Last Updated: February 21, 2017
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  • WELCOME TO THE 2016-2017 SEASON!!
  • Lamprey River Basketball
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"I think someone should explain to the child that it's ok to make mistakes.

That's how we learn. When we compete, we make mistakes."
- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 

Playing Time


Just a reminder to all . . . Lamprey River is a recreational basketball league.  At all levels, there is a minimum play rule of at least one quarter.  This is mandatory both during the regular season and during the playoffs. 

Playing time should be closer to equal at the 3rd & 4th level.  This is a developmental league – there is no benefit to winning or losing.  The ONLY benefit is developing every single player on your team!

They don’t have fun when they realize that they only get to play when it’s “garbage” or “blow-out” time. To prove my point, all I have to do is point to a recent youth sports study that simply stated, “82 percent of the kids surveyed said that they would rather play and lose than sit on the bench and win.” Hear ye, hear ye! All kids want to play and if they don’t get to play, they are going to quit.


Click HERE to see the Playoff Brackets!!

[UPDATED 2/20/17 with all winners highlighted]

2016-17 Champions

5&6 Girls Division 1 - Exeter Jr Hawks South

5&6 Girls Division 2 - Epping 2

5&6 Boys Division 1 - Exeter Jr Hawks West

Congratulations to all teams on a great season!!!

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Feb 25
3&4 Grade Girls
Raymond 2 @ Epping 28:30amEpping Middle School
SB1 Broyer Tribe @ SB2 Chiacchia Tribe8:30amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Epping 1 @ Raymond 19:30amRaymond (Gove) Middle School
SB3 Regis Tribe @ SB4 Rockwell Tribe10:00amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Chester @ Candia11:45amCandia
3&4 Grade Boys
Epping 1 @ Epping 29:45amEpping Middle School
Chester @ Candia 110:30amCandia
SB2 Gillis Tribe @ Raymond 110:45amGove Middle School (Raymond)
Candia 2 @ SB3 Keane Tribe10:45amSanborn Ellis School
Nottingham 3 @ Nottingham 211:30amNottingham
SB4 Pitre Tribe @ Raymond 212:00pmGove Middle School (Raymond)
Nottingham 1 @ SB5 Thompson Tribe12:00pmSanborn Ellis School
SB1 Fortin Tribe @ Raymond 31:15pmGove Middle School (Raymond)
Saturday, Mar 4
3&4 Grade Girls
SB3 Regis Tribe @ Epping 19:45amEpping Middle School
Candia @ SB4 Rockwell Tribe10:45amSanborn Ellis School
SB2 Chiacchia Tribe @ Raymond 212:00pmRaymond (Gove) Middle School
Epping 2 @ SB1 Broyer Tribe12:00pmSanborn Ellis School
Raymond 1 @ Nottingham12:45pmNottingham
3&4 Grade Boys
Nottingham 3 @ Epping 18:30amEpping Middle School
Epping 2 @ SB1 Fortin Tribe8:30amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Candia 1 @ Raymond 49:30amGove Middle School (Raymond)
SB2 Gillis Tribe @ Chester9:45amChester Academy
SB4 Pitre Tribe @ SB5 Thompson Tribe10:00amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Raymond 1 @ Candia 210:30amCandia
Raymond 3 @ Raymond 210:45amGove Middle School (Raymond)
SB3 Keane Tribe @ Nottingham 211:30amNottingham
Saturday, Mar 11
3&4 Grade Girls
Nottingham @ Epping 29:45amEpping Middle School
Raymond 2 @ SB4 Rockwell Tribe11:30amSanborn - Swasey Gym
SB1 Broyer Tribe @ Candia11:45amCandia
Chester @ Raymond 112:00pmRaymond (Gove) Middle School
SB2 Chiacchia Tribe @ SB3 Regis Tribe12:00pmSanborn Ellis School
3&4 Grade Boys
Nottingham 2 @ Epping 28:30amEpping Middle School
SB4 Pitre Tribe @ Raymond 19:30amGove Middle School (Raymond)
Raymond 2 @ SB2 Gillis Tribe10:00amSanborn - Swasey Gym
Raymond 3 @ Candia 210:30amCandia
SB1 Fortin Tribe @ Raymond 410:45amGove Middle School (Raymond)
Epping 1 @ SB3 Keane Tribe10:45amSanborn Ellis School
Chester @ Nottingham 111:30amNottingham
SB5 Thompson Tribe @ Nottingham 312:45pmNottingham

For a complete schedule listing, click here!