Last Updated: February 11, 2016
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IYB Board Positions

IYB needs your help! IYB is always looking for parents to help with running the program. It's very easy when we have more parents involved. Below are some of the current open positions and upcoming positions that are up at the end of the season. If you're interested in an upcoming position but want to learn more about them. You can shadow the current board member to get a better understanding of how it works. We strongly encourage parents to fill these positions. If they go unfilled IYB could be at risk of not having a program due to lack of volunteers to help run it. Contact any current board member for information.


Current Positions Needed for 2016:

Concessions Coordinator (Needed ASAP for 2016 Season)

Uniform Coordinator (Needed ASAP for the 2016 Season)

Umpire Coordinator (Needed ASAP for 2016 Season)

Volunteer Coordinator (Needed ASAP for 2016 Season)


Positions Coming up for 2017 Season:




2016 Registration!

2016 Registration is now open. IYB has made some BIG changes in 2016, and we want to give everyone the heads up if you're interested in coming back to IYB.


1. Registration process:

   IYB will now be doing Online RegistrationsOnly! Meaning no more in person registration. Registration will start on 2/1/2016 and go until 2/29/16. IYB is still doing the "First Come, First Serve" method for team selections. So if you would like your child to be with a specific team we suggest registering right away. You're also able to pay online, and that will be the only payment method this season for registration. You'll be required to create a login account in order to register and it will walk you through the whole process. If you have any problems please email for assistance. 

2. IYB Communications:

   IYB has a new communication program through our website allowing you to sign up for email and text alerts from IYB. We strongly suggest signing up for that and there's no cost for it. It will keep you in contact about schedule changes, cancelations, IYB news and events etc. through email and text messages. Only IYB will be using your contact info so don't worry about additional spam emails or junk texts. This is for IYB communication use only. 

3. Volunteer Fee:

   Due to the lack of volunteers from parents in the 2015 season IYB was forced to increase the volunteer fee from $40 to $60. This is to cover costs having to pay people to fill volunteer slots that go unfilled. No worries if you volunteer as you can earn it back like always. However instead of getting reimbursed each time you volunteer families are now getting a check cut back to them at the season ending picnic. If parents continue to not volunteer IYB may be forced to close the concession stand permanently and raise registration costs in the future to cover the seasons expenses. More info on volunteering to come.

***Note to previous coaches - If you're returning in 2016 you will need to pay the Volunteer fee up front, but it will be refunded at picture night and no further volunteering during the season is required of your family outside of coaching your team.***


If you know of anyone interested in playing for IYB that may not have last season please pass this along.

Upcoming Events

Monday, Feb 29
Online Registratione Ends1:00pm
Wednesday, Mar 9
IYB Monthly Board Meeting6:30pmIxonia Fireman's Hall
Wednesday, Apr 13
IYB Monthly Board Meeting6:30pmIxonia Fireman's Hall
Wednesday, May 11
Picture Night and Spring membership Meeting1:00pmSki Slide Park

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