• LYFL Cheer meeting 9/13 @6:30pm Central High School.
  • The LYFL does not permit firearms at our games.
  • Playoff and Championship locations and times updated on site.
  • LYFL Championship North, Central ,Sr. and Finish Strong times coming soon.
  • Finish Strong Games on Oct. 22, 2017




Mighty mites: Champion Shively Seminoles 13 over Louisville Patriots 7

Pee Wees: Champion Louisville Patriots 14 over Highview Mustangs 6

Juniors: Champion Highview Mustangs 13 over LSA Lions 7

Seniors: Champion The City 20 over The Spartans 7



Mighty mites: Champion Fairdale Bulldogs 6 over PCC Bears 0

Pee Wees: Champion Fairdale Bulldogs 29 over Southend Dragons 0

Juniors: Champion ELS Eagles 20 over Southend Dragons 18



Mighty mites: Champion Lyndon Lightning 18 over Shelbyville Storm 12

Pee Wees: Champion Oldham County Tigers 21 over Shelbyville Storm 0

Juniors: Champion South Dixie Spartans 25 over Shelbyville Storm 6






South Division @ CAL 10/28:                                                (First team listed is home team and has chains)

12:30pm MM PCC Bears vs Fairdale Bulldogs

2:00pm PW Southend Dragons vs Fairdale Bulldogs

3:30pm JR ELS Eagles vs Southend Dragons


Central Division @ Trinity High School 10/29:

1:00pm MM Lyndon Ligthning vs Shelbyville Storm

3:00pm PW Oldham County Tigers vs Shelbyville Storm

5:00pm JR South Dixie Spartans vs Shelbyville Storm


North Division @ Trinity High School 10/28:

9:00am MM Louisville Patriots vs Shively Seminoles

11:00am PW Louisville Patriots vs Highview Mustangs

1:00pm JR LSA Lions vs Highview Mustangs

3:00pm SR The City vs The Spartans




Finish Strong Championship and LYFL Playoff Results

Finish Strong Champions:

South Mighty Mites: Fern Creek Tigers       Central Mighty Mites: Hikes Point Lobos    North Mighty Mites: Highview Mustangs

South Pee Wee: ELS Eagles                       Central Pee Wee 1: Hikes Point Lobos      North Pee Wee :Shively Seminoles

South Juniors: Spenser County Stallions     Central Pee Wee 2: South Dixie Spartans    North Juniors: Louisville Packers

                                                                     Central Juniors: Lyndon Lightning

South Playoff Results:

MM: Fairdale Bulldogs 21 over Spenser County Stallions 8

MM: PCC 25 over Southend Dragons 0

PW: Fairdale Bulldogs 14 over PCC 12

PW: Southend Dragons 30 over CAL 0

JR: Southend Dragons 13 over CAL 0

JR: ELS Eagles 37 over Fairdale Bulldogs 6  


Central Playoff Results:

MM: Shelbyville Storm 19 over Derby City 0

MM: Lyndon Lightning 39 over Oldham County Tigers 6

PW: Oldham County Tigers 7 over J-Town Bulldogs 0

PW: Shelbyville Storm 26 over Franklin County Rams 7

JR: Shelbyville Storm 7 over Franklin County rams 0

JR: South Dixie Spartans 19 over Derby City Cardinals 13


North Playoff Results:

MM: Shively Seminoles 26 over Louisville Packers 13

MM: Louisville Patriots 25 over Louisville Broncos 0

PW: Highview Mustangs 19 over Louisville Jaguars 6

PW: Louisville Patriots 12 over LSA Lions 7

JR:  Highview Mustangs 33 over Louisville Jaguars 18

JR: LSA Lions 35 over Shively Seminoles 0

SR: Spartans 43 over Northern Kentucky Hawkeyes 0

SR: The City 28 over The Golden Gorillas 0 



The purpose of the Louisville Youth Football League is to place each child first. We will provide the children of the Louisville area with quality instructional football and cheer programs which develop character, a sense of responsibility, promote teamwork, develop self-esteem and promote good citizenship in our participants.  



