Last Updated: April 27, 2015

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Welcome to the 2015 Baseball Season

Schedules are posted!  Click here for instructions on how to report game scores:  


Lamprey River League Baseball Rules

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  May 2
Nottingham1  @ Nottingham2  1:00pm Nottingham- Town Field 1
AA Minors
Nottingham1  @ Nottingham2  10:30am Nottingham- Town Field 1
Deerfield  @ Nottingham  3:30pm Nottingham- Town Field 1
A Farm
Nottingham4  @ Nottingham1  1:00pm Nottingham Town Field 2
Nottingham2  @ Nottingham3  3:00pm Nottingham Town Field 2
Monday,  May 4
A Farm
Raymond3  @ Auburn3  6:00pm Auburn Farm
Raymond1  @ Candia2  6:00pm Candia Moore Park
Nottingham3  @ Deerfield2  6:00pm Deerfield
Nottingham1  @ Epping2  6:00pm Epping Mary Blaire
Epping1  @ Nottingham2  6:00pm Nottingham Town Field 2
Deerfield1  @ Nottingham4  6:00pm Nottingham- Town Field 1
Auburn2  @ Raymond4  6:00pm Raymond Cole
Candia1  @ Raymond2  6:00pm Raymond Richard
Tuesday,  May 5
Nottingham2  @ Auburn  6:00pm Auburn Major
Nottingham1  @ Deerfield D. Cote Construction  6:00pm Deerfield
Epping1  @ Epping2  6:00pm Epping Mary Blaire
Candia  @ Raymond  6:00pm Raymond Richard
Auburn  @ Raymond  6:00pm Raymond Cole

For a complete schedule listing, click here!