive attitude, willingness to apply and accept coaching, and combinations that may be working well on the floor.
Everyone in the program works hard—that is the expectation—remember just because you work hard does not mean that you are guaranteed playing time!