Last Updated: July 1, 2015
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Building Tomorrow's Champions!

Thanks to all the players and parents for your support on the boys side. You will be missed.

I'd like to take this time to say thanks to all the parents and the players for playing in my boy's program over the years.  I am now going to only have a girl's basketball program.  At the end of this season I will be saying goodbye to boy's basketball in my program.  I have seen so many great players come through this program and I have watched them grow and move on to bigger and better things and I'd like to wish the ones that are with me now the very best as well.  I just don't think I spend the time that I should with the boys when it comes to the games at tournament.  I do spend a lot of time in practice but that's not the same.  I'm sure the coaches do a good job with them at the games but, it's my program and I need to get out and coach them as well.  That's not happening on my end and with that said, I am saying goodbye to the boy's side of my program. There are other programs out there you have to just look around.  I will be making some changes in my girl's program as well.  In order to keep it at the top level, I will need to make changes and this will be announced at a later time.  For the most part, I've learned some great life lessons on how parents, players, coaches, and others appreciate what I do and how much work goes into practices and games.  I hope that you are able to find the same kind of a coach, but better, that puts his heart and soul into helping others and always makes sure everyone gets a fair chance.  Your fees paid were not close to what your child received over the past 4 months but that's not why I did it.  Some of you understood and others well, I'll just say I will be praying for you.  Again Thanks and May God Bless You and Your Family with the very best.  

Thanks ~ Coach Jackson 


Chalk Talk -- TBD


Please be on time for Chalk Talk, I will start at 6:30p.  If you need/want to take notes please bring a notebook and a pen/pencil with you.  Immediately following Chalk Talk, we will begin practice. 


AAU Membership Cards DUE!!

AAU Membership
I need ALL PLAYERS to register for their AAU Membership Card, if you have not already done so.    If we go to a tournament and you don't have your membership card and they ask for proof, you will not be able to participate.  It is also for safety issues that you register for your AAU Membership Card.  I have included our club code below.  You will input this number when asked to identify the club you play for.  Please print a copy of the membership card for us.  I do not need a copy of the receipt.  Also, I recommend that you carry a copy with you or have your child carry a copy of their card.
Jackson All-Stars Club Code:  WW9Y38

Tournament Schedule and Hotel Information

Here is the tournament schedule for this season.  I had to take the boys and girls teams on different weekends but I tried to keep it to once maybe twice this season.  I still have to add more tournaments for all groups.  This is not the complete tournament schedule.  As always, the tournament schedule is subject to change.

May 16-17 -- All Teams -- Rocklin CA
Hardwood Palace                          Courtside
1091 Tinker Rd                              1104 Tinker Rd
Suite 100                                       (right across from Hardwood Palace)
Rocklin CA 95765                          Rocklin CA 95765

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
1398 E. Roseville Parkway
Roseville CA 95661
(916) 774-6060
$94.99 QQ
Call the hotel directly and mention Jackson All-Stars to get this room rate. 

June 6-7 -- All Teams -- Boys and Girls -- No Mercy Tournament -- Bay Area/San Francisco
Schedule and Venues --TBA
This will be 2-day tournament but you are not required to stay the night.  You can drive up and back and save you some money. 

June 20 -- Girls Only -- One Day Tournament -- Sacramento CA
This tournament will not happen I have my North Salinas high team camp on this weekend At Chico State. I Made a mistake on the date.

June 26-28 -- All Teams --Lake Tahoe -- North Shore
All Teams Boys and Girls
This year the tournament will be on the North Shore...NOT the South Shore!  
Go to the Hardwood Palace website:  and click on the Tahoe Tournament for the North Star Hotel Information.

