Last Updated: January 18, 2017
  • Rainout Number: (515) 961-9420 (After 4:00 pm)



Cancellation Information:

Weather cancellation decisions are not made until 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. on weekends of league games. To get updated cancellation information, you can check here or call 961-9420 and press 1 for cancellations. 


Sports League Information

Updated:  January 16


Adult Basketball Information

The schedules for both "A" and "B" Leagues are posted on the schedules page. 

The "B" League Schedule has been revised due to the 2 missed games from January 15.  The schedules for February 26 and March 5 have been adjusted and posted on the schedules page.





Adult Softball Information

Thanks everyone for a great season of softball....  See you in 2017 at the ballfields.



Teams Looking for Players

If you are looking for a team to play on or you have a team that needs a player(s), check out the "Players looking for teams" page.  We will continue to update the list as we get more requests.  If you are looking to get on a team, email Doug Bylund at and we will post your info on "Players" page and hope to find you a team. 



Upcoming Games

Sunday, Jan 22
Adult "A" League Basketball
3) Wood @ 7) Green Team12:00pmWilder School Gym
1) Lightning Farmers @ 5) The Kegstand1:00pmWilder School Gym
2) Saved by the Bench @ 5) The Kegstand2:00pmWilder School Gym
4) Tune Squad @ 6) Gradient9 Studios3:00pmWilder School Gym
Adult "B" League Basketball
6) VDC @ 8) Lottery Picks4:00pmWilder School Gym
5) ClearPath @ 7) The Hawks5:00pmWilder School Gym
2) Injured Reserves @ 3) Wildcats6:00pmWilder School Gym
1) Fight Like a Mother @ 4) Jeff Chuckers7:00pmWilder School Gym
Tuesday, Jan 24
3rd/4th Grade Boys Basketball League
1) Hawkeyes @ 2) Panthers6:00pmWilder School Gym
3) Storm @ 4) Cyclones7:00pmWilder School Gym
Monday, Jan 30
5th/6th Grade Boys Basketball League
1) Lakers @ 2) Celtics6:00pmWilder School Gym
4) Bulls @ 5) Heat7:00pmWilder School Gym
Tuesday, Jan 31
3rd/4th Grade Boys Basketball League
1) Hawkeyes @ 3) Storm6:00pmWilder School Gym
2) Panthers @ 4) Cyclones7:00pmWilder School Gym
Thursday, Feb 2
5th/6th Grade Boys Basketball League
1) Lakers @ 5) Heat6:00pmWilder School Gym
2) Celtics @ 4) Bulls7:00pmWilder School Gym

For a complete schedule listing, click here!