Last Updated: February 9, 2016
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Inland United Soccer League

Moreno Valley









    I will start up a Spring League January 23 and finish April 24,  this league will be point based with a table of positions of each team available online.

The schedules will be made flexible to your time and need, games will be played Saturdays and/or Sundays one or two games, if you need me to make a schedule ahead of time please let me know, if not the schedules will be made week by week; schedules will be published on Wednesday.

There will be a minimum of ten (10) games,  these games are guaranteed, plus playoff and finals.

Trophies and medals for first place are guaranteed and medals for second place per player.

The cost per team will be U08-10 $125 U11-17 $175 for the subscription not including referee fees; this fee will be paid on the first game of the league.

Cal South has now implemented the USSF MANDATED CALENDAR YEAR AGE CHANGE  from January 1St we play whit this New Matix 

For more information please call Manuel Aguiar (909) 630-1340. or email 


Manuel Aguiar





Youth Soccer Scrimmages
   Youth soccer Boys and Girls U8-U18 club teams will be matched up to other clubs to play friendly games. These games try to help the team  to travel to a new location to play with new teams. Playing against different teams with different level will help the coach know what areas of the game need to improve. It will also help the team improve for the upcoming  season. SCRIMMAGES are NOT tournaments they are only friendly games, the  only thing you will pay for is the referee fee on game day.  
 To request a scrimmage CLICK HERE
In order to get the games your team MUST know you are planning to schedule, in order that the game won't be canceled last minute. The game must be canceled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of the game. If not there will be a charge of the referee fees for that game.  Attached Roster and liability form,  please have this fill out before the game this form will be given to the referee and she/he will keep it and turn it in to myself. Needless to say please do not put older players in the game.
Thank you.  
Manuel Aguiar