LYFL 2017 Playoffs, Finish Strong and Championships Info

 The Louisville Youth Football League's play offs are scheduled for the North & Central at St.X on Oct. 21 & 22. The North and SR teams will play on Saturday Oct. 21 while the Central will play on Sunday Oct. 22. The North & Senior Championships will be at Trinity on Oct.28 while the Central Championships will be at Trinity on Oct. 29.

 The South will have it's play offs at CAL on Oct. 21 and the South Championships on Oct. 28 at CAL.

This should ensure that all LYFL kids have the opportunity to play on turf fields this season.

The Finish Strong Games will be played Oct. 22 with the North pee wee, North mites and South divisions playing at Shawnee high school. The other Finish Strong site is Skyview Park with the Central division (both pee wee games) and North Junior game.


South Division Playoffs & Championship  times at CAL:

10/21 LYFL South playoffs                                                         10/28 LYFL South Championships

09:00am 2 vs 3 seed Mighty mites                                              12:30pm Mighty mites   

10:30am 1 vs 4 seed Mighty mites                                               2:00pm Pee Wee                                           

Noon 2 vs 3 seed Pee wee                                                           3:30pm Junior                              

1:30pm 1 vs 4 seed Pee wee                                                       

3:00pm 2 vs 3 seed Junior

4:30pm 1 vs 4 seed Junior


North, Central and Senior playoff times at St.X:

10/21 LYFL North and Sr. Playoffs                                             

9:00am North 2 vs 3 seed Mighty mites                                         10:30am North 1 vs 4 seed Mighty mites

12 noon North 2 vs 3 seed Pee Wee                                             1:30pm North 1 vs 4 seed Pee Wee

3:00pm North 2 vs 3 seed Junior                                                    4:30pm North 1 vs 4 seed Junior

6:00pm 2 vs 3 seed Senior                                                             7:30pm 1 vs 4 seed Senior


10/22 LYFL Central Playoffs:

12 noon Central 2 vs 3 seed Mighty mites                                      1:30pm Central 1 vs 4 seed Mighty mites

3:00pm Central 2 vs 3 seed Pee wee                                             4:30pm Central 1 vs 4 seed Pee wee

6:00pm Central 2 vs 3 seed Junior                                                 7:30pm Central 1 vs 4 seed Junior. 


Finish Strong championships Oct.22:

Shawnee High school                                                                      Skyview park

Noon. South mighty mites #5 Vs #6                                                Noon Central mighty mites #5 Vs #6

1:30pm North mighty mites #5 vs #6                                               1:30pm Central Pee wee #5 Vs #6

3:00pm South Pee wee #5 Vs #6                                                    3:00pm Central Pee wee #7 vs #8

4:30pm North Pee wee #5 Vs #6                                                     4:30pm Central JR #5 Vs #6

6:00pm South JR #5 Vs #6                                                               6:00pm North JR #5 Vs #6



March 1 - On Line Signups

March 1- Deadline to Declare Home Field and AD Contact

April 29- 1st Cluster On Site Sign Ups

May 13- 2nd Cluster On Site Sign Ups

June 24th New Cluster Orientation-St.Stephen 9am & 1pm

June 24-25th LYFL 20% Off Dicks Sporting Goods Day

June 26- 1st Day of Practice (Helmets & Shorts)

July 5th- 1st Day of Practice (Full Gear)

August 4th, 5th & 6th- LYFL Pigskin Classic

August 24th- Make up Weigh In

October 21st & 22nd- LYFL Playoffs

October 28th & 29th- LYFL Championship Games

November 12th- LYFL Cheer Competition

Proud Sponsors of the LYFL


Shively Seminoles

Christian Academy Louisville Centurions

Louisville Lions

South Dixie Spartans

Franklin County Rams

St. Stephen Bulldogs

Louisville Packers

Southend Dragons

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Hikes Point Lobos

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ELS Eagles

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Fern Creek Tigers

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Oldham County Tigers

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Louisville Broncos

Spencer County Stallions

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The safety of our staff, kids and fans is very important to us. Each league is required to have a police/peace officer on site during all games. We also observe a "Zero Tolerance" rule against all disruptive behavior at our games and events. Firearms are not allowed at any LYFL activity.

We have cheer for our girls and a major competition each season.