Last Updated: September 18, 2014

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Flag Football: Tuesday & Thursday 6 - 7pm

Mighty Mites Football: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6 - 7:30pm (varies depending on games)

Mighty Mites Cheering: No practice during the week - Saturday 1/2 hour before game

Pee Wees Football: Monday (only if there's a B Game) Tuesday (Full Pads), Thursday (Full Pads) , Friday Helmets and practice jerseys 5:45 - 7:45pm (varies depending on games)

Pee Wee Cheering: Tuesday 5 - 6:30pm

Junior Football: Varies depending on games

Seniors Football: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6 - 8pm (varies depending on games)




RP Junior Football 101 Night Fundraiser

RP Junior Football Association will be holding it annual 101 night funraiser on Monday October 20th @ the 101 Pub in Bogota.  10% on all CASH sales (food and drink) will be donated to the RP Junior Football Association.


2014 Parent Committee Mission Statement

The Ridgefield Park Football Association Parent Committee is a new committee that has been form in order to support the structure and organization of Ridgefield Park’s Football Association.

In partnership with Committee members, Coaches and Ridgefield Park Parent representatives the mission this year and moving forward is in hope to provide student-athletes with exceptional educational and athletic opportunities while fostering the formation of the whole person.

Creating a Community of Parents volunteers for the betterment of the Ridgefield Park Football Program; we will sustain a strong family and community base of support by presenting outstanding interscholastic athletics, developing exceptional student-athletes and a positive public identity for the teams to excel within the league.  The advancement of the moral, social and cultural well-being of the children of Ridgefield Park is important for each child.

In order to participate in the committee, you must have your child enroll in the Ridgefield Park Football Program.  As a member of the committee, you may volunteer in different needed areas as well get the opportunity to be a team representative.

Also part of this committee’s responsibility is to collectively resolve any and all current issues that in general the Ridgefield Park Football community is currently facing. 

It is our goal to combine Parents, Coaches and Community Leaders into a whole entity that will serve as the model for our children to be empowered both on and off the field.  Although change can be scary it often brings great achievements and that is what we hope to see this season with the cohesive involvement of all present today.


Responsibilities of the Ridgefield Park Scarlets Parent Committee are as follow:

vBringing additional fundraising ideas to the already exceptional system in place will help our children and the program grow to exponentially great levels.

vThe committed involvement of parents will assist the coaches tremendously.  Together we can move forward to meeting all goals in order to offer our children athletic academic and personal growth.

vIncrease enrollment numbers

vIncrease parent participation

vTeam Representatives

vTeam Spirit/Scarlet Pride


vTown Fair Booth

vDesignated Practice areas and parent waiting areas  - Parents to make sure parents do no interfere with practice and games




Saturday,  Oct 4
RP Scarlets: Flag @ Carlstadt Wildcats 2:30pm Carlstadt E. Rutherford - Riggins Field
RP Scarlets: Mighty Mites @ Carlstadt Wildcats 4:00pm Carlstadt E. Rutherford - Riggins Field
RP Scarlets: Pee-wees @ Carlstadt Wildcats 5:15pm Carlstadt E. Rutherford - Riggins Field
RP Scarlets: Junior Team @ Carlstadt Wildcats 6:30pm Carlstadt E. Rutherford - Riggins Field
RP Scarlets: Senior Team @ Carlstadt Wildcats 7:45pm Carlstadt E. Rutherford - Riggins Field
Saturday,  Oct 11
Hasbrouck Heights Aviators @ RP Scarlets: Flag 2:30pm Ridgefield Park - Veterans Park Field
Hasbrouck Heights Aviators @ RP Scarlets: Mighty Mites 4:00pm Ridgefield Park - Veterans Park Field
Hasbrouck Heights Aviators @ RP Scarlets: Pee-wees 5:15pm Ridgefield Park - Veterans Park Field
Hasbrouck Heights Aviators @ RP Scarlets: Junior Team 6:30pm Ridgefield Park - Veterans Park Field
Hasbrouck Heights Aviators @ RP Scarlets: Senior Team 7:45pm Ridgefield Park - Veterans Park Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!


Monday,  Oct 20
RP Junior Football Fundraiser 101 Pub

For a complete calendar listing, click here!


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