July 11-12  -- All Teams (including 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Teams) -- Boys and Girls -- Summer Hoop Series -- Hardwood Palace - Rocklin, CA

Hardwood Palace                          Courtside
1091 Tinker Rd                              1104 Tinker Rd
Suite 100                                       (right across from Hardwood Palace)
Rocklin CA 95765                          Rocklin CA 95765

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
1398 E. Roseville Parkway
Roseville CA 95661
(916) 774-6060
$98.00 QQ
Call the hotel directly and mention Jackson All-Stars to get this room rate.  This rate will be available for a limited time only. 






Practice Schedule -- Week of 06/29/15-07/03/15

Due to summer schedules, the schools will be closing up early for summer hours and that means practice will be much earlier.  This was told to everyone up front at the beginning of the season.  Some schools will close at 4:00p and others will close around 7:30p.  Don't forget, you must bring your 2nd payment with you to your next practice, if you have not done so, in order to practice and to play in the upcoming weekends tournament.  All candy money and all 2nd payment must be paid in full in order to practice and play in the tournament.  No Exceptions!!

Monday 06/29/15 -- North Salinas High School
7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls -- OFF
High School Boys and Girls -- OFF

Tuesday 06/30/15 -- North Salinas High School
3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Grade Boys and Girls at 5:15p-7:00p

All players must bring their final payment of $ 100.00 today at practice.  This is a must.  I need all players and parents to show up because we need to talk about a t-shirt with a number or a uniform for our upcoming event, their first tournament. This will be next weekend after the 4th of July weekend. You will need to be at practice tonight so we can talk please and please don't forget your last payment is due today. Thanks 


Wednesday 07/01/15 -- North Salinas High School
7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls at 3:30p 5:00p 
High School Girls at 5:00p-7:15p
High School Boys at 5:00p-7:15p

Thursday 07/02/15-- North Salinas High School
3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Boys and Girls at 5:15p-7:00p



ALWAYS arrive 15 minutes early and be ready to go at practice start time

Please come dressed in comfortable, acceptable clothing:
Girls:  basketball shorts, t-shirt, or tank top (no spaghetti straps) and basketball shoes
Boys:  basketball shorts, t-shirt or tank top and basketball shoes

Please bring your own water and a towel if needed!


Congratulations Coach Jackson

Congratulations to Coach Jackson...he was recently awarded by the California Coached Association the Northern California Girl's Basketball Coach of the Year for 2014/15!  It is a very well deserved recognition!



Chalk Talk

I will be implementing a new standard for my program this year called Chalk Talk.  All players will attend once a week for 30 minutes before their practice time.  This will be mandatory attendance.  This means that once a week, you will be required to come 30 minutes early for Chalk Talk.  Players will need to be dressed for practice because as soon as we finish the Chalk Talk, practice will start.  
The reason for Chalk Talk will be to provide each player with a better understanding of the game of basketball.  To be a good player, you must have a true understanding of the game.  As a Coach, I understand what level of player you are and what your understanding of the game is.  It will be my job to take you to the next level.  In the 30 minutes, I will talk to you about how to be a competitive player at a higher level, fairness, loyalty, dedication, commitment, and why it's important to work hard to get to the next level.  I will also teach you how to show respect when you win and when you lose because you will experience both.  I will also go over how to carry yourself as a student athlete on and off the court.  You will also be asked to interact as a group by asking/answering questions to each other and working together as a group to solve problems.  We will also go over plays for offense and defense, how to improve the position that you play and the different positions on the court and most of all how to be a leader on the floor. 
Each player will be asked to provide a healthy snack and drink for the Chalk Talk.  One player will provide water or Gatorade and another player will provide the snack (granola bars, string cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.).  A sign up list will be provided for the parents or players to sign-up for drinks/snacks once we set the dates for the Chalk Talks.
We need the support of ALL players and their families to make this a successful part of our program.  I truly believe that by engaging in this Chalk Talk, it will propel the players (middle and high school especially) to a higher level of play with a better understanding of the game. 
Each day of practice must be better than the day before, if not, practice is pointless. 




Why Jackson All-Stars?

