Last Updated: January 20, 2017
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  • WELCOME TO THE 2016-2017 SEASON!!
  • Lamprey River Basketball
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"I think someone should explain to the child that it's ok to make mistakes.

That's how we learn. When we compete, we make mistakes."
- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 


2016-17 SEASON - All games must be played by February 5th.  5&6 and 7&8 Coaches make sure you are posting scores soon after your games!! 



Lamprey River Meeting

The meeting scheduled for tonight (Tuesday, January 17) has been postponed due to the weather advisory. The next Lamprey River Basketball Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 26th in Raymond High School room 209 at 7:00 pm.  

All Coordinators must be in attendance or send another representative in your place.

We will be discussing the end of the season, the playoffs and the skillz competitions.


2016-17 Playoffs!!

Begin February 11th

Finals - Sunday, February 19


Upcoming Games

Friday, Jan 20
5&6 Grade Girls
Exeter Jr Hawks South @ Exeter Jr Hawks North7:00pmExeter (Lincoln St. School)
Saturday, Jan 21
3&4 Grade Girls
SB1 Broyer Tribe @ Chester8:30amChester Academy
Nottingham @ SB3 Regis Tribe8:30amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Epping 1 @ Raymond 29:30amRaymond (Gove) Middle School
SB4 Rockwell Tribe @ SB2 Chiacchia Tribe10:00amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Epping 2 @ Raymond 11:15pmRaymond (Gove) Middle School
3&4 Grade Boys
SB4 Pitre Tribe @ Epping 28:30amEpping Middle School
Raymond 1 @ Chester9:45amChester Academy
SB5 Thompson Tribe @ Epping 19:45amEpping Middle School
Candia 2 @ Raymond 210:45amGove Middle School (Raymond)
Nottingham 1 @ Nottingham 311:30amNottingham
SB3 Keane Tribe @ SB1 Fortin Tribe11:30amSanborn - Swasey Gym
SB2 Gillis Tribe @ Candia 111:45amCandia
Raymond 3 @ Raymond 412:00pmGove Middle School (Raymond)
5&6 Grade Girls
Bow @ Epping 112:15pmEpping Middle School
Chester @ Epping 21:30pmEpping Middle School
SB3 Thompson Tribe @ Exeter Jr Hawks South2:00pmExeter (Lincoln St. School)
Candia @ Nottingham2:15pmNottingham
Raymond 3 @ SB1 Bezanson Tribe2:30pmSanborn - Swasey Gym
Seabrook @ Exeter Jr Hawks North3:15pmExeter (Lincoln St. School)
Raymond 1 @ SB2 Gillis Tribe4:00pmSanborn - Swasey Gym
5&6 Grade Boys
SB5 Thompson Tribe @ Epping 111:00amEpping Middle School
Candia @ Exeter Jr Hawks West11:30amExeter (Lincoln St. School)
SB2 Comtois Tribe @ Chester12:15pmChester Academy
SB4 Lynch Tribe @ Nottingham 2 12:45pmNottingham
Epping 2 @ SB1 Chaplin Tribe2:30pmSanborn - Regional High School
Nottingham 1 @ Raymond 12:45pmRaymond High School
Exeter Jr Hawks East @ Raymond 34:00pmRaymond High School
Raymond 2 @ SB3 Lambert Tribe4:00pmSanborn - Regional High School
7&8 Grade Girls
Raymond 1 @ SB Chiacchia Tribe1:00pmSanborn - Swasey Gym
Candia @ ORYA White1:15pmOyster River
Seabrook @ ORYA Blue2:30pmOyster River
Raymond 2 @ Newmarket3:30pmNewmarket
7&8 Grade Boys
Candia 1 @ Brentwood10:00amBrentwood
SB2 Donahue Tribe @ Raymond 112:15pmRaymond High School
SB5 Khalil Tribe @ Exeter Upper Hawks12:45pmExeter (Lincoln St. School)
Epping 1 @ Chester White1:30pmChester Academy
Nottingham @ Raymond 21:30pmRaymond High School
Chester Cougars @ Candia 22:30pmCandia
Candia 3 @ SB4 Frizz Tribe2:30pmSanborn - Regional High School
SB1 Cavallo Tribe @ Epping 22:45pmEpping Middle School
EK Wall's Ford @ SB3 Feole Tribe4:00pmSanborn - Regional High School
Sunday, Jan 22
5&6 Grade Girls
Nottingham @ Epping 111:00amEpping Middle School
Epping 2 @ Raymond 312:15pmRaymond High School
Raymond 1 @ Raymond 21:30pmRaymond High School
SB2 Gillis Tribe @ Seabrook2:45pmSeabrook Community Center
5&6 Grade Boys
Exeter Jr Hawks East @ SB4 Lynch Tribe10:30amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Raymond 3 @ Raymond 111:00amRaymond High School
Epping 2 @ Candia11:15amCandia
SB2 Comtois Tribe @ SB1 Chaplin Tribe12:00pmSanborn - Swasey Gym
Exeter Jr Hawks West @ Nottingham 2 12:15pmNottingham
7&8 Grade Girls
Newmarket @ Candia1:45pmCandia
Seabrook @ Raymond 22:45pmRaymond High School
SB Chiacchia Tribe @ Seabrook5:15pmSeabrook Community Center
7&8 Grade Boys
Raymond 2 @ Raymond 19:30amRaymond (Gove) Middle School
Chester White @ EK Wall's Ford10:30amEast Kingston (Talbot Gym, Exeter)
Epping 1 @ Candia 312:30pmCandia
Brentwood @ Nottingham1:30pmNottingham
SB2 Donahue Tribe @ SB1 Cavallo Tribe1:30pmSanborn - Swasey Gym

For a complete schedule listing, click here!