Last Updated: July 19, 2014

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 Click on Handouts tab to the left for the Official #CusterKillsCancer 3 on 3 Flyer

#CusterKillsCancer 3 on 3 Tournament Team Registrations    ===============================[>

OFFICIAL RULES #CusterKillsCancer 3 on3 Tournament, Saturday July 19th

Tournament is GIRLS only

Tournament is Double Elimination and all game will be played at Jackson High School beginning at 8am.

Team Captain will be notified regarding time of first game.

There are 3 divisions, Adult, High School and Middle School with an A and B bracket for each (A is better then B) 

Your age is determined by what grade you will be in next fall

Every girl will receive a T-Shirt for participating.


Game Rules

Throw In/Starting Play
The ball must be thrown (not dribbled) in to start play

Game Play
Length of Games
: first team to score 20 points (2's and 3's), or 20 minutes.

Overtime: if the score is tied at the end of 20 minutes, the game goes to overtime. A coin flip determines which team has the initial possession. The game winner is the first to score 2 points in the overtime period.

No Make It Take It

Stalling: NO stalling is allowed. The court monitor may institute a 30 second shot clock at any time. After a team has been warned about stalling, failure to attempt a shot within 30 seconds will result in loss of possession.

Jump Balls: all jump balls become the possession of the defensive team.

Time Outs: each team is allowed one 30-second time-out per game. The game clock does not stop during any time-outs. NO time-outs are permitted in the last three minutes of the game.

Taking It Back: when in play, the ball must be "taken back" on each change of possession. "Taking it back" means BOTH feet must be behind the three-point arc. Failure to "take it back" is a violation.

Throw In/Resuming Play: the ball must be “checked” after every out of bounds or opposite team score. The ball must be thrown in (not dribbled) in.

3 Second Zone: this zone is the box in front of the basket. An offensive player CANNOT remain stationary (i.e. “post up”) with both feet in this box AND receive the ball when guarded by an opposing player. A foot on the line of the no parking zone counts as a foot in the zone.
First Violation: Warning from referee or court monitor
Each Additional Violation: Change of possession 

Scoring: baskets made from inside the arc count two points. Baskets made when the shooter has BOTH FEET behind the arc count three points. Court monitors will call "three points". If there is any doubt by the court monitor as to whether the made basket is worth two or three points, the basket will count as two points.

FOULS: Offense calls all fouls. A court monitor is present and can over rule any foul at ANY TIME

Free Throws: free throws count as one point. When fouled in the act of shooting, free throws are awarded to the fouled shooter only when the basket was not made (2 for 2 pointer, 3 for 3 pointer). All free throws are dead balls. Regardless of whether the free throws are made, the opposing team checks the ball from the top of the 3 point line. The try for goal shall be made within 10 seconds after the ball has been placed at the disposal of the free thrower. All other players will remain behind the three point arc while the free throw attempt is being made.

· Any time a basket is MADE and a foul is called: 
· The basket counts.
· The referee or team representative records the foul.
· Defending team receives the ball. 

                     RESULT (for team that was fouled) 

Team Fouls 1 through 7                           Check ball from top, unless fouled in the act of shooting (see above)
Team Fouls 8+                                        One and One free throws, unless fouled in the act of shooting (see above). 

All intentional fouls will be called by the court monitor only and result in one free throw for the player fouled AND his/her team retaining possession. The ball must be thrown (not dribbled) in. An intentional foul is a personal or technical foul designed to stop or keep the clock from starting, to neutralize an opponent's obvious advantageous position, contact away from the ball, or when not playing the ball. It may or may not be premeditated and is not based on the severity of the act.

Flagrant fouls or continuous misconduct will result in team forfeiture and team dismissal from the tournament. All flagrant fouls are called by the referee or court monitor only. A flagrant foul may be a personal technical foul of violent or savage nature, or a technical non-contact foul which displays unacceptable conduct. It may or may not be intentional. If personal, it involves violent contact such as striking, kneeing, etc; if technical, it involves dead ball contact or non-contact at any time which is extreme or persistent, vulgar, or abusive conduct.

First Offense: Player fouled will shoot one free throw and his/her teams retains possession from check box.
Second Offense: Team forfeits game and is under probation for the duration of tournament play.
Third Offense: Team is dismissed from tournament. 

Jackson Lady Bears