• If you want to play, PRACTICE. If you want to win, PRACTICE HARDER!
  • Every time you don't give 100%, you make yourself that much easier to beat.
  • Play the game you love, and love the game you play!
  • You got home runs not by chance but by preparation.

Trojans Home Plate

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The Illinois Trojans Baseball Association is very excited to announce  Baseball Express All-American Travel Team



PROFESSIONAL training and coaching!
Mark Sheehan 
NPA Chicago Director
2014 Collegiate Baseball News Tom HouseTeaching Professional of the Year Award Winner

Peter Caliendo
Director, Great Lakes Region USA Baseball National Identification Series
President Caliendo Sports International

Program Details.

Professional Training August thru March 2016 • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for Flexibility, Stability, Mobility, Speed & Agility Program • Proprietary Athletic Development Program • Year round NPA Velocity Plus Arm Care program enrollment & monitoring • Year round bullpen video Analysis, data/video available for recruiting as requested • Year round ZEP hitting video Analysis, data/video available for recruiting as requested • STAT Assessment (Sports Total Assessment Test)• Quarterly Player Recruiting Planning w/family available as requested .


The consolidation of the two baseball programs will benefit young players through the strength of both organizations coaches, training staffs and their exceptional training programs.  This merger is effective immediately 

Thank you for the support of the Illinois Trojans Baseball Team


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