Last Updated: 21 October, 2016 
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Rule Book

Now available ... rulebook ... large print edition.

This will be updated shortly to reflect the new/adjusted rules from the August 2016 general meeting.

Join Our League!

Kingston Ladies Dart League welcomes new players of any age (19+) and of any skill level. Our regular season begins in September but we accept new members until 31 December, so if you're interested in joining us please contact us by email or by phone at 613-770-0376. (Please note that you must have played at least 3 league nights prior to participating in league tournaments.) We look forward to hearing from you! For returning players, please make our new league members feel welcome and appreciated.

Definition of a Good Sport

A good sport is one who...

Plays the game for the game's sake
Plays for her team and not for herself
Is a good winner and a good loser
Is modest in victory and generous in defeat
Is chivalrous towards a defeated opponent
Is unselfish and always ready to help others become proficient
As a spectator, applauds good play on both sides
Never interferes with officials, no matter what the decision.

New to the League?

If you're new to our league, please take the time to browse through our website - it has information that we're sure you will find interesting and informative.


In the event of a discrepancy between the printed and on-line schedules, the printed schedule is correct.

Upcoming Games

Thursday, 27 Oct
Regular Season
PWOR @ Wildcats8:00pmAir Force Wing 416
Astros @ Nuts & Bolts8:00pmProst Bowling Center
560 @ Cougars8:00pmRCL Branch #560
Aces @ Maple Leafs8:00pmRCL Branch #560
Fencers @ Cardinals8:00pmRCL Branch #560
Glens @ Navy8:00pmRCL Branch #560
Thursday, 17 Nov
Regular Season
Wildcats @ Fencers8:00pmAir Force Wing 416
Glens @ Nuts & Bolts8:00pmProst Bowling Center
Aces @ Astros8:00pmRCL Branch #560
Cardinals @ Cougars8:00pmRCL Branch #560
Navy @ Maple Leafs8:00pmRCL Branch #560
PWOR @ 5608:00pmRCL Branch #560
Thursday, 24 Nov
Regular Season
560 @ Fencers8:00pmAir Force Wing 416
Cougars @ PWOR8:00pmArmouries
Aces @ Glens8:00pmNaval Veterans Asst.
Navy @ Nuts & Bolts8:00pmProst Bowling Center
Astros @ Maple Leafs8:00pmRCL Branch #560
Wildcats @ Cardinals8:00pmRCL Branch #560

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Thursday, 3 Nov
Triples TournamentRCL Branch #560
Tuesday, 22 Nov
Captain & Co-captains Meeting7:00pmRCL Branch 560 -- fireside room
Thursday, 26 Jan
Doubles TournamentRCL Branch #560
Thursday, 16 Mar
Singles TournamentRCL Branch #560
Tuesday, 21 Mar
General Meeting7:00pmRCL Branch #560

For a complete calendar listing, click here!