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Umpires Exam

May 7, 2012
Umpires Exam
Due to a technical glitch, the Umpires Exam must be Downloaded. Answers can be emailed to in this format:
Question 1. Answer A.

Please click on the Umpires Exam link above to download the form.
Make sure you include your name on the email!

Weather Updates

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Tee Ball Year 1 Field Guide

May 12, 2011
Tee Ball Yar 1 Field and Parking Maop
Click on this link for a printable copy of the Academy Park Field Map.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday, May 6
Boys Minors
PRACTICE Mudhens5:30pmPletcher Green
PRACTICE Express5:30pmPletcher Red
PRACTICE Fighting Phils6:45pmPletcher Green
PRACTICE Grasshoppers6:45pmPletcher Red
Boys Starters
PRACTICE Blue Rocks5:30pmKiwanis South
PRACTICE Red Wings5:30pmPletcher Blue
PRACTICE Tin Caps5:30pmPletcher Yellow
PRACTICE River Dogs6:45pmPletcher Blue
PRACTICE Bees6:45pmPletcher Yellow
Girls Minors
PRACTICE Hurricanes5:30pmKiwanis North
PRACTICE Tigers6:45pmKiwanis North
PRACTICE Tar Heels6:45pmKiwanis South
Monday, May 9
Boys Majors
PRACTICE Yankees5:30pmPletcher Red
PRACTICE Orioles5:30pmPletcher Yellow
Tuesday, May 10
Boys Minors
PRACTICE Grasshoppers5:30pmPletcher Green
PRACTICE Fighting Phils5:30pmPletcher Red
PRACTICE Mudhens6:45pmPletcher Green
PRACTICE Express6:45pmPletcher Red
Boys Starters
PRACTICE Bees5:30pmKiwanis South
PRACTICE Blue Rocks5:30pmPletcher Blue
PRACTICE River Dogs5:30pmPletcher Yellow
PRACTICE Red Wings6:45pmPletcher Blue
PRACTICE Tin Caps6:45pmPletcher Yellow

For a complete schedule listing, click here!