Last Updated: July 24, 2014

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  • Registration for 2014 Tournament begins Oct. 1
  • Payment due Feb. 15th
  • Don't Wait! Many Divisions sell out before Nov. 1
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Tournament Schedule

Friday,  Jul 25
16 & Under 90' HS Rules Showcase
Buffalo Bulls @ Northtown Tides 3:30pm Lewiston Porter JV Baseball
Rochester Diamond Dawgs @ Brampton Royals (Faruki) 3:30pm Lewiston Porter Varsity Baseball
Rochester Cougars Elite @ Erie Niagara Elite 3:30pm Washuta Park
Brampton Royals (Fascia) @ Batavia Blue Devils 5:45pm Lewiston Porter JV Baseball
Ontario Yankees @ Livingstown Devil Dogs 5:45pm Lewiston Porter Varsity Baseball
Rochester Nomads @ Ontario Cardinals 5:45pm Washuta Park
8 & Under Machine Pitch
Lakeview Lightning @ Erie Outlaws BLACK 6:00pm Pletcher Blue
Evans Eagles @ West Seneca Wolverines 6:00pm Pletcher Green
Dunkirk Little League @ Matthewson McCarthy BLACK 6:00pm Pletcher Red
Erie Outlaws SILVER @ NT Nighthawks 6:00pm Pletcher Yellow
Saturday,  Jul 26
16 & Under 90' HS Rules Showcase
Brampton Royals (Fascia) @ Sandlot Bsaeball Academy 8:30am Lewiston Porter JV Baseball
Rochester Nomads @ Clarence Knights 8:30am Lewiston Porter Varsity Baseball
Erie Niagara Elite @ Buffalo Blizzard 8:30am Niagara Wheatfield JV
Batavia Blue Devils @ Team Easton Titans 8:30am Niagara Wheatfield Varsity
Ontario Cardinals @ Lewiston Lancers 8:30am Washuta Park
Rochester Diamond Dawgs @ Buffalo Wings 10:45am Lewiston Porter JV Baseball
Rochester Cougars Elite @ LG REDS 10:45am Lewiston Porter Varsity Baseball
Ontario Yankees @ Buffalo Bulls 10:45am Niagara Wheatfield JV
Livingstown Devil Dogs @ Northtown Tides 10:45am Niagara Wheatfield Varsity
Brampton Royals (Faruki) @ Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles 10:45am Washuta Park
Ontario Cardinals @ Clarence Knights 1:00pm Lewiston Porter JV Baseball
Rochester Cougars Elite @ Buffalo Blizzard 1:00pm Lewiston Porter Varsity Baseball
Batavia Blue Devils @ Sandlot Bsaeball Academy 1:00pm Niagara Wheatfield JV
Brampton Royals (Fascia) @ Team Easton Titans 1:00pm Niagara Wheatfield Varsity
Rochester Nomads @ Lewiston Lancers 1:00pm Washuta Park
Brampton Royals (Faruki) @ Buffalo Wings 3:15pm Lewiston Porter JV Baseball
Rochester Diamond Dawgs @ Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles 3:15pm Lewiston Porter Varsity Baseball
Livingstown Devil Dogs @ Buffalo Bulls 3:15pm Niagara Wheatfield JV
Ontario Yankees @ Northtown Tides 3:15pm Niagara Wheatfield Varsity
Erie Niagara Elite @ LG REDS 3:15pm Washuta Park
8 & Under Machine Pitch
Erie Outlaws BLACK @ Lewiston Lancers 9:00am Pletcher Blue
Lakeview Lightning @ Cheektowaga Knights 9:00am Pletcher Green
West Seneca Wolverines @ North Buffalo Blaze 9:00am Pletcher Red
Evans Eagles @ Lancaster Depew RED 9:00am Pletcher Yellow
Matthewson McCarthy BLACK @ Lancaster Depew BLACK 11:15am Pletcher Blue
Dunkirk Little League @ LG Ironhorsemen RED 11:15am Pletcher Green
NT Nighthawks @ North Tonawanda Babe Ruth 11:15am Pletcher Red
Erie Outlaws SILVER @ LG Ironhorsemen BLUE 11:15am Pletcher Yellow
Lakeview Lightning @ Lewiston Lancers 1:30pm Pletcher Blue
Erie Outlaws BLACK @ Cheektowaga Knights 1:30pm Pletcher Green
Evans Eagles @ North Buffalo Blaze 1:30pm Pletcher Red
West Seneca Wolverines @ Lancaster Depew RED 1:30pm Pletcher Yellow
Dunkirk Little League @ Lancaster Depew BLACK 3:45pm Pletcher Blue
Matthewson McCarthy BLACK @ LG Ironhorsemen RED 3:45pm Pletcher Green
Erie Outlaws SILVER @ North Tonawanda Babe Ruth 3:45pm Pletcher Red
NT Nighthawks @ LG Ironhorsemen BLUE 3:45pm Pletcher Yellow

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

The Lancer Classic Baseball Tournament Series