Last Updated: June 28, 2016



Game day update for Thursday 6/23/16

All games will be played as scheduled! 





Fall Ball sign ups are going on now until July 31. $50 per girl. 10 games. Double headers played on Sunday's during September and early October.

Sign ups are primarily online but some in person sign ups will be offered at Martens Park. Check out our Facebook page for those availabilities.




The 8u Rec Tournament Starts Monday 6/20





All Coaches and Assistants

The LGSA and the State Of Ohio require that all coaches and assistant coaches complete an approved concussion awareness training course.  This is a free online course and takes about 30 minutes.  Please follow this link for the course  Once completed, please be sure to send a copy to us or to your division coordinator.  This must be completed before the start of the season.  This is a very serious issue in youth sports.  Please help us keep our children safe!







About Us:                        
The LGSA is a non-profit & 501C3 certified entity.  The LGSA consists of a 100% volunteer board/members (of 10-17 members) donating their time and effort to support and promote youth softball in the Lancaster area.  The LGSA hosts 2 yearly recreational youth softball seasons, several all-star tournaments & 4-6 travel softball tournaments each year.  With over 60 rec teams and close to 700 players every year, the LGSA is a LARGE operation. Coed ages 4-6 & Girls from the age 7 through 18 participate in the LGSA.  During the Regular LGSA season, the LGSA League tournaments plus our travel tournaments the LGSA will host over 800 softball games yearly. 
ASA Insured & Sanctioned:                    
The LGSA, it's teams and players are insured and sanctioned under the ASA (Amateur Softball Association).  The umpires used are also certified ASA umpires with years of experience.
LGSA Complex(s)                      
Martens Park and Lancaster Parks & Rec has hosted the LGSA for over 20 years. The concession stand, shelter house, outfield fences, split rail fence, side fences, backstop improvements, dugouts, paving of dugouts, scoreboards, sponsor board, storage buildings, electrical improvements have all been paid for and put in place by the LGSA.  The LGSA has it's own diamond "rig", tractor, golf cart and many pieces of field maintenance equipment. This enables games to be played at Martens when other parks cancel.  This is done with proceeds from registrations, tournaments and the concession stand proceeds.  It should be noted that once improvements are completed they become property of the City of Lancaster Parks Department.  We also have limited access to Maher Park, Miller Park and Mary Burnum Park Fields.
LGSA Re-Investment / Recent Major Projects        
2013 - $20,000 - 125 Tons of Field dirt & Field Improvements Completed (Martens & Maher Parks)          
2013 - $2,000 - Metal dugout roofs installed (Martens Park 4 fields)              
2014 - $10,000 - Fence Installations & repairs (Martens & Maher Parks)              
2014 - $10,000 - Purchase Kabota Tractor                  
2015 - $30,000 - Martens Park Concession Stand Remodel & Security System Installation          
2015 - $2,000 - Maher Park field #9 - New metal dugout benches installed            
Lancaster Parks and Recreations                  
Lancaster Parks and Recreations has partnered with the LGSA for over 20 yrs.  Without their support as well as the city of Lancaster, the LGSA wouldn't exist and thrive like it does today.  Together we make a best in class recreational softball program in Lancaster.  Lancaster Parks & Rec provide the fields, trash removal, landscaping, restrooms, water, power, parking, storage, manpower, equipment (as needed), etc to assist the LGSA with running our league and keeping our softball fields/parks best in the State.
Players and Communities involved in the LGSA                
The League is open to players from Fairfield and Surrounding counties and we have players from the following communities participating in the LGSA: Lancaster, Bremen, Amanda, Logan, Rockbridge, Rushville, Pleasantville, Circleville, Laurelville, Baltimore, Carroll, Johnstown, Newark, Grove City, Thornville, Enterprise, Sugar Grove, Millersport, Canal Winchester and Columbus.
Divisions & Player Ages (Division based on player's age on Jan 1st of current year)          
6u ages 4-6 Coach Pitch & T-Ball                  
8u ages 7-8 Coach Pitch                  
10u ages 9-10 Player Pitch                  
12u ages 11-12 Player Pitch                  
High School ages 13-18 Player Pitch                  
Note: players can elect to play up 1 division if desired                  
Season(s):       Register Starts Ends Cost Includes      
Spring Recreational Season (ages 4-12) Jan-Mar April June $75 ($65 for 6u) Uniforms, Team Batting Helmets, Team Catcher's gear, Coaches & Umpires
Spring Recreational Season (ages 13-18) Jan-Apr May July $75 Uniforms, Team Batting Helmets, Team Catcher's gear, Coaches & Umpires
Fall Recreational Season (ages 7-14) Jun-Jul Aug Sep $50 Uniforms, Team Batting Helmets, Team Catcher's gear, Coaches & Umpires






Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, Jun 30
HS Division (Red)
BU (Probasco) @ Jackson County7:30pmBerne Union
HS Division (Blue)
BU (Probasco) @ Clay6:00pmBerne Union
Tuesday, Jul 5
HS Division (Blue)
Bobcats (Hollett) @ Lady Crush (Widener)5:30pmMartens # 5
Logan (Cox) @ Fusion (Vickroy)5:30pmMartens # 7
Bayless @ Daniels5:30pmMartens # 6
Bobcats (Hollett) @ Clay7:00pmMartens # 5
BU (Probasco) @ Fusion (Vickroy)7:00pmMartens # 7
Jackson County @ Bailey's Painting & Drywall7:00pmMartens # 6
Thursday, Jul 7
HS Division (Red)
Clay @ Bayless5:30pmMartens # 5
Daniels @ Bobcats (Hollett)5:30pmMartens # 8
Bailey's Painting & Drywall @ Logan (Cox)5:30pmMartens # 6
Bailey's Painting & Drywall @ BU (Probasco)7:00pmMartens # 5
Logan (Cox) @ Bayless7:00pmMartens # 8
HS Division (Blue)
Lady Crush (Widener) @ Fusion (Vickroy)5:30pmMartens # 7
Daniels @ Clay7:00pmMartens # 7
Jackson County @ Lady Crush (Widener)7:00pmMartens # 6
Monday, Jul 11
HS Division (Red)
Daniels @ Logan (Cox)5:30pmMartens # 6
Bobcats (Hollett) @ Bayless7:00pmMartens # 5
HS Division (Blue)
Bayless @ Clay5:30pmMartens # 5
Logan (Cox) @ Fusion (Vickroy)7:00pmMartens # 7
Lady Crush (Widener) @ Daniels7:00pmMartens # 8
Bailey's Painting & Drywall @ Clay7:00pmMartens # 6
Tuesday, Jul 12
HS Division (Red)
BU (Probasco) @ Bayless6:00pmBerne Union
HS Division (Blue)
BU (Probasco) @ Bailey's Painting & Drywall7:30pmBerne Union
Wednesday, Jul 13
HS Division (Red)
Jackson County @ Bobcats (Hollett)5:30pmMartens # 5
BU (Probasco) @ Bobcats (Hollett)7:00pmMartens # 5
Lady Crush (Widener) @ Jackson County7:00pmMartens # 7
HS Division (Blue)
Bayless @ Bailey's Painting & Drywall5:30pmMartens # 6
Logan (Cox) @ Clay7:00pmMartens # 8
Bayless @ Fusion (Vickroy)7:00pmMartens # 6
Thursday, Jul 14
HS Division (Red)
Daniels @ Jackson County5:30pmMartens # 5
Fusion (Vickroy) @ Jackson County7:00pmMartens # 5
Logan (Cox) @ Bobcats (Hollett)7:00pmMartens # 6
HS Division (Blue)
Bobcats (Hollett) @ Fusion (Vickroy)5:30pmMartens # 6
BU (Probasco) @ Lady Crush (Widener)7:00pmMartens # 7
Sunday, Jul 17
HS Division (Blue)
Logan (Cox) @ Daniels7:00pmMartens # 8
Monday, Jul 18
HS Division (Red)
Jackson County @ Bayless7:00pmMartens # 5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!