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   Dick's Sporting Goods is a proud sponsor of the Youth Wildcat Baseball/Softball program.



Lifetime Sports Weather Information Line

When severe weather is threatening, call the Lifetime Sports Weather Line at 483-4255 after 4:00pm for game status.


Upcoming Games

Monday, Jul 25
T-Ball: Mon/Wed
Eagles Sports @ Diamondbacks6:00pmDavis #3
Tigers @ Lansing Athletics6:00pmDavis #4
Machine Pitch: Mon/Wed
Eagles Sports @ Cubs6:00pmQuentin #1
Quentin Park Sharks @ Michigan Monsters7:15pmQuentin #1
11-12 Wildcat
Diamondjaxx @ Lansing Athletics6:00pmGier #3
Lansing Mustangs @ Eagles Sports7:30pmGier #3
Tuesday, Jul 26
Machine Pitch: Tue/Thu
Lansing Athletics @ Tigers6:00pmQuentin #1
The Crushers/All Stars @ Capital City All Stars7:15pmQuentin #1
9-10 Coach Pitch
Tigers @ Eagles Sports6:00pmRanney Park
Lansing Mustangs @ Lansing Athletics7:30pmRanney Park
9-12 Girls Softball
Lansing Athletics @ Eagles Sports6:00pmWestside SB
Lady Terryars @ Lady Tigers7:15pmWestside SB
13-14 Wildcat
Lansing Sluggers @ Crusaders6:00pmElm
Eagles Sports @ Bonecrushers6:00pmSycamore

For a complete schedule listing, click here!