The Jackson All-Stars program has been in the Salinas area for the past 18 years and is led by Coach Darren Jackson.  I have been coaching local middle and high school teams for the past 20+ years.  I currently coach at North Salinas High School as the Girl's Varsity Basketball Coach.  I have been with this program for the past 15 years and have reached a coaching milestone of 300+ wins with this program.  If you want your child to get better with their fundamental basketball skills, learn how to play team basketball, and have fun this summer then you want to join our program.
There are a lot of choices in the area for travel basketball but I am the guy that makes it happen.  I make sure that your child (regardless of the school they attend) will be ready for their basketball season.  I work them hard but all my players go on to make their school team and earn playing time.  I have worked with players from the Monterey Peninsula to South Monterey County.  I don't exclude any players that are willing to work hard to get better over the summer.  Now, I can't promise you Showcase Tournaments, NBA Player Camps or a College Scholarship.  I'm not a college scout so I can't make that promise.  We don't have fancy uniforms with all the matching accessories either.  What I can promise is that I will make sure that your child improves their fundamental skills, is treated fairly, gets playing time this summer, and has fun doing it.
The choice is yours.  You need to go and check out other programs.  Look at the whole program and then come check us out.  I am not going to knock other programs down to get your child.  I will not start early to get the local kids in my program first.  I will let my wins/losses record speak for itself.  Take a survey...look at all the local players (middle, high school, JC players) and ask them which team they played with at one point in their career.  I guarantee that
75%-80% have gone through our program.  I know that some boys players have left when I couldn't coach all the teams but I am rebuilding the boy's teams, bringing in new coaching staff, and making the commitment to this.  Other programs will try to knock me down, and tell you lies about what I don't do.  They will tell you that I am a Girl's Coach and can't do anything for the boys.  I'm here to prove them wrong.  I work with ALL players!  I'm not about name dropping or highlighting my run-ins with NBA players or coaches.  If you look at all the local high school teams (boys or girls) in the area...which team is consistently in the Wins column?  North Salinas Girls.  Which local team consistently reaches the play-offs year after year?  North Salinas Girls. I am the BEST...hands down!  I have the records to prove it...I get results!  If you want the BEST for your have to bring them to the BEST!  Plain and program is here to stay! 
WE ARE the Jackson All-Stars and WE ARE "Building Tomorrow's Champions

About Our Program

Welcome to the home of the Jackson All-Stars Girls and Boys Basketball Programs. We have been in the Salinas Area for the past 18 years and our mission is to teach fundamental basketball skills to our athletes as well as good sportsmanship. We strive for excellence on and off the court. We have athletes from all over Monterey County and we travel throughout Northern California with our teams. Our coaches are currently coaching at the middle and high school levels and have over 20+ years of coaching experience. Together with the support of the parents we are "Building Tomorrow's Champions!"


Check us out on Facebook!

Like us on Facebook! If you are not a fan...become one...join our page...add comments...add pictures!! I also post information on our fan's another way to stay updated!!


Jackson All-Stars on Facebook

Rules for Basketball Parents - YouTube Video

Check out this we prepare for the start of a new basketball season, let us remember how to be supportive of our athletes!

Basketball Quotes


First master the fundamentals. ~Larry Bird

If you pay attention to the grandstands---it won't be long before you join them.

Practice to beat the best.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.

Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his/her role on the team.

Don't let what other people think decide who you are.

I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I dont't do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results.

You can't get much done in life if you only work on days when you feel good. ~Jerry West

You have to expect things of your self before you can do them.

A winner is someone who recognizes his/her God-given talents, works his/her tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his/her goal.

Don't Coach Mad.

Failure is good. It's fertilizer. Everything I've learned about coaching I've learned from making mistakes.

Those who work the hardest are the last to surrender.


Things to keep you from being complacent in order to be successful:

Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.

Too many people are thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, when they ought to just water the grass they are standing on.

