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April 22, 2015 – 07:00 AM


MAY 13th & 14th from 2:30pm-4:30pm; MAY 15th at 2:30.

More details are located on the "Varsity Tryout Information" sheet located in the handouts section!



JV Cheerleading Tryouts for the 2015-2016 Football Season Sideline Team ONLY will be held June 18 from 4-6:30, June 19 from  8 - 11 am and June 22 from  8 a.m until judging ends.

This is different from past years.   We are trying out separate from Varsity.  I need to give the 8th graders the time to finish thier Middle School years without having to worry about Freshman year yet.

Physicals from the 2014-2015 School year are still in effect. I must have a copy if you are not on file with Kellam High School.  ALL PHYSICALS EXPIRE on June 30.  Each student selected to a team must have a new physical before practicing with the team in July. Physicals must be dated after April 30, 2015.

Each candidate is required to submit 2 recommendations from Current 2015 teachers.


 Sophomores: Varsity tryouts will be held earlier and those not selected to Varsity have the opportunity to tryout for JV.

Please fill out and email an application to Mrs. Forbes. If you submitted an application and recommendations for Varsity I will get those from Tony do not submit twice.


Any questions about JV tryouts Please contact me Carole Forbes at

I welcome questions do not hesitate to email questions. 



All Cheerleaders.  WE have to get Senior Scrapbooks together. this take a team effort. Hayden and her Mom have volunteered to organize and host scrapbooking nights in order to complete these projects.  They cannot do it alone.


   A few things need to be done.

1. If you have not do so already please give Hayden $10 for supplies.

2. Correction.  Weekends are when scrapbooking will occur.  Please plan to help.

3. No excuses. If everyone on the team does not help they will have to end which would be sad.


I will post dates ASAP.










Fridays in April; 2:30-4:30pm


**End of the Year Banquet**

Thursday, May 7th @ 6pm

Golden Corral in Red Mill

This is for EVERYONE who has cheered this year. We have much to celebrate this season so please make arrangements to be there! Also, bring ALL uniforms (sideline AND comp) with you to turn in!

Look for the official cheer superlatives ballot in th handout section.  All Ballots are due by May 4 in order to be counted.


Seniors  please write your "will"   Pass down something to an underclass cheerleader. I know you remember some if last year ideas, contact me for examples if needed.

Underclass :  Favorite "Senior Moments" Please think back to a time when one of our seniors did something with you or for you that impressed you cared for you or is just memorable.  let's give them a world class send off!!!!!



Graffiti (dance) (instructional)


Click here to email Carole Forbes - JV Sideline Coach
Sideline Coach: Carole Forbes

Click here to email Tony Holub - Competition Coach and Varsity Sideline Coach
Tony Holub














Snow Canyon fight Song (used with permission)So plan to be flexible. Links 1 and 2 are tutorials  The 3rd link is a performance so you can see thier ripples.