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Game of the Week

June 28th, 2015
Monarchs VS Tigers


The game of the week between the Monarchs and Tigers has a serious impact on playoff seeding for both teams and may determine who they will be facing down the road in the quest for the cup.


The Monarchs are continuing their Dr.Jeckyll/Mr.Hyde ways at this point. One week they knock a top team and then boom look like just want to get their slushys after the game and go home. Monarch slugger Busch is batting over .500 and Donnelly appears to anchor this team on the mound when he pitches. I'm not sold that this team is ready yet.


The Expansion Tigers I feel are just taking their lumps with being a New team. Winning doesn't come overnight, and they have to establish some sort of familiarity with one another. They have talent and some big names on paper. Can it carry over to the field? Hang in there and play one inning at a time.


Prediction: series split. I think the tigers can win one with their fire power



June 14th, 2015
Tigers VS Falcons

No Dirt Dawgs, No bulldogs, Monarchs or even the Mudskippers involved in this weeks game of the week. However we got the new expansion teams in the league squaring off in this week’s action. What intrigues me about this match-up between the Falcons and Tigers is they have the potential to be solid but it’s going to come with time.
The Falcons are still battling this season under the new management of Eric Wenger.  However can they shake the early season losses and get back into this race for playoff seeding. Elijah Resnick has been pretty good coming out of the pen and SS Max Alberto can just flat out play (Yes offense and defense). Mike Borelli (former Mudskipper) is hitting .400 and is a clutch player. I would hope this young Falcon team would look to him for guidance.
First year Coach Joe Zajac has a quality team and has hung in there with big boys in the league in multiple games.  Brett Ashley, Andrew Boykin, Chris Woods and Drew Buriak can be game changers from the offensive side. My message to them, its early, you’re a young team, keep playing cause all it takes is one big one to change your season around.
Prediction: I’m calling for a split in this Match up. Whoever makes less errors and coaching will decide these games.


June 7th, 2015

Offense, pitching and defense OH MY! These two powerhouses both have them in the 2014 champs Mudskippers and the Dirt Dawgs. This is the first time these teams have met all year since they clashed in the championship last year. However , the Dirt Dawgs have a New look and I don't think they've forgotten about those heart breaking losses last year.


The Mudskippers have to stop the bleeding in the L column, if they expect to position themselves for the playoffs. They'll look to newcomer Matt Kress (St.Joe's RHP) and Dan Klem as well as Donahue and Iller to keep them in these games. I have a feeling the Mudskippers will be fully staffed and will have a lot of flexibility with their offensive line up. Dillon Tagle (5 tool player) will be the difference maker for the Mudskippers if he can get going.


The Dirt Dawgs sit at the top of the division and have been playing a scrappy brand of baseball that has led them to 9-1. Adam Oddo, Jordano Rodriguez and former league MVP Mike Leone have been causing havoc for opposing teams while standing in the batters box. Also, Matty Raws and Matt Edmonson have shown that this righty, lefty combo have been getting it done on a consistent basis.


Prediction: I see two scenarios here, if the dawgs are able to force the Mudskippers to play their style of ball, then I'm gonna say Dirt Dawgs Sweep.

If the Mudskippers can keep the Dawgs off base, then I'm thinking Mudskippers will sweep. 

I can't see a split here. Especially with the top 4 teams so close to each other.

May 31st, 2015
Braves vs Mudskippers 

Coming off Memorial day weekend , we start the mid season action with the Hartford Braves going up against the Liberty Bell Mudskippers. This looks like a 5 horse, race at this point in the season with the Monarchs nipping at everyone's heels


The Mudskippers ran into a Bulldog team in their last outing, that is starting to find their identity and gave them all they could handle. However the defending champs are the champs for a reason. Donahue, Klem, O'hara, Premick, Yankowitz are all guys that can change the outcome in any game.


My question is can Bill "Masebrenner" Mason get past the Mudskippers offense. I predicted once that they just don't have the arms to carry them to that next level. However Ryan Loughran and Ant Kelly have been solid on the mound for the Braves.  I'm up in the air with this team.


Prediction: Mudskippers sweep, I don't think they'll lose 5 out of there last 6 games. Urgency better be there if they want to keep pace with the Dirt Dawgs who are coming off a great memorial day tournament performance.


May 17th, 2015
Bulldogs vs Mudskippers

The Liberty Bell Mudskippers "Cardiac Kids" will face off against the Bucks County Bulldogs in this weeks action. I say "Cardiac Kids" because Manager Kris Sharp, who will absent this week. Has launched some major comebacks in games past.


