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Season Start Up Dates/Times

Hi Parents, please note things are being put into motion as we speak.
Our volunteers are working on getting the finishing touches done on team selections and schedules.

Some division have been updated on the website others will be updated soon and emailed shortly.

Most practices for all house league divisions boys and girls start next week, May 4th.
If you don't receive an email or phone call by this weekend then please contact us so we can track you down.

Thank you.



Once again we are bringing the Toronto Blue Jays to Leamington for their Honda Instructional Clinics.
Date: Saturday, May 30th from 12pm to 4pm at the Kinsmen Diamonds.
Ages: 8-14
Cost: $45+HST

Registration for our Honda Instructional Clinics is now live.
Please let your local community know that they can now register you’re your clinic by registering online at

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  May 30
Blast Ball
POSITION/TBD @ Bluejays 9:30am D6 (1B)
POSITION/TBD @ Yankees 9:30am D6 (3B)
POSITION/TBD @ Tigers 9:30am D6 (OUTFIELD)
Rookie (House)
Dominos Pizza @ Jose's Bar and Grill 8:30am Kinsmen Diamond #2
Policella Farms @ Community Muffler 10:00am Kinsmen Diamond #2
Mosquito (House)
L3 - Leamington Collision @ L2 - Cielo Vista Farms 9:00am - 10:30am Kinsmen Diamond #1
Kingsville 2 @ Harrow 10:00am - 11:30am Harrow - Pollard Diamond
Peewee (House)
L1 - Ives Insurance @ Essex 2 10:00am Essex Arena #2
Bantam (House)
L1 - Jose's Bar and Grill @ L3 - Windsor Factory Supply Postponed Leamington Kinsmen Diamond #7
Essex 1 @ Kingsville 1 9:00pm Kingsville #6
JR Girls (House)
Kingsville #3 @ L2 - Domino's 9:00am Kinsmen Diamond #3
L1 - Reis Appliance @ L3 - Gabriele Brand Source 11:00am Kinsmen Diamond #3
Intermediate Girls (House)
Essex 1 @ L5 - Unifab Enclosures 11:00am Kinsmen Diamond #5
L5 - Unifab Enclosures @ L6 - Dominos Pizza 1:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #5
L3 - Insight Advantage @ L1 - Et Cetera Shop 3:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #5
SR Girls (House)
Harrow 2 @ L2 - Dominos 12:30pm Leamington Kinsmen Diamond #6
L4 - Naples Pizza @ Essex 3 1:00pm Essex Arena #2
Sunday,  May 31
Rookie (Travel)
Leamington Lakers @ Walker Homesites 4:00pm Walker Homesite Athletic Club
Midget (House)
Amherstburg @ Forest Glade 1:00pm Forest Glade T. Wilson
Monday,  Jun 1
Rookie (Travel)
Harrow @ Leamington Lakers 6:30pm Kinsmen Diamond #2
Mosquito (Travel)
Woodslee @ Leamington Lakers 6:15pm Kinsmen Diamond #1
Mosquito (House)
L4 - CAA @ Amherstburg 1 6:00pm - 7:30pm Amherstburg #1
L3 - Leamington Collision @ A2 - Storey/Denomme Dentistry 6:30pm - 8:00pm Amherstburg #2
PRACTICE L3 - Leamington Collision 7:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #1
PeeWee Minor (Travel)
PRACTICE Leamington Lakers 6:00pm - 8:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #3
Peewee (House)
Kingsville 2 @ Amherstburg 1 6:30pm Amherstburg #3
PRACTICE L2 - Jakait Pac 7:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #4
Bantam (House)
Kingsville 1 @ Amherstburg 1 6:30pm Amherstburg #1
JR Girls (House)
PRACTICE L4 - Jose's Bar & Grill 5:30pm Leamington Kinsmen Diamond #6
PRACTICE L3 - Gabriele Brand Source 7:00pm Leamington Kinsmen Diamond #6
Midget (House)
Amherstburg @ L1 - Source For Sports 7:30pm Leamington Kinsmen Diamond #7
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Mosquito (House)
PRACTICE L4 - CAA 7:00pm - 8:30pm Kinsmen Diamond #1
Peewee Major (Travel)
PRACTICE Leamington Lakers 6:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #4
Peewee (House)
PRACTICE L4 - Woodside Greenhouses 5:30pm Kinsmen Diamond #3
PRACTICE L1 - Ives Insurance 7:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #3
Intermediate Girls (House)
L4 - Fletcher's Cleaners @ Cottam 6:30pm Cottam Ballpark
SR Girls (House)
L2 - Dominos @ Amherstburg 1 6:30pm Amherstburg #4
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Rookie (Travel)
PRACTICE Leamington Lakers 6:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #2
Mosquito (Travel)
PRACTICE Leamington Lakers 6:00pm Kinsmen Diamond #1
PeeWee Minor (Travel)
PRACTICE Leamington Lakers 6:00pm - 8:00pm Leamington Kinsmen Diamond #6
Peewee (House)
Amherstburg 3 @ Kingsville 3 6:30pm Kingsville #1
PRACTICE L3 - Leamington Chrysler 7:00pm Mersea Park #2
Intermediate Girls (House)
L1 - Et Cetera Shop @ Essex 2 6:30pm Essex Diamond 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!