99% of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

Show me a person who doesn't make mistakes and I'll show you a person who doesn't do anything.

It's not what I ask of you, it's what you ask of yourself.

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back.  Because if you can look up, you can get up.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't do.

What Past and Present Players Have to Say

"Jackson All-Stars benefitted me by showing me it's not all about myself, but about the whole team. We learned to depend on one another and play for one another. The program made each player better in their own way. It not only helped us with the skills of basketball, but with life as well. Despite the hardships we go through each season, it made us strong-minded. Nothing is given in life, you have to work through it. Each obstacle we overcame during basketball made each of us more confident because we knew that we were capable of more than what we thought. Coach Jackson showed us that by working hard you can achieve anything. At practices, he didn't just stress the importance of doing well for a game but he stressed the importance of becoming successful in life. We not only became good athletes, but we became good students and leaders. As you grow up after each season of the program you become more of a leader. You learn that there are many people within the program who look up to you. Everyone completes their season with the mindset that you not only have to work hard on the court but off the court, too. Go Jackson All-Stars!"
~Cindy Cano - Class of 2008 (Now coaching at the middle school level)

"Every time you compete, try harder to improve on your last performance. Give nothing short of your very best effort."
~Mekayla Dacpano - Class of 2011 (Attends Hartnell College and plays "The game I love!")

"Our family has enjoyed a three to four year relationship with the All-Stars. We have two teenage sons that play on the traveling basketball team and what excites us the most about Coach Jackson is his fairness, honesty, and coaching style. Every kid gets a fair shot on the team, you never ever worry about where the coach is coming from because he's a straight shooter and we've seen a visible improvement in our son's basketball play. As a coach myself, I know the marked advancement, in our son's play, is due to solid fundamental coaching paired with challenging competition. When you see the basketball drills he employs to better his player's skills and the top level competition his teams compete against it will amaze you. Without a doubt Jackson All-Stars is the best choice."
~The Harrigan Family

"The Jackson All-Stars is a great program. I chose to play for this program for four years because I enjoyed it. Every time I always looked forward to practice and tournaments because it was so much fun. The teams altogether were built into a second family, a strong bond that's created throughout the season. The All-Stars contain a great coaching staff that help you on and off the court. Playing for them helped me improve on my game. It made me mentally strong and confident on the court to help me strive for success. I became ambitious and was always willing to work hard. I was taught how to respect and stand up for myself and believe in what I want. It was the little things that made me a better person and athlete."
~Amy Woo - Class of 2011 (Attends and plays for Mission College)

"Hi...I'm Jordyn Enos a two year veteran of the Jackson All-Stars and looking forward to entering my 3rd summer with the team in 2012. Coach Jackson's program has helped me improve my game a lot! Here at Jackson's we are a big family and learn to treat not only our teammates and competition, but everyone with respect. If you want to improve your basketball skills, I encourage you to come and try out. If you LOVE the game and are willing to put in the hard work and push yourself to get better, trust me, you will see the results. Don't think we don't have fun because we do but, it's the hard work you put into it, that makes the game fun when we play. When you walk through the gym doors, you better be ready to go to work because like Coach Jackson tells us, he can teach us all the drills but if YOU don't have it inside you to put in the effort, you will always be average."
~Jordyn Enos - 8th grader (Attends WMS) - Look out Stanford, Here I come!

