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Team Rules 2014-2015 Please Read before tryouts

September 6, 2014 – 07:00 AM

JV Cheerleaders:

*We will be meeting at 4:30 for the game on Wednesday (9/17)*Please be sure to have your crop top by next Tuesday for the game!

Competition Cheerleaders:*Cosby Competition Information is now posted! It's not that far away so please be mentally prepared and ready to hard work these next practices.*Lock-In information handout is posted in the handout section. Please turn in permission slips no later than Wednesday, September 24th.




Team store will be closing today unless I get them to extend for a few days. ( I will only extend to Tuesday so shipment is not delayed past another game day.  The following items have not been ordered enough to produce unless we get more orders.    Football Shirts, both styles black hoodies and all varsity jackets.  If we do not get enough orders for production and you ordered one of these items you will be credited for the amount.


Kids clinic -  Please make one last push to recruit participants.  Download and email the application to anyone who may be interested or who can help us promote.



*JV Cheerleaders:

*The game next week is on Wednesday vs. Kempsville @ Kellam.

*Please be sure to purchase your crop tops! It's going to get chilly soon.!


*Competition Cheerleaders:

Keep up the great work and continue to push yourselves!

A few reminders for you:

*October 4th-Lock In, 6pm @ Epic. Details coming soon!

*New Beach District date: October 7th (Tuesday) 6pm @ Tallwood

*Remember to order your KHS Cheerleading shirt from the team store!

*Wear your CrAzY socks for Tuesday's practice!



Team store is now available and will close on September 15. Please do not delay in ordering.  Required items are marked required.  Remember if you have an old warm u you do not need to purchase a new warm up this year.


New poms are in,  if you ordered they are $28 per pair.  You will receive new poms when they are paid for.     Web site for other uniform parts should be up any second.  I will put link on this site as soon as the company sneds it to me.  I have samples for size.




Kids Clinic =     Saturday Sept 20  from 8 to 12 am  We will host elementary age students.  We will teach Lucky Strike and a variety of cheers.  Showcase will start at 11:30   Please download the registration from the handout section.   All Kellam cheerleaders  Please recruit 1 camper.





Another huge thank you to all who worked and ate at our pancake Breakfast at Appleby's.  It was a huge success.  We cleared over 1000.


This has paid for bows and t-shirts .  I ordered additional raincoats for the team so each girl has her own.  Additional funds have been tagged for team dinners to help defray costs.


Our next fundraiser is a car wash at 7=11 Sandbridge rd.  Sept. 6.  I am looking for a few parents to help me keep the girls moving.  We are looking to fund our float and senior night goodies and I am hoping to pick up gloves for the team for those cold nights.  Of course we are putting a little each fundraiser away for our camp deposit money.





JV/COMP-Reminding you to please check the calendar for practice times next week!



 Varsity Please review and learn




Tryout Dances -

Dance 1 - The Ceiling Can't Hold Us -  Yes the dances are easy   please remember to be sharp. We will teach these at our kids  clinic. Please learn both.


Dance 2 = Lucky Strike  for the younger girls ( K through 2)

I intentionally did not put the tutorial up.  I think this dance is easy enough.



Click here to email Carole Forbes - Varsity Sideline Coach
Sideline Coach: Carole Forbes

Click here to email Tony Holub - Competition Coach and JV Sideline Coach
Tony Holub


Snow Canyon fight Song (used with permission)So plan to be flexible. Links 1 and 2 are tutorials  The 3rd link is a performance so you can see thier ripples.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  Sep 17
Competition Practice 2:30pm
JV home vs Kempsville 5:00pm
JV vs. Kempsville (meet at 4:30) 6:00pm
Thursday,  Sep 18
Competition Practice 2:30pm
Friday,  Sep 19
Varsity Bye 1:00pm
Competition Practice 2:30pm
Saturday,  Sep 20
Kids Clinic 8:30am
Tuesday,  Sep 23
Competition Practice 2:30pm
JV at First Colonial 4:00pm
JV @ First Colonial (meet at 4) 6:00pm
Wednesday,  Sep 24
Competition Practice 2:30pm
Thursday,  Sep 25
Competition Practice 2:30pm
Friday,  Sep 26
Rosh Hashana 1:00pm
Competition Practice 2:30pm
Varsity Home vs. Green Run 5:30pm
Saturday,  Sep 27
Competition Cheer for the Cure
Cheer for the Cure @ Cosby HS 2:00pm
Tuesday,  Sep 30
Competition Practice 2:30pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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