The Mudskippers are one of the top teams in the area and are proven as they sit at the top of the division. Yantosh coming into this week's games is swinging a hot bat. However with the like of Donahue, O'Hara and new comer Dillon Tagle. This team will be very tough to put away. The projected starters for the Mudskippers this week, we assume are Iller and Klem.


The Bulldogs got back on track sweeping the Orioles before the bye week. Pitching has always been the strong point for the veteran squad, but in recent weeks the offense had been getting it done. The combo of McCollum and Dove have been quietly generating offense and driving in runs.  However these two sluggers are as streaky as they come. Which two will show up will effect the outcome of the games this weekend.


Prediction:  I'm looking at series split. The Bulldogs match up well with pitching edge going in their favor of and the offense favoring the Mudskippers.

May 3rd, 2015

Braves vs Dirt Dawgs 

     Week 4 is here and with the megafight with Pac man and Money Mayweather here, so is the match up with the Braves and Dirt Dawgs. There is no love loss with these two teams as the manager of the Braves "Bill Masebrenner Mason" used to manage many former Dirt Dawgs.

     The Braves resemble the KC Royals with their scrappy and cocky persona on the diamond which has led them to 6-0. Led by Adrian Gonzalez, Ant Kelly and veteran Joe McCabe this team turned it around from last year. Question is this, is the 60-6 beat down courtesy of the Dawgs during  last year's 4 games a distant memory or fresh in their minds.

     The Dirt Dawgs scrappiness and depth at all positions will be key in this game. Look for the little things out of the Dawgs with their core players to get the job done. Players to watch for them will be Dennis Higgins , Pat Dunn and Mike Leone. Also don't forget the depth of the bench with Alex "big daddy" Sarge.

Prediction: I don't think braves have the power arms to beat the Dirt Dawgs. I'm going with a series sweep 2-0 Dawgs.


April 26th, 2015

Monarchs vs Tigers  

The Monarchs will square off with the new look Delaware Valley Tigers. Look for these two teams to make a statement and stay out of the cellar in this early season. The keyword being EARLY.


Look for the Tigers to change some things up and finally get their offense going. Running into the Mudskippers and Braves in weeks 1 and 2 certainly was a learning experience for this new look team.


The Monarchs I will keep saying are a dangerous team lead by Mckoskey. They can take a game if you don't play 7 innings against them. Again I say, it's early and they were only tested once against the Bulldogs and also received 2 forfeit wins from the Falcons.


Prediction: I want to say Monarch sweep the Tigers, but I'm going with another series split.


April 19th, 2015

Bulldogs vs Dirt Dawgs  

This matchup and game of the week with the Bulldogs and Dirt Dawgs is nothing more than electric. Both teams have knocked each other out of the playoffs in recent years and are very familiar with each other. The teams split the season series but the Dirt Dawgs swept the 2013 defending champs Bulldogs out of the playoffs.
Forget about the Bulldog arms because they’re as advertised and will keep them in games. In the last weeks action the Bulldog offense with Rugg, Schmotze, Mcollum , Quigley and Dove (Ex Dirt Dawg) were too much to handle for improved Monarchs. Let’s see if they can maintain the momentum this week.  
The Dirt Dawgs are a very dangerous team, and can play with anyone. They welcomed the Full Armor Falcons to the league with two victories and sweeping the weekend series. With the arms of newcomer Matt Edmondson, Dave Gibson and right hander Matty Raws offense may be tough to come by. Let’s not forget Pat Dunn, Dennis Higgins, Dan Gavlick and Jordano Rodriguez who are capable of manufacturing runs by themselves.
Prediction: Series Split 1-1 but a series sweep isn’t out of the question for either team.

April 12th, 2015
Bulldogs vs Monarchs  

      This double header is the most intriguing to start off the season.  The Bulldogs finished 3rd last year and made a few off-season moves.  They not only bolstered an already incredible pitching staff, they secured up some defensive positions and added depth to their offense as well.  Last year the Bulldogs swept the Monarchs in four straight games by a total score of 30-8!  Players to watch for the Bulldogs this weekend will be McCullom, Schmoltze, and their entire pitching staff. 
     The Monarchs finished the 2014 campaign in 6th place.  Last season was an improvement over years past.  The 2015 Monarchs look a little different than their 2014 team.  They have secured up their infield and added some pitching depth.  Players to watch for the Monarchs will be Renda, Zurawski, and the arm of Busch.

 Prediction: Bulldogs sweep, but don’t look for them to completely overpower the Monarchs like years past.

