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Long Hill Baseball and Softball  - 2015 Key Dates

        Field Clean-Up Day - March 28 - 9 AM start

      Opening Day for Games - April 13

      3rd Annual Opening Day Parade - April 18

      6th Annual Gala - April 24  

      Baseball and Softball Games - April through Early June

      Championship / Fireworks - June 13

Changes to Baseball and Softball Programs


Major Boys will be playing in a 50/70 format for this Spring.

The 50/70 format is a bridge to transition from the traditional 46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths to the modified baseball field using a 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot base paths. This helps the players with their future transition to the 60-foot 6-inch pitching distance and 90-foot base paths on which they typically play beginning at age 13 and older. 50/70 baseball allows for a more complete baseball experience, offering many changes that help players develop the full complement of baseball skills, as well as makes for a more exciting game experience.  In addition to field dimensions mentioned above, some of the other changes for 50/70 over 46/60 includes: Runners may take leads, balks and pickoffs are allowed, pitchers will learn to pitch from the stretch to hold runners on base.

Major boys is open to all 5th and 6th graders and 7th graders who do not turn 13 until after April 30, 2015.


Softball will be broken down into the following Divisions:

Instructional Girls (K and 1st Grade - All LH teams, played at LHLL Complex) 

Minor Girls (2nd and 3rd Grade - Separate LH, Warren, Watchung and Green Brook (WWG) Teams, played at LHLL Complex and WWG Fields)

Major Girls (4th and 5th Grade - Separate LH, Warren, Watchung and Green Brook (WWG) Teams, played at LHLL Complex and WWG Fields)

Senior Girls (6th, 7th and 8th Grade - Integrated teams between LH, Warren, Watchung and Green Brook (WWG), played at LHLL Complex and WWG Fields) 

American Field Renovations


The American Field has been renovated this Fall with a new grass infield along with modifications to allow for conversion from a 46/60 to a 50/70 field.  Progress pictures are below:



The weekly practice schedule will be posted inside the snack shack every other Sunday at 12:00, for practices the following Monday through the second Sunday.  The schedule will be for two weeks.  To allow enough week day practice time for everyone, please do not book week day practices for both weeks (every other week is fine).  If by Thursday you notice that there are still many open practice slots, you can go ahead and book a consecutive week practice.  Weekend slots are always available.



Latest Information Including Rainouts

To receive up to date information on all Little League activities, including rainouts and more add your E-Mail address to our group mail.
In the event of rain, phone number for cancellation information is:

Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Apr 19
Pee Wee
Mets @ Royals 4:30pm AMERICAN
Instructional Boys
Yankees @ A's 2:30pm AMERICAN
Angels @ Mets 2:30pm NATIONAL
Game @ 10U - DeMizio 2:00pm Meyersville
Game @ 10U - DeMizio 4:00pm Meyersville
Instructional Girls
Lightning @ Comets 12:30pm AMERICAN
Sharks @ Diamonds 12:30pm NATIONAL
Monday,  Apr 20
Minor Boys
Yankees @ A's 5:45pm AMERICAN
Minor Girls
Red Devils @ Sharks 6:00pm NATIONAL
Emeralds @ Lightning 6:00pm SENIOR
Comets @ Cyclones 6:00pm Warren - M1
Belles @ Thunder 6:00pm Warren - M2
Major Boys
Angels @ Yankees 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Mets @ Royals 7:30pm Warren - M6
Tuesday,  Apr 21
Major Girls
Cyclones @ Emeralds 6:00pm Warren - M1
Senior Boys
Giants @ Yankees 7:30pm Warren - M6
Senior Girls
Comets @ Red Devils 6:00pm AMERICAN
Sharks @ Diamonds 8:00pm AMERICAN
Wednesday,  Apr 22
Pee Wee
Yankees @ Mets 6:00pm SENIOR
Minor Boys
Mets @ Angels 5:45pm NATIONAL
Minor Girls
Belles @ Sharks 6:00pm AMERICAN
Cyclones @ Red Devils 6:00pm SENIOR
Hurricanes @ Emeralds 6:00pm Warren - M1
Major Boys
Angels @ A's 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Royals @ Angels 7:30pm Warren - M6
Thursday,  Apr 23
Major Girls
Hurricanes @ Belles 6:00pm AMERICAN
Red Devils @ Diamonds 6:00pm NATIONAL
Sharks @ Thunder 6:00pm Warren - M1
Comets @ Cyclones 6:00pm Warren - M2
Senior Boys
Mets @ Giants 7:30pm Warren - M6
Senior Girls
Sharks @ Belles 8:00pm AMERICAN
Red Devils @ Lightning 8:00pm Warren - M1
Saturday,  Apr 25
Game @ 14U - Russotti 6:00pm Meyersville
Game @ 10UA - Raymond 8:00pm Meyersville
Minor Boys
Green Brook @ Yankees 10:00am AMERICAN
Angels @ Green Brook 10:00am Green Brook - Lions
A's @ Green Brook 10:00am Green Brook - Roth Field
Green Brook @ Mets 10:00am NATIONAL
Minor Girls
Thunder @ Cyclones 9:00am Warren - M1
Emeralds @ Hurricanes 9:00am Warren - M2
Comets @ Belles 2:00pm AMERICAN
Sharks @ Lightning 2:00pm NATIONAL
Major Girls
Emeralds @ Cyclones 11:00am Warren - M1
Hurricanes @ Red Devils 11:00am Warren - M2
Sharks @ Comets 4:00pm AMERICAN
Belles @ Diamonds 4:00pm NATIONAL
Senior Boys
A's @ Yankees 9:00am SENIOR
Angels @ Mets 11:30am SENIOR
Giants @ Royals 2:00pm SENIOR
Senior Girls
Diamonds @ Lightning 12:00pm AMERICAN
Belles @ Red Devils 12:00pm NATIONAL
Sunday,  Apr 26
Pee Wee
Yankees @ Royals 4:30pm AMERICAN
Instructional Boys
A's @ Angels 5:15pm NATIONAL
Mets @ Royals 5:15pm SENIOR
Game @ 10UA - Raymond 10:00am SENIOR
Instructional Girls
Comets @ Sharks 12:30pm AMERICAN
Diamonds @ Lightning 12:30pm NATIONAL
Monday,  Apr 27
Minor Boys
Yankees @ Angels 5:45pm AMERICAN
Minor Girls
Red Devils @ Comets 6:00pm NATIONAL
Lightning @ Hurricanes 6:00pm SENIOR
Sharks @ Thunder 6:00pm Warren - M1
Cyclones @ Belles 6:00pm Warren - M2
Major Boys
A's @ Yankees 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Giants @ A's 7:30pm Warren - M6
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Major Girls
Comets @ Thunder 6:00pm AMERICAN
Emeralds @ Diamonds 6:00pm Warren - M1
Senior Boys
Yankees @ Royals 7:30pm Warren - M6
Senior Girls
Sharks @ Red Devils 6:00pm NATIONAL
Lightning @ Comets 8:00pm AMERICAN
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Pee Wee
Royals @ Mets 6:00pm SENIOR
Minor Boys
A's @ Mets 5:45pm NATIONAL
Minor Girls
Belles @ Red Devils 6:00pm AMERICAN
Emeralds @ Sharks 6:00pm Warren - M1
Major Boys
Yankees @ Angels 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Angels @ Giants 7:30pm Warren - M6

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Friday,  Apr 24
Saturday,  Jun 13
Championship Day

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