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FALL 2015

Fall Registration being taken NOW!

Plan your Fall with LONGVIEW RECREATION!!!!


Check out the Fall Guide.  Click here for Fall Guide 


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Seahawk Poker walk/Run

Saturday September 12th 

12:00PM Lake Sacajawea 

Elks building 2121 Kessler.  

Free for all 12th man fans! 

$5 5K 

Saturday September 19th 

9:00AM Archie Anderson Park 

20th and Alabama 


Moonlight run 

Friday September 25th 

6:15 PM Mint Valley golf Course 

$10.00/ $3.00 youth 10 and under 

Pumpkin Pi 3.14 mile run/walk 

Saturday October 31st 

10:31 AM Willow Grove park 

$10.00. $15.00 long sleeve shirt 

Pre registration required for t-shirts 

Turkey Trot 2015 

Thursday November 26th 

8:30 AM Lake Sacajawea 

Lions Shelter 18th and Nichols 

$8.00 before Nov 1.  $10.00 Nov 2- Race day 

$10.00 T-shirts, $15.00 Tech shirts or long sleeves 


Call to register 360-442-5400



Longview Recreation


Recreation Office, 2920 Douglas St or call
(360) 442-5400

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Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Feb 10
Winter basketball 2016 LOWER
Club 360 @ Red Leaf7:15pmCascade Middle School
ILWU 21 @ Wrecking Ballers8:10pmCascade Middle School
Rip City @ Guildy as charged9:05pmCascade Middle School
Thursday, Feb 11
Winter basketball 2016 LOWER
Red Leaf @ Paper Makers7:15pmMt Solo Middle School
Winter Basketball 2016 UPPER
Premature Shooters @ Leitz Out7:15pmMonticello Middle School
Jasper Creek @ Ringers8:10pmMonticello Middle School
Incredibles @ Flamers8:10pmMt Solo Middle School
Flint Tropics @ Skinny Winners9:05pmMonticello Middle School
Riflemen @ SCAWS9:05pmMt Solo Middle School
Wednesday, Feb 17
Winter basketball 2016 LOWER
Rip City @ Simba's Pride7:15pmCascade Middle School
Purple Rain @ Club 3609:05pmCascade Middle School
Winter Basketball 2016 UPPER
Jasper Creek @ Incredibles8:10pmCascade Middle School
Thursday, Feb 18
Winter basketball 2016 LOWER
ILWU 21 @ Wildboyz7:15pmMt Solo Middle School
Club 360 @ Paper Makers8:10pmMt Solo Middle School
Red Leaf @ Guildy as charged9:05pmMt Solo Middle School
Winter Basketball 2016 UPPER
Skinny Winners @ Leitz Out8:10pmMt Solo Middle School
Riflemen @ Ringers9:05pmMt Solo Middle School
Monday, Feb 22
Winter basketball 2016 LOWER
Red Leaf @ Simba's Pride7:15pmMt Solo Middle School
Wrecking Ballers @ Club 3608:10pmMt Solo Middle School
ILWU 21 @ Rip City9:05pmMonticello Middle School
Purple Rain @ Wildboyz9:05pmMt Solo Middle School
Winter Basketball 2016 UPPER
Flint Tropics @ SCAWS7:15pmMonticello Middle School
Premature Shooters @ Flamers8:10pmMonticello Middle School
Wednesday, Feb 24
Winter Basketball 2016 UPPER
Leitz Out @ Flint Tropics7:15pmCascade Middle School
Riflemen @ Incredibles8:10pmCascade Middle School
Premature Shooters @ Jasper Creek9:05pmCascade Middle School
Thursday, Feb 25
Winter basketball 2016 LOWER
Club 360 @ Guildy as charged7:15pmMonticello Middle School
Paper Makers @ Simba's Pride8:10pmMonticello Middle School
Purple Rain @ Rip City9:05pmMonticello Middle School
Wrecking Ballers @ Wildboyz9:05pmMt Solo Middle School
Winter Basketball 2016 UPPER
SCAWS @ Ringers7:15pmMt Solo Middle School
Skinny Winners @ Flamers8:10pmMt Solo Middle School
Thursday, Mar 3
Winter Basketball 2016 UPPER
Flint Tropics @ Ringers7:15pmMonticello Middle School
Leitz Out @ Flamers7:15pmMt Solo Middle School
SCAWS @ Incredibles8:10pmMonticello Middle School
Skinny Winners @ Jasper Creek8:10pmMt Solo Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!