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Lewiston Travel Baseball / Softball Questions & Answers


Q: What is Travel Baseball & Softball?

A:  Travel Sports in general is meant to be learned at a faster pace for players looking to increase their exposure to the game.  The goal of Lewiston Travel is to INTRODUCE COMPETITION to young players.  In travel, players have to compete for roster spots (tryouts), playing time (with teammates), and teams are placed in highly competitive situations (Tournaments). 

Q:  What level of commitment is Travel?

A:  Google that for a million jokes!  Travel is far more expensive, and far more time consuming then our normal "house" league.  There are NO set days of playing, and tournaments often consume entire weekends.  As we have learned, it is nearly impossible to commit to TWO travel sports, and house enrollment and attendance is also mandatory for kids who wish to represent Lewiston in 2016.

A typical Baseball week would look like this:  Two days of house.  At Least one scheduled practice.  At least one scheduled game often played outside of Lewiston, OR an entire weekend (3-6 Games) in a tournament.  The majority of these tournaments are played in July and August, at the conclusion of our house program.  In addition, some teams choose to participate in tournaments where a Hotel stay is required.

If you choose travel, you are choosing a travel lifestyle that is becoming more and more the norm in Youth Sports.

Q:  When does Travel Baseball and Softball begin?

A:  Tryouts for Travel Baseball and Softball begin in August, and often rosters are finalized over the winter.  Travel teams often utilize fall months for extra instruction and practice, and then proceed directly indoors for winter workouts at least once per week.  This also involves professional instruction outside of Lewiston (Our indoor facility was defeated by referendum).

Q:  What team is my child eligible to try out for?

A:  A players league age is determined by his actual age on May 1 for Boys and January 1 for girls.  Birth range is listed for each team.  Players must try out for the team in their league age year only.  There are two exceptions to this.  1.  If there is no team available in his/ her age group.  2. If a player is eligible for 8 & Under but has already played one year of house player pitch.

Q:  Are only Lewiston Residents eligible to try out?

A;  No.  As long as players meet the House requirement for teams 12 & Under and the team meets a 50% threshold for  Lewiston players on the roster, kids from outside of Lewiston can try out with the express understanding that they have to be head and shoulders above a Lewiston players in ability if all other factors are even.  Out of Town players also have an unsubsidized (higher) fee for participation.

Q:  What if we cannot make the tryout dates?

A:  Communication is key.  It is up to the Head Coach if he/she would like to accommodate a player with another tryout or a practice invitation. 

Q:  Is my son / daughter guaranteed a spot on the team if they try out?

A:  No.  To go even further, sometimes a player with a higher ability is left off of a roster for a number of reasons.  Travel Coaches have to put together the best team available.  This sometimes is not the twelve best players.  Coaches may value position versatility, or select a player with an eagerness to fill a position of need rather than a player that will not be happy with the amount of playing time he/she will be competing for.

All coaches will look for a player with a willingness to learn, ability to adapt to multiple positions, and flexibility to work toward both personal and team goals.  They also look for kids that are 100% committed to and LOVE Baseball / Softball.

In addition, Travel Teams spend so much time together in the summer that they become extended family.  Coaches have to choose players, coaches, and families that they know will be comfortable with in stressful, competitive situations for long, grueling amounts of time.  High maintenance parents are often not chosen for this reason. 

Q:  Why play Travel?  It sounds like a nightmare!

A:  Simply put, Travel Sports sets a player on a more challenging, more enriching path in a sport that he or she loves and wants to dedicate to.  When done correctly, players learn life skills as well as sports.  There are no trophies for second place, and when a player EARNS their playing time, or a team victory, or a trophy, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of their young lives.  Bonds are often formed between players and families that can last a lifetime, formed from common interests and common enemies! Finally, players learn Risk vs. Reward.  It is impossible for a player to be protected when playing competitive sports.  They have to risk failure every time they step on the field to earn a reward.







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