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Dirt Dawgs vs Braves


We are not at a loss for words whatsoever when it comes to these two teams facing off. Pat Dunn's Dirt Dawgs defected from Bill Masons then Philadelphia A's a few years back and are not sorry about it. They've owned Masons now Hartford Braves for about 3 years now. Could this week be same story different chapter or do the Braves turn it up a notch this week.


The Dawgs are deep and can do a lot with their lineup. I can only go by experience with seeing them play since the stats aren't updated, but when you got Pat Dunn, Denny Higgins, Leone, Gavlick and POY Matty Raws ginger beard on the field your chances of winning are pretty good. This team can ball. Especially when you add some sort of emotion to the game, which there is do to the history of these two teams.


Masons team can win, but they haven't had much luck against the Dirt Dawgs. They need a max effort and ALL of their players to show. If they can keep the Dawgs off the board I think they'll be right in there.. The whole Braves team needs to play as a team and forget the umps or antics and just play hard. One bad call or play doesn’t cost you a game, there are 7 innings to play!


Prediction: Dawgs take 2 here.. Braves are good, but I think the Dirt Dawgs are just to tough and too deep..
2016 Team Preview


The Two Time defending champs are back and looking to win 3 in a row. Manager Kris Sharp is excited as he can lean on his core group of guys as they all return and then some. Dillon Tagle will anchor this line up, the big catcher hits for average and power. Jordan Premick, Sean O'Hara and Mike "Back Tits" Iller makes this team very dangerous as they can play multiple positions which makes them very flexible in all aspects. Prediction: Forget the regular season, this team comes to play in the playoffs. They will finish in the top 2 this season.


Dirt Dawgs

If falling short twice in the championship doesn't piss you off, I don't know what will. This tough bunch of men will come out firing as expected this season. With POY Matt Raws leading the charge on the mound for them. The Dawgs are a scrappy group. Mike Leone and Dennis Higgins are as tough as they come when it's time to play. The only concern is that they lack power in the middle of the lineup. If well known Dan Gavlick shows, then put this team in the mix for the title.
Prediction: No one looks forward to playing this team. They are and will be a handful. Look for them to be in the top 3.



The Bucks County Bulldogs are as legit as they come. They will pose a serious threat to every team with Mike Caron leading the charge on the mound. However the bulldogs made some additions to their lineup, adding ex Camden Rivershark Greg Miller and Mike Villari who will be instant impact players. Lets not forget about 2015 league batting champ Ray Schmoltze and league MVP Mayhem Dove who can manufacture runs single handily.
Prediction: They can make a run and win it all if Caron, Dove, Schmoltze and the offense duplicates last year.



Billy Mason self proclaimed " the legend, masbrenner, Billy baseball, MVP and Billy pop ups" has a scary team. With Adrian Gonzalez, Ant Kelly, Rick Stronski and Bill Parave on this roster. They will keep them in games. However with the loss of Ryan Loughran to their rival Dirt Dawgs, can they pitch? Another question, will they show up every week? 
Prediction: The league can see them being in the 2,3 or 4 spot all year. Time will tell!



This team in the past few seasons has surprised some teams with some upsets. They'll give you a game. Veteran Dan Madonna has these boys on the right path and they will get better. They just got to stay the course. Rome wasn't built in a day. I'm excited for these guys to upset one of the big boys, as they do it every year.
Prediction: Look for them to push the pack, but eventually finishing outside the top 4.



The second year of the new look Tigers are back at it. With some losses to their team , the league senses a strong feeling this will be a year with some growing pains for manager Jarred Barnes. Don't count anyone out of the race though. The game is played between 2 white lines and anything can happen. Prediction: Someone has to finish in last place? I hope the Tigers prove the league wrong. Surprise us, please!




May 15th:
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April 17th:
Player of the Week
Jarred Crocker
2 for 2
5BB's / sac rbi / 4 runs

Pitcher of the Week
Ryan Loughran
Dirt Dawgs
Just Filthy!!! Enough Said
2016 Preseason Rankings
1) Bulldogs  (4)
2) Mudskippers (2)
3) Braves
4) Dirt Dawgs
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Sunday, Jun 5
2016 LBMBL
Dirt Dawgs @ Liberty Bell Mudskippers10:00amEastern University Field
Delaware Valley Tigers @ Hartford Braves10:00amLiberty Bell Field
Montgomery County Orioles @ Bucks County Bulldogs10:00amUpper Merion High School
Liberty Bell Mudskippers @ Dirt Dawgs12:30pmEastern University Field
Hartford Braves @ Delaware Valley Tigers12:30pmLiberty Bell Field
Bucks County Bulldogs @ Montgomery County Orioles12:30pmUpper Merion High School
Sunday, Jun 12
2016 LBMBL
Dirt Dawgs @ Bucks County Bulldogs10:00amEastern University Field
Hartford Braves @ Liberty Bell Mudskippers10:00amHartford Crossing (NJ)
Delaware Valley Tigers @ Montgomery County Orioles10:00amLiberty Bell Field
Bucks County Bulldogs @ Dirt Dawgs12:30pmEastern University Field
Liberty Bell Mudskippers @ Hartford Braves12:30pmHartford Crossing (NJ)
Montgomery County Orioles @ Delaware Valley Tigers12:30pmLiberty Bell Field
Sunday, Jun 19
2016 LBMBL
Dirt Dawgs @ Montgomery County Orioles10:00amEastern University Field
Liberty Bell Mudskippers @ Delaware Valley Tigers10:00amLiberty Bell Field
Bucks County Bulldogs @ Hartford Braves10:00amSkip Wilson Field at Temple-Ambler
Montgomery County Orioles @ Dirt Dawgs12:30pmEastern University Field
Delaware Valley Tigers @ Liberty Bell Mudskippers12:30pmLiberty Bell Field
Hartford Braves @ Bucks County Bulldogs12:30pmSkip Wilson Field at Temple-Ambler

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