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New......Training Center
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Welcome to the home of the

The Keystone Krushers will be holding tryouts for the upcoming 2015 travel softball season. The first tryout will be held on Sunday, September 14th at the Mill Run Field. Ages 13 and under will be from 1 pm to 2:30pm. Ages 14 and older will be from 3 pm to 5 pm. Ages are based on how old the player will be on 1/1/2015. There will be a parent meeting from 2:30 to 3 to discuss the plans for the teams.
There will be a second tryout on Sunday, September 21st at 1 pm for anyone that can't make it on the 14th.
Any questions, please contact Beth Campbell at, or John Benson (14u) at or Dom Fasolo(16u) at or 207-4657.

Minor Division Playoff Schedule


Wednesday July 16th

Mill Run

6:00  #5 Graystone Manor (16) at #4 Sheetz (5) Graystone leads 1-0

8:00  #8 Knight's of Columbus (6) at #1 Eckels Plumbing (16) Eckels leads 1-0

Thursday July 17th

Mill Run

6:00  #6 Cumming Motors (5) at #3 Dick's Pharmacy (13) Dick's leads 1-0

8:00  #7 Blue Knob Auto (7) at #2 Kimmen Plumbing (16) Kimmen leads 1-0

Friday July 18th


6:00  #1 Eckels Plumbing (18)  at #8 Knight's of Columbus(2) Eckels wins series 2-0 

8:00  #4 Sheetz (26) at #5 Graystone Manor (24) series tied 1-1 

Mill Run

6:00  #2 Kimmen Plumbing (16) at #7 Blue Knob Auto (3) Kimmen wins series 2-0 

8:00  #3 Dick's Pharmacy (14) at #6 Cumming Motors (2) Dick's wins series 2-0

Monday July 21st

Mill Run

6:00  #5 Graystone Manor (9)  at #4 Sheetz (15) Sheetz wins series 2-1

Wednesday July 23rd

Mill Run

6:00  #4 Sheetz (2) at #1 Eckels Plumbing (10) Eckels leads series 1-0

8:00  #3 Dick's Pharmacy (11) at #2 Kimmen Plumbing (4) Dick's leads series 1-0

Thursday July 24th

Mill Run

6:00  #3 Dicks Pharmacy (11)  #2 Kimmen Plumbing (6)  Dick's Pharmacy wins series 2-0

8:00  #1 Eckels Plumbing (12)  at #4 Sheetz  (4) Eckels Plumbing wins series 2-0

Monday July 28th


Mill Run

6:00  #3 Dick's Pharmacy (6) at #1 Eckels Plumbing (7) Eckels leads series 1-0

Wednesday July 30th

6:00  #1 Eckels Plumbing (5) at #3 Dick's Pharmacy (10) series tied 1-1

Thursday July 31st

6:30  #3 Dick's Pharmacy (4) at #1 Eckels Plumbing (7) Eckels wins series 2-1

Congratulations to Eckels Plumbing 2014 Minor Division Champions


 Major Division Playoff Schedule

Monday July 21st


6:00  #5 Keystone Krushers 18u (3) at #4 III-D Plumbing (4)

Mill Run

8:00  #6 Keystone Krushers 14u (6) at #3 Razorbacks (12)

Tuesday July 22nd

Mill Run

6:00  #3 Razorbacks (8) at #6 Keystone Krushers 14u (7) Razorbacks win series 2-0

8:00  #4 III-D Plumbing (9) at #5 Keystone Krushers 18u (1) III-D wins series 2-0

Monday July 28th


6:00  #4 III-D Plumbing at #1 Krentzman and Son(forfeit by Krentzman) III-D leads series 1-0

Mill Run

8:00  #3 Razorbacks (3) at #2 Tyrone Tornadoes(9) Tyrone leads series 1-0

Tuesday July 29th

Mill Run

6:00  #2 Tyrone Tornadoes (9) at #3 Razorbacks (0) Tyrone wins series 2-0

8:00  #1 Krentzman at #4 III-D Plumbing(forfeit by Krentzman) III-D wins series 2-0

Wednesday July 30th 


Mill Run

8:00  #4 III-D Plumbing (18) at #2 Tyrone Tornadoes 16 (III-D leads series 1-0)

Monday August 4th

Mill Run

6:00  #2 Tyrone Tornadoes (1) at #4 III-D Plumbing(3)  III-D wins championship 2 games to 1


Congratulations to III-D Plumbing 2014 Major Division Champions

Picnic Pictures Being Added!

Biddy Division Contest Winners pictures have been added to the photo album "2014 Picnic".

Check them out!!

Congratulations to our winners!

More pictures to come!

Get the 2014 Registration Form on-line!

Just click on the "handouts" tab to the left and go to the link for the 2014 Player Registration Form.

Mail the form with payment to KGSL, PO Box 1014, Altoona PA, 16603

We are only accepting registrations in the major division now.

Full major or minor teams may still inquire.

Krentzman and Son Scrapmetal wins Major Division 2013 Championship!!

Eckels wins Minor Division 2013 Championship!!

Check out our Sponsor page

Become a league sponsor! Click on the "handouts" tab to the left, and then choose the link to become a league sponsor.  Print out the sponsorship form and mail it in with payment to KGSL, PO Box 1014, Altoona, PA 16603.  Thank you!

Anyone can check out our Sponsor page....just go to the left hand menu bar and click on the Sponsors link. We appreciate the support of our Sponsors. They help us keep our registration fees low and help to offset the cost of field maintenance. We hope you will support them with your business!!

Hey KGSL now has a Facebook fan page!

Check out our new Facebook Fan page....feel free to post pictures, comments, or storys to the's a great way to keep in touch with what's going on at KGSL. KGSL Facebook Fan Page

New......Training Center

Hey girls, coaches, and parents....check out the latest feature from KGSL & League Lineup. The new TRAINING CENTER which has step by step videos to walk you through the basics of throwing, catching, fielding, and hitting a softball. You get great video instruction that will help out any level of softball player from Biddy to Majors.

Go to the left hand menu and click on the TRAINING CENTER link and start your training.....softball season is just around the corner!!

League Documents now online!

Important league documents are now available for you to read on the KGSL web page. The KGSL League Constitution, the game play By-Laws for both the Ponytail and the two upper divisions, and the basic rules for drafting.

Go to the MENU on the left hand side and click on the HANDOUTS tab and it will bring you to the page for access to these documents. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for the document you wish to view.

The KGSL Executive Board welcomes all your comments, questions, and opinions on any of the rules or by-laws concerning the league. Please feel free to contact any member of the executive board.

Your voice can be heard!!!

Do you have an opinion you want to express about the league?

A suggestion or a question....on the rules or the games or anything at all concerning Keystone Girls Softball??

Do you have a coaching or practice tip you would like to share?

Then voice it on our Forum page....go to the left hand menu and click on the Forum tab and express yourself!!

All topics concerning the league are welcome, so please feel free to voice your opinion, just refrain from using vulgar language or making indecent personal attacks against others.

Thank you!

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