Last Updated: September 1, 2014

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  • Welcome to year 12 of the LCLYF!!!!

 Ohio University and LCLYF partnership information!! 

We have partnered with Ohio University for our players and family members to be guests of the OU football team. Click on the Ohio U. tab on the menu for ticket information. It's a great value ($7.00/tickets) and your team can form the tunnel that the OU players run through before the game. Take advantage of this; it's a short trip, a great value and the kids will remember it for a long, long time.


RULES NOTE: I amended the rules (p.4, Section 1.7.3, Playoffs) to clarify the 8-team bracket playoff system. Every year somebody makes an argument that the teams are re-seeded after every round. The LCLYF has never done that so I just clarified that it's an 8-team bracket that plays itself out with NO re-seeding.


House Bill 143: Concussions in youth sports

To all parents, coaches and league directors:

With the passage of HB143 it is incumbent on all of us to become familiar with and educated about concussions. Under the handouts tab is information that comes from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that all of you should take the time to read. It is all of our responsibilities to protect our children from harm, whether during a practice or game.

Parents: You need to read this information. I will also have a form for all of you to sign before your player can participate in the 2013 season. You should also ask your coaches (all of them) to see their certificate of completion for taking the "Heads-up Concussion in Youth Sports" on-line class. Any that don't have the certificate or didn't take the class (to its completion is not allowed to coach a practice or game in the LCLYF). I should have copies of all certificates of coaches before the July 29th or the first day of practice.

Coaches: You'd better take this seriously, it's a law. Beyond that I will suspend you for a full year if you fail at any point to follow this law entirely. This is a serious issue and we are responsible for protecting our children and you're at forefront. You see the players every day. I will support you completely if you get certified. I took the class and have my certification, it takes about 30 minutes.

Directors: You should also get certified and be aware that parents, coaches, referees and YOU can remove a player of the game. Once the player is removed he may not return to participation (game or practice) until he is cleared by a licensed health care provider. You should absolutely become educated re: HB143 as it is our responsibilities to enforce and uphold it.

Thanks to you all!


Tie breaker system:

The system will work like this:
Level I points: 5 points for every game a team wins.
Level II points: 1 point for every game that your opponents win.
Level III points: .5 points for every win by your opponents opponents.

The tie-breaker system will work as follows:
1) Total points (as tallied from above formula)
2) Head-to-head (if tied in total points)
3) Overall record (if no head-to head exists and are tied in total pts)
4) Level II ponits (if tied after above)
5) Level III ponts (if tied after above)
6) Points allowed (if tied after above)
7) Points scored (if tied after above)
8) Coin flip.

Chris Weber
Licking County League

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 6
Mini Division
Licking Heights Maroon @ Johnstown 1:00pm Johnstown
Watkins Memorial Gold @ Licking Heights Gold 1:00pm Licking Heights
Junior - Adena Division
Heath Orange @ Lakewood 1:00pm Lakewood
Northridge Green @ Johnstown 2:30pm Johnstown
Licking Valley Blue @ Licking Heights Maroon 2:45pm Licking Heights
Bruce Varner Division
Heath Brown @ Newark White 1:00pm Newark
Lakewood @ Newark Crimson 2:45pm Newark
Granville White @ Johnstown Black 4:15pm Johnstown
Watkins Memorial Black @ Licking Heights Maroon 4:30pm Licking Heights
Sunday,  Sep 7
Mini Division
Utica @ Northridge 1:00pm Northridge
Junior - Adena Division
Newark Crimson @ Watkins Memorial White 1:00pm Watkins Memorial High School
Junior - Hopewell Division
Newark White @ Heath Brown 1:00pm Heath
Utica @ Northridge Black 2:30pm Northridge
Licking Heights Gold @ Watkins Memorial Gold 2:45pm Watkins Memorial High School
Licking Valley Red @ Watkins Memorial Black 4:30pm Watkins Memorial High School
Bruce Varner Division
Newark Black @ Granville Royal 1:00pm Granville Intermediate School
Watkins Memorial Gold @ Licking Valley Blue 1:00pm Licking Valley
Newark Gray @ Granville Black 2:45pm Granville Intermediate School
Granville Navy @ Heath Orange 2:45pm Heath
Licking Heights Gold @ Licking Valley Red 2:45pm Licking Valley
Utica @ Northridge 4:15pm Northridge

For a complete schedule listing, click here!


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