"When our daughter (Jordyn) was in 5th grade, she was good enough with her athletic ability alone, to play on an all boys basketball team. Another father who had his daughter go through the Jackson All-Stars program came up to my wife and I and explained what the program was all about and how the player development skills would help Jordyn improve her basketball skills. As it turns out, the word "help" was an understatement. Working with Coach Jackson and his staff during her 6th grade summer, she came into her 7th grade season with an incredible advantage over her competition. The fundamental basketball skills they teach are invaluable. Her ball handling skills, court vision movement, leadership and most importantly the teaching of the complete "TEAM First" concept, has been laid as a foundation for her. In just one summer, she had learned to become a dominant player in her age group. In her 7th grade summer with the Jackson All-Stars, Coach Jackson and his staff believed enough in her progress to play her on both the 7th and 8th grade teams. This is where Coach Jackson and his staff set themselves apart from others. If your son or daughter is willing to put in the work and they improve beyond their age skills, they will patiently, move your child up, to ensure their skills continue to climb. Never letting them get complacent, playing them against kids that won't challenge them to move their game to the next level. This experience for Jordyn instilled a fearless competitiveness in her 8th grade season. She is again playing at an extremely high level and can't wait for the summer to begin working with the Jackson All-Stars again!"
~Steve and Debbie Enos

"Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's level of aspiration and expectation."
~Jack Nicklaus

"Today's practice must always be better than yesterday. If not, practice is pointless. You can stay the same or get better."
~Coach Darren Jackson

Basketball Blessing

A Blessing in Time of Defeat and a Time to Put it Behind You
Lord, someone else has won the honor that we thought should be ours, bless them. Someone else is enjoying the rewards We expected, bless them. Help us to remember that there is enough fame to go around. Enough happiness. And if we have not found ours this time, there will be other opportunities. This time maybe we weren't ready. Next time we will be. Or the time after that. Purge us of resentment; heal us of malice; soothe our disappointment. Don't let us impede our own progress by such emotions. Instead, let us ask a blessing upon the one who has beat us. To do so is to strengthen us. To do so is to draw upon a new source of energy and courage and optimism. We will rise up from defeat with joy. We will go forward enriched by this experience, spiritually growing. And as we bless them, we pray you bless us as a team and as a family. Thank you for this knowledge.

Inspirational Quotes

In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must put the team first ahead of personal glory.

We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end.

Some say you have to use your five best players, but I found out you win with the five that fit together best.

Always put God first and you can't go wrong.

The most important word - We.The least important - I.

The vehicle of accomplishment is fueled by teamwork. world...any questions?

When we are one, we are #1!

Committment = Loyalty. Hard Work = Success. Pride = Yourself.

Winners train...losers complain...which one are you?

Individuals win games...teams win championships!

Great NBA Commercial...Check it Out!

Who is the next NBA/WNBA Great??  Are you in the program?
Hard work, discipline, dedication to the game and drive can get you there! Go All-Stars!

Click on the link below to view the video



Guidelines to Follow


Following these guidelines will help everyone get on the same page and on the way to becoming a true champion!

If a player is going to make great decisions on the court, they must be able to make great decisions off the court.

You have to expect things of your yourself before you can do them.  -Michael Jordan

You can't expect to hit the jackpot if you don't put a few nickels in the machine  -Flip Wilson

Other people may not have had high expectations for me ,but I had expectations of myself.  -Shannon Miller

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

The name on the front of the jersey is what really matters, not the name on the back.

You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you'll lose again and then losing becomes a habit.

The minute you think you've got it made, disaster is just around the corner.


Three Bones


Teams and players will develop and strengthen three bones:

First, they will develop a backbone so they can stand up to challenges and be able to do the right thing on and off the court.

Second, they will develop a wishbone so they can dream big and set high goals.

Finally, they will develop a funny bone so they can have fun and enjoy the relationships and the feeling of being part of a team.

Champions On and Off the Court!

Players that play with love - love for their team, love of the journey, love of the competition and a love for each other - will max out as a team. Love replaces fear, jealousy, envy, feeling sorry for oneself and anger. Love is the most powerful emotion.

You can't measure the heart of a champion. Be satisfied with nothing but the best. Always do your very best for that's what really counts. The way a teams plays as a whole determines it's success.

Think Like A Champion


Practice Like A Champion


Play Like A Champion


And You Will Become



God Bless You and Your Family! 
I won't stop until we build the biggest and strongest program in the state of CA for all girls and boys all ages. Game on time!