• 2017 LRSL Closing Day - Saturday, May 6th at Sierra View!!



2017 LRSL Championship Week is here!!

  Location     Monday May 1st   Tuesday May 2nd   Thursday May 4th   Saturday May 6th  
      Game 1       8U   Game 1        10U      Game 2       10U   Sierra View North  
Sierra View North   6:00pm Little Legends -W vs Wildcats

Neon Knights vs Lady Legends -W

  Lady Legends -W vs All-Stars 9:00am      Game 3         10U   

Neon Knight vs All-Stars  

             11:00am     Game 4       10U  

10U Championship

Lady Legends vs Winner Game 3



      Game 2        8U   Game 3        8U      Game 4       8U        Sierra View South  
  Sierra View South   6:00pm   Cherry Bombs vs Wolfpack -W  Wildcats -W vs Cherry Bombs   Little Legends -W vs Wolfpack 9:00am       Game 5       8U     Wolfpack vs. Wildcats  
            11:00am     Game 6       8U     Loser Game 5 vs. Cherry Bombs  

1:00pm       Game 7        8U  

  8U Championship

Little Legends vs. Winner Game 5

              Ranchos Middle School  
        Game 1       12U     Game 2       12U  

Game 3

12U Championship 

  Ranchos Middle School   6:00pm     Ice 0-1 vs Chili Peppers -W 1-0  6:30 pm Chili Peppers 1-1 vs Ice -W 1-1  6:30pm Ice vs Chili Peppers  


Team listed first occupies Third Base dugout.                       Pre-game Coin flip to decide home/away.                                   Championship games are single elimination/winner takes all. 

  8U Brackets          
  Little Legends          
               Gm    #1 SVS   Little Legends      
                           Gm   #4 SVS   Little Legends    
  Cherry Bombs
                Gm   #2 SVS  Wolfpack      
 Wolfpack                                        Gm  #7 SVS  
                        ** Winner Takes All**                    Champions
                            Gm  #3 SVS  Wildcats                                                 
  Cherry Bombs                                     Gm  #5 SVS  Winner Gm  #5  
         Cherry Bombs  
                   Consolation    Gm #6 SVS  
         Loser Gm #5  


 10U Brackets          
  Neon Knights
                 Gm #1 SVN    Lady Legends
  Lady Legends
                           Gm #2 SVN   Lady Legends    
                                         Gm #4 SVN                        Champions             
     Neon Knights
                  ** Winner Takes All**  
                           Gm #3 SVN   Winner Gm #3                                                

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