Last Updated: August 12, 2015

2016 Lancer Classic and Jr. Lancer Shootout! Tournament Information!

Registration for 2016 Lancer Classic and Jr. Lancer Shootout begins on

October 1st at 9AM.

The Lancer Classic is back and better than ever in 2016!  Play on the areas best fields, in a tournament that puts the experience of the players first in beautiful, historic Lewiston, New York, sitting on the Lower Niagara River and three minutes from Niagara Falls.  Announcing our 2016 Tournament

8 & Under   (Machine Pitch)                                July 21-24        $350
9 & Under   (Player Pitch, 60' LL Rules)            July 7-10           $450
10 & Under (60'/46' Little League Rules)         August 4-7          $495
11 & Under (70' PONY Rules)                              July 14-17        $595
12 & Under (70' PONY Rules)                              July 28 - 31       $595
13 & Under (90' NFHS Rules)                            July 28 - 31         $595
14 & Under (90' NFHS Rules)                               July 7-10          $595
15 & Under (90' NFHS Rules)                               July 14-17         $595
16 & Under (90' NFHS Rules)                               July 21-24         $695
 18 & Under (90' NFHS Rules)                                August 4-7      $695


Jr Lancer Shootout Dates

9 & Under (60' Little League)                June 11-12                       $345

10 & Under (60' Little League)                June 25-26                     $345

11 & Under (70' PONY Rules)                   June 18-19                    $395

12 & under (70' PONY Rules)                 June 4 -5                         $395

Our location puts us within a two hour drive of the entire Greater Toronto Area, Rochester / Monroe County, and Erie, Pennsylvania.   We are also a short drive (less than four hours) from Cleveland, OH., , Pittsburgh, PA., Detroit, MI. and Syracuse, NY.

Please click on "Hotels / Dorm Information" to view great deals from sponsor hotels and, for the COMPLETE experience, choose to stay at the brand new on-campus apartments at Niagara University, which puts you five minutes from each Lancer Classic venue and gives your kids a college experience with hotel comfort.

As returning teams can attest, Lewiston and the Lancer Classic constantly upgrade and improve the fields that we own and play on.  PLease click on "Our Fields" to view the fields you will be playing on, or use Google Earth.  Very few venues can match the quality and function of our fields.


FLEX PHOTOGRAPHY Announces Photography Services

June 3, 2015


Having trouble finding a team photo to give to your sponsors? Looking for the most professional action shots around to remember this time in your childs baseball career? Want a picture to remember where he started when he is signing his first pro contract? 

Flex Photography has announced exciting new services available for both the Jr. Lancer Shootout and the entire Lancer Classic Baseball Tournaments.  Staff photographers will be shooting the best live action shots and coolest team and individual still shots every weekend of the tournaments!  Visit their site to preview the pictures by clicking on the logo link above, or visit their tent at the Pletcher Road Park Concession Stand.

You will NOT be dissapointed!


Lewiston Baseball Announces the Jr. Lancer Shootout!

January 24, 2014


Lewiston Baseball is proud to announce our 2nd annual Jr. Lancer Shootout!

The Jr. Lancer Shootout will host all of its games exclusively at the best 60/70' Baseball Complex around, Pletcher Road Park. 


Jr. Lancer Shootout! Tournament Dates

9 & Under (60')   June 6-7    $290  (3-4 Game Guarantee) (12 Teams Max)

10 & Under (60')   June 20-21   $290   (3-4 Game Guarantee) (12 Teams Max)

11 & Under (70')      June 13-14      $325  (3-5 Game Guarantee) (12 Teams Max)

12 & Under (70')  May 30-May 31    $325 (3-5 Game Guarantee) (12 Teams Max)


Tournament Format

The Jr. Lancer Shootout! Tournament Format will be similar to the format that has made the "Lancer Classic" such a successful tournament.  Each team will play a set number of seeding games, and the teams will be slotted into "Tiers" for Sunday Championship Play.  For a complete and comprehensive look at the Tournament Format, please click on "How the Lancer Classic Works" tab on the top left of the main page.

The Jr. Lancer Shootout! is a Weekend Only event.  Teams will be scheduled to play two seeding games on Saturday, NOT Friday, and then will be seeded into Sunday Tiers based on their record.  This is a condensed version of the Lancer Classic.  This stops families from having to miss important school time (Our Priority) to attend games on school nights

Tournament Fees

The Jr. Lancer Shootout!  is priced to fit any teams budget.  Payment is due 45 days after registration, and otherwise follows the same payment procedures listed under "Payment Procedures and Refund Policy" on the main page.

Register now by clicking on the "Jr. Lancer Shootout! tab on the top right of the site in the "Register Online" box!