The LBMBL is currently accepting new Teams into the league for the 2017 season.  If you have a team or would be interested in coaching a team please send the commish an email or call:
Kris Sharp - 215-262-3627




    2016 in Review

2016 was a great season for the LBMBL.  The league played a 21 game season. With three rounds of playoff baseball, all best of 3!  
The Bulldogs not only took home the best record during the regular season, they took home the Championship Trophy also.

Congratulations to the MVP and Cy Young award winners.  Dillan Tagle and

Miles Michnowicz. 

The All Star team played against the Pendel league in a 9 inning contest. It was a fun day with some great hitting and pitching from both leagues. We will look forward to playing them again in 2017!

Retro Jersey day was another big hit.  Many teams players were able to wear uniforms from their past during the games.  It made for some great conversation and some great laughs when some players didn't exactly fit in them any more.

2017 Preseason Rankings
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