Last Updated: July 22, 2014

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  • London Ontario Soccer League
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  • Please Email Your Scores and Goal Scorers to....
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London Ontario Soccer League

(Formerly the London Industrial Soccer League)

2014 Season Update


JULY 31, 2014


- You can only dress and play a maximum of 18 player per game.
- Cleats can be worn at the BMO Center.
- Substitutions can be done on your own throw ins.
- Don't forget to email your score in right after your game.

Please email your scores including the goal scorers to
If it is not done within 24 hours, a 3 point deduction will be enforced.


Please fill out the game sheets thoroughly

including the game numbers.

St. Georges Club

Please do not warm up in the goal mouth area as the Club wants to perserve the goal crease area as best as they can.

Curinga Club

Please wait for the groundskeeper to open up the gate and do not hop the fence.


Thank you for your continuous assistance by ensuring ALL garbage is picked up after your games, both on the city and private club fields!!

Night Games

Every team playing a night game at the City Wide fields is responsible to ensure that the lights are turned off after the game. The City of London has advised that the fine for leaving the lights on all night is $250. This fine will be divided between the 4 teams scheduled on those fields if this incident occurs again. Please remember to turn them off!

Score Reporting

Please email your scores including the goal scorers to
If it is not done within 24 hours, a 3 point deduction will be enforced.

There is a zero tolerance for ineligible players and any team caught using them will have all games forfeited. Additional suspensions and/or fines may also be enforced.

Any player included on the game sheet will be considered as having played in the game.

If in doubt, please contact the league executive. It is your responsibility to keep track of all your players cards and sit them accordingly. Also, as advised in previous years....only players registered as recreational players are eligible to play in this league. No competitive registered players are eligible to play in this league (ex. WOSL)


A zero tolerance rule is in effect for alcohol consumption at the soccer fields or their parking lots. Teams caught breaking these rules will be removed from the league. It is illegal to be consuming alcohol on city property and the league has been notified by the city that our contract for field rentals is at jeopardy should there be any more occurences.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Jul 24
Premier Division
Africa Carib United @ Espanyol FC 6:30pm BMO Centre
Electro @ Tyco 6:30pm Chelsea
United Kutz @ Napoli 6:30pm Scotia Park
Hydras @ Whitehills FC 6:30pm St. George's Club West
1st Division
The Big Green @ Oxford Dodge 6:30pm Polish Club (second)
Donnybrook FC @ Three Lions FC 8:30pm BMO Centre
2nd Division
Espanyol FC 2 @ London Impact Postponed North London #3
3rd Division
Standard Deviants @ Steel Horse FC 6:30pm Polish Club (main)
Friday,  Jul 25
1st Division
S.L. Bebadoes @ Xperienx FC 6:30pm City Wide #1
2nd Division
LCR Warriors @ London Alliance 6:30pm Chelsea
519 @ London Portuguese 6:30pm City Wide #2
3rd Division
The Wanderers @ Forest City Impact 6:30pm Mitches Park
Wolves @ Oakridge FC 6:30pm St. George's Club West
Monday,  Jul 28
Premier Division
Tyco @ United Kutz 6:30pm Chelsea
Whitehills FC @ Electro 6:30pm Polish Club (main)
Napoli @ Africa Carib United 6:30pm St. George's Club East
Upper Canada Rebellion @ Hydras 8:30pm BMO Centre
1st Division
Xperienx FC @ The Big Green 6:30pm North London #3
Oxford Dodge @ London Irish 6:30pm St. George's Club West
Three Lions FC @ S.L. Bebadoes 8:30pm West Lions
2nd Division
519 @ London Impact 6:30pm Scotia Park
Biomech @ London Alliance 8:30pm Hellenic Center
LCR Warriors @ Espanyol FC 2 8:30pm North London #2
3rd Division
Forest City Impact @ Standard Deviants 6:30pm City Wide #1
Steel Horse FC @ Wolves 6:30pm Curinga
Oakridge FC @ The Wanderers 6:30pm Polish Club (second)
Thursday,  Jul 31
Premier Division
United Kutz @ Whitehills FC 6:30pm North London #3
Africa Carib United @ Tyco 6:30pm St. George's Club East
Espanyol FC @ Napoli 6:30pm St. George's Club West
Electro @ Upper Canada Rebellion 8:30pm BMO Centre
1st Division
The Big Green @ Three Lions FC 6:30pm BMO Centre
S.L. Bebadoes @ Donnybrook FC 6:30pm Chelsea
London Irish @ Xperienx FC 6:30pm Greenway #2
2nd Division
Espanyol FC 2 @ 519 6:30pm Polish Club (main)
London Alliance @ London Portuguese 6:30pm Polish Club (second)
London Impact @ Biomech 6:30pm Scotia Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

London Ontario Soccer League

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