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June 22, 2015 – 08:54 AM


Don't forget to get your physicals turned in and on file before tryouts!!!



Competition Tryout Material







-The August schedule has been updated. Please be aware of practice time changes for both the competition and sideline teams.


Competition Team Tryout Info


August 3rd from 9:00am-12:00pm (gymnastics gym)

August 4th @ 9:00am (gymnastics gym) (**wear plain white top and black shorts with your choice of bow**)

Minimum Requirements


toe touch, hurdler, pike. Must be able to execute consecutively


(Standing) back hand spring/toe touch backhand spring 

(Running) Round-off backhand spring

**Tumbling is required but do not let that deter you away from trying out!


Flyers- must be able to fly solidly in one-legged stunts (lib) and able to do a heelstretch, scorpion or scale.

Bases/Backspots- must be able to base/back solidly in one-legged stunts


You will be judged on motion placement, attitude, spirit, and the ability to lead a crowd. SMILE. 


****We will be stunting and tumbling a lot so bring any wrist, ankle, knee braces..etc. you may need. If you need your wrists wrapped, please do so BEFORE tryouts start. 

**Remember you must have a valid physical on file before trying out

**Wear NO jewelry, have all your hair UP (with a bow) and out of your face.


***There has been a lot of changes this year with the score sheet so please be prepared to work very hard this season!!



 Dances : Louie, Louie - sideline Dance

Sophomores (rising) please learn front center position,  Freshmen ( rising)  Please learn back row.     tutorial   dance along   in case Varsity takes the other videos down


Dance 2 - Problems  




Click here to email JV Coach

Click here to email Tony Holub - Competition Coach and Varsity Sideline Coach








Upcoming Events

Monday,  Aug 3
Practice Daily Mon-Thursday 8:00am
Competition Team Tryouts 9:00am
Tuesday,  Aug 4
Competition Team Tryouts (Final Tryout) 9:00am
Wednesday,  Aug 5
Sideline Practice 9:00am
Competition Practice 10:45am
Thursday,  Aug 6
Sideline Practice 9:00am
Competition Practice 10:45am
Monday,  Aug 10
Competition Practice 1:30pm
Tuesday,  Aug 11
Competition Practice 1:30pm
Wednesday,  Aug 12
Competition Practice 1:30pm
Thursday,  Aug 13
Competition Practice 1:30pm
Saturday,  Aug 15
Carwash Fundraiser 10:00am
Monday,  Aug 17
Sideline Practice 9:00am
Competition Practice 10:45pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!