  2015 Season
Player of the week:
Ray Schmoltze
5-8, 6 Runs, 6 Rbi's , 2BB

Pitcher(s) of the week:
Eric Hernandez
6 IP, 1H, 1ER, 14K's Win

Player of the week:
Bill Dove
5-6 , 3R, 7RBi's, Hr

4IP, Win
Pitcher(s) of the week:
Ryan Levito
Cg Win 3H, 1R, 8K
Matt Edmondon
Dirt Dawgs
6.2IP, 2H, 1R, 6K'S Win
Player of the week:
Dan Cymerman
6 for 6, 3 Runs, 1BB, 2 RBi's
Pitcher of the week:
Colin Dew
7 IP, 7H, 1ER, 0BB 5K's, WIN

Player of the week:
Billy Dove
6AB 3R 4H 4Rbi 2BB
3 Innings pitched in Relief, Win
Pitcher of the week:
Brian Donnely
9.2Innings Pitched, Win 4Hits, 2Runs 2ER 4BB's 12K CG Win.

Player of the week:
Jordano Rodriguez
Dirt Dawgs
3-4, 2BB's, 1 run with a double and a triple on the day

Pitcher of the week:
Matt Edmondsen
Dirt Dawgs
8 innings pitched, 6 hits, 1ER, 9ks CG Win.
Player of the week:
Drew Buriak
4-6 on the day with 2BB's
6 Stolen Bases

Pitcher of the week:
Mike Iller
5IP, 5H, 0BB, 5K's
Complete Game Shutout!

Player of the week:
Ben Chambers
4 runs scored on  2 hits and 2 walks

Pitcher of the week:
Mike Caron
7IP, 8H, 6BB, 12K's
Complete Game Shutout!
Player of the week:
Adam Oddo
Dirt Dawgs
4-7 at the plate. 4 Runs Scored, 5 Rbi's, 2BB
Pitcher of the week:
Ryan Loughran
Waiting on Stat Line

The 2015 Preseason Official Rankings are in (voted on by the managers)

1) Mudskippers (4 first place votes)
2)Dirt Dawgs (2 first place votes)
3)Bulldogs (1 first place vote)
5)Tigers (1 first place vote)

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Jul 12
2015 LBMBL
Dirt Dawgs @ Full Armor Falcons 10:00am Eastern University Field
Delaware Valley Tigers @ Hartford Braves 10:00am Interboro Baseball Field
Monarchs @ Liberty Bell Mudskippers 10:00am Liberty Bell Field
Montgomery County Orioles @ Bucks County Bulldogs 10:00am Upper Merion High School
Full Armor Falcons @ Dirt Dawgs 12:30pm Eastern University Field
Hartford Braves @ Delaware Valley Tigers 12:30pm Interboro Baseball Field
Liberty Bell Mudskippers @ Monarchs 12:30pm Liberty Bell Field
Bucks County Bulldogs @ Montgomery County Orioles 12:30pm Upper Merion High School
Sunday,  Jul 19
2015 LBMBL
Full Armor Falcons @ Hartford Braves 10:00am Archbishop Ryan High School
Dirt Dawgs @ Liberty Bell Mudskippers 10:00am Eastern University Field
Bucks County Bulldogs @ Delaware Valley Tigers 10:00am Neshaminy High School Field
Montgomery County Orioles @ Monarchs 10:00am Upper Merion High School
Hartford Braves @ Full Armor Falcons 12:30pm Archbishop Ryan High School
Liberty Bell Mudskippers @ Dirt Dawgs 12:30pm Eastern University Field
Delaware Valley Tigers @ Bucks County Bulldogs 12:30pm Neshaminy High School Field
Monarchs @ Montgomery County Orioles 12:30pm Upper Merion High School
Sunday,  Jul 26
2015 LBMBL
Full Armor Falcons @ Bucks County Bulldogs 10:00am Archbishop Ryan High School
Dirt Dawgs @ Monarchs 10:00am Eastern University Field
Hartford Braves @ Liberty Bell Mudskippers 10:00am Hartford Crossing (NJ)
Montgomery County Orioles @ Delaware Valley Tigers 10:00am Upper Merion High School
Bucks County Bulldogs @ Full Armor Falcons 12:30pm Archbishop Ryan High School
Monarchs @ Dirt Dawgs 12:30pm Eastern University Field
Liberty Bell Mudskippers @ Hartford Braves 12:30pm Hartford Crossing (NJ)
Delaware Valley Tigers @ Montgomery County Orioles 12:30pm Upper Merion High School

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