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LAA is proud to host the Braddock Middle School Softball team again in 2016.  

This is the Lady Warrior's 5th consecutive season in LaVale.  

Have a great season girls!  

Renovations at Holly Avenue started October 1, 2015 after 9 years of planning efforts to remediate worsening water drainage issues on the playing fields.  The project is made possible with assistance from the Allegany County Planning Department and the award of a DNR Project Open Space Grant.  The project will direct storm water around the playing fields by improving a ditch at the top of the property and reestablishing curbing along parking areas along Holly Ave.  Playing fields will also be designed to allow water to drain properly.  The same softball and soccer playing fields will be restored following excavation activities.  Fields will be oriented more efficiently to enable additional parking/ handicapped access to game viewing areas. Utilities (water, electric, and sewer) will also be extended onto the property to accommodate a future concession stand.  Utilities were lost at the recreation area in 2006 during modifications related to Streetscape. 

LAA...Who are we?

LAA is a dedicated group of volunteers & supporters that manage athletic fields and organize youth team sports including baseball, softball, soccer, football, & cheerleading in LaVale.  

The LaVale community does not have a local tax base that could support youth athletics in LaVale. LaVale youth opportunities are based on the generosity of the community and on the time, talents, and resources of our volunteers.

LAA has proudly provided youth athletics for more than 40 years in partnership with community leaders like the the Ort Family, LaVale Volunteer Fire Department, LaVale Lions Club, LaVale Civic Improvement Association, Allegany County Board of Education, and theAllegany County Government.