Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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Here at our Park we strive to teach, develop, and encourage competitive sportsmanship. Our goals are to provide the opportunity for young people to develop a sense of pride and team spirit. Our Park is soley ran by Volunteers who care enough to devote considerable amounts of personal time and effort to make this park successful.






Coaches: if you have scheduled practices and do not plan on using the field please cancel by emailing

Coaches/ Team Mom Only

Please make sure each team has at least one person registered.

    Text @8c1e8

   To (770)-212-9588

        For updates on rain delays, schedule changes, field conditions and other important information

Thank You, American Pie Pizzeria for sponsoring Warren Holder Park!!!
Please go and visit American Pie Pizzeria for some great Pizza and family fun!!!
Locust Grove Baseball & Softball is ran by YOU and other volunteers...
Dugouts and surrounding areas should be clean. If you want a nice park do your part and keep it clean.
Please don't leave trash.
All Henry County Parks are a NO SMOKING facility please abide by the rules...
Disclaimer: Although Locust Grove Recreation Association attempts to ensure the integrity and accurateness of this site it makes no guarantees whatsoever as to its correctness and or accuracy. It is possible that this site could include inaccuracies or errors and that unauthorized additions, deletions, and/or alterations could have been made to the site by third parties. In the event that an inaccuracy arises, use the email link or contact a Board member so the information can be corrected. Remember we are all human…

Rec Teams
A Team that has 4 or less freezes, and will draft the rest of there players from a draft set up by Locust Grove Recreation.if you have 7 freezes you will have to Compete in the Select League.

Select Teams
Any team that Brings 5 or More Players will be a Select team(this is not based on the talent of the players).There will be no Draft for these teams. you need to bring a full team of players.

Put your kids age here to see what age group he is in


End of Year Rec Area Tournament

For Local Tournaments

Online background check


Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Oct 25
3/4 Wee Ball
Fairview @ Braves 10:00am Warren Holder Park
5/6 Coach Pitch
Ga Dawgs @ Rangers 9:00am Warren Holder Park
Rangers @ A's 10:30am Warren Holder Park
7/8 Coach Pitch
LG Jackets @ Fairview Braves 10:00am Hidden Valley Park
LG Diamond Dawgs @ Locust Grove 10:00am Warren Holder Park
LG Braves @ Fairview Marlins 11:30am Hidden Valley Park
Butts Co. Red Devils @ LG Dragons 11:30am Warren Holder Park
9/10 Rec
Ola Intimidators @ Ola Vipers 10:00am North Ola Park
LG Legends @ LG Lightning 10:00am Warren Holder Park
LG Bulldawgs @ LG Kaos 11:30am Warren Holder Park
11/12 Rec
LG Pirates @ Ola Bulls 1:00pm North Ola Park
LG Red Sox @ Ola Braves 11:30pm North Ola Park
11/12 Practice
PRACTICE Fury 9:00am Warren Holder Park
Sunday,  Oct 26
11/12 Select
LG Mud Dogs PRACTICE 2:00pm Warren Holder Park
11/12 Practice
PRACTICE Mud Dogs 2:00pm Warren Holder Park
Monday,  Oct 27
3/4 Wee Ball
Register @ Nix 6:00pm Warren Holder Park
Pirates @ Braves 7:00pm Warren Holder Park
7/8 Coach Pitch
LG Jackets PRACTICE 7:30pm Warren Holder Park
9/10 Rec
LG Kaos @ FV Tigers 6:15pm Red Hawk Complex
MYA Bulldogs @ MYA Tigers 6:15pm Richard Craig Park
MYA Mayhem @ MYA Big Stix 7:45pm Richard Craig Park
11/12 Practice
PRACTICE Pirates 6:00pm Warren Holder Park
PRACTICE Fury 7:30pm Warren Holder Park
Tuesday,  Oct 28
3/4 Wee Ball
Pirates @ Indians 6:00pm Warren Holder Park
Red Sox @ Register 7:00pm Warren Holder Park
5/6 Coach Pitch
A's @ Outlaws 6:00pm Warren Holder Park
Braves @ Bullpen 7:30pm Warren Holder Park
7/8 Coach Pitch
LG Bullpen @ LG Jackets 6:15pm Warren Holder Park
Locust Grove @ Butts Co. Red Devils 6:30pm Butts County
LG Dragons @ LG Braves 7:45pm Warren Holder Park
9/10 Select
Team Precision @ MYA Mustangs 6:15pm Richard Craig Park
Ola Outlaws @ FCA Warriors 7:45pm North Ola Park
9/10 Rec
Ola Vipers @ Ola Intimidators 6:15pm North Ola Park
LG Kaos @ LG Bulldawgs 6:15pm Warren Holder Park
MYA Tigers @ MYA Bulldogs 7:45pm Richard Craig Park
LG Lightning @ LG Legends 7:45pm Warren Holder Park
11/12 Select
MYA Wildcats @ OlaSpartans 6:15pm North Ola Park
FCA Titans @ Bullpen Hitmen 6:15pm Richard Craig Park
Gamers Brown @ LG Mud Dogs 6:15pm Warren Holder Park
Hampton Wild Hogs @ Gamers Morris 7:45pm Richard Craig Park
11/12 Rec
Fairview Braves @ Hampton Express 6:15pm R. C. Coley Park
Ola Braves @ Ola Bulls 7:45pm North Ola Park
Hampton Braves @ LG Fury 7:45pm Warren Holder Park
13/14 REC
Ola Wildcats @ MYA Braves 6:15pm Richard Craig Park
Ola Bulldogs @ B.C. Red Devils #2 6:30pm Butts County
Fairview Blues @ Hampton Astros 8:00pm R. C. Coley Park
B.C. Red Devils #1 @ LG Braves 8:00pm Warren Holder Park
Wednesday,  Oct 29
11/12 Practice
PRACTICE Gamers RWB 6:00pm Warren Holder Park
PRACTICE Red Sox 7:30pm Warren Holder Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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