• Welcome to year 15 of the LCLYF!!


Reminder: There is a $2.00 per person admission to all five championship games. The proceeds go to a local charity!!

Coaches, cheerleaders and players who appear on the program rosters will be admitted free.



Saturday (10/28) B-Flight Championships

at Licking Heights Middle School

11:00     Jerry Miller Conference B-Flight final

Licking Valley Red -vs- Utica
(Utica will occupy home side)

1:00     Bruce Varner Conference B-Flight final

Lakewood -vs- Newark Crimson
(Newark Crimson will occupy home side)


Sunday (10/29) Championships

at Lakewood High School

1:00     Mini Conference Championship
Watkins Memorial -vs- Licking Heights
(Licking Heights will occupy home side)

3:00     Jerry Miller Conference Championship
Granville Navy -vs- Watkins Memorial Gold
(WM Gold will occupy home side)

5:00     Bruce Varner Conference Championship
Licking Heights Maroon -vs- Watkins Memorial Gold
(WM Gold will occupy the home side)



For those that may not be familiar, our conferences break down as follows:

Mini Conference: 1st and 2nd grade

Jerry Miller Conference: 3rd and 4th grade

Bruce Varner Conference: 5th and 6th grade


Tie Breakers:
1)  Total Points (as calculated by formula based on wins, opponents wins & opponents/opponents wins)
2)  Head to Head (if tied in points)
3)  Overall Record (if no head to head exists and tied in points)
4)  Level II Points
5)  Level III Points
6)  Points Allowed
7)  Points Scored
8)  Coin Flip