Last Updated: April 12, 2014

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Memory Bricks
Welcome to the Home of the La Porte Boys Baseball Association.
We welcome participation of boys and girls ages 4 - 16.
Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that your experience is an enjoyable one. 
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Make up games are posted under rain out schedules





You can upload your team's schedules to your I-phone with a few simple clicks. On the left hand side click on schedule. Go to your team and click Subscribe (ical). Click on schedule and a pop up window will come up and just hit subscribe.


Every year La Porte Boys Baseball reaches out to businesses and individuals for support and sponsorship of our teams. They help to provide uniforms, equipment, and upgrades to our facilities, allowing us to keep registration cost down. LPBBA as we know it would not be possible without the sponsorship from the companies and individuals that so graciously give to this organization. Sometimes we lose sight of that and take it for granted.

The 2012 board of directors would like to thank those companies and individuals for giving unselfishly to help us provide a place for our children to call their ball park. Our hope is to help promote the patronage of their business while at the same time providing the children of our community a safe environment in which to develop mentally, physically, and socially. Our children are making lasting memories with the help of these businesses. Their small commitment and donation to our organization is much bigger than they could ever imagine. Some are own peers that we see everyday and others are companies that we work for or frequently visit.

The LPBBA Board of Directors asks you, as parents, as family members, as friends, of those children that enjoy the benefits of these silent providers, that if you see a sponsor, or visit their business, tell them thank you. Those simple words coming from you could help them understand how grateful we are. When making a decision between two companies or restaurants, support them as they have done our community and your children. They have helped us make this organization one we can all be proud of and call our own and for that, we say....



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Board Meeting

The LPBBA Board meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 at the La Quinta on East Boulevard.


Anyone who would like to receive a copy of the minutes from any meeting may do so by clicking here.

Memory Bricks


This is a great way to honor individuals or groups.

Our project will be a moving tribute that will last a lifetime and add intangible benefits to the community.


These bricks will be placed at Pecan Park off of Canada Street in La Porte, Texas.


If you have any questions or would like to see a sample of a brick, please contact Pamela Baldwin @  

 281/930-1441 or by email at            


Brick sizes

4 x 8 – $55.00

8 x 8  - $ 85.00



Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Apr 17
Astros @ Indians 5:45pm Field 9
Cubs @ Pirates 6:30pm Field 9
Rockies @ Cubs 6:00pm Field 10
Astros @ Pirates 7:30pm Field 10
Giants @ Astros 6:00pm Field 1
Phillies @ Orioles 6:00pm Field 2
Yankees @ Cubs 6:00pm Field 3
Tigers @ Phillies 6:00pm Field 4
Angels @ Diamondbacks 6:00pm Field 8
Tide @ Aggies 6:00pm Field 5
Gamecocks @ Tigers 6:00pm Field 6
Monday,  Apr 21
Indians @ Cardinals 6:00pm Field 10
White Sox @ Angels 6:00pm Field 9
Orioles @ Astros 6:00pm Field 1
Giants @ Rangers 6:00pm Field 2
A's @ Yankees 6:00pm Field 3
Pirates @ Tigers 6:00pm Field 4
A's @ Mets 6:00pm Field 7
Phillies @ Diamondbacks 6:00pm Field 8
Aggies @ Gamecocks 6:00pm Field 5
Owls @ Tigers 8:00pm Field 5
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Pirates @ Astros 5:45pm Field 10
Cardinals @ Phillies 5:45pm Field 9
Rockies @ Giants 6:30pm Field 10
Phillies @ Yankees 6:30pm Field 9
Yankees @ Braves 6:00pm Field 1
Cubs @ Mariners 6:00pm Field 3
Rangers @ Astros 6:00pm Field 4
Angels @ Astros 6:00pm Field 7
Cowboys @ Aggies 6:00pm Field 5
Owls @ Sooners 6:00pm Field 6
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Astros @ Dodgers 6:00pm Field 9
Mariners @ Phillies 6:00pm Field 1
Astros @ Pirates 6:00pm Field 3
Mariners @ Phillies 6:00pm Field 4
A's @ Diamondbacks 6:00pm Field 8
Tigers @ Tide 6:00pm Field 6
Thursday,  Apr 24
Indians @ Rangers 5:45pm Field 10
Cubs @ Yankees 5:45pm Field 9
Cubs @ Pirates 6:30pm Field 10
Rangers @ Orioles 6:30pm Field 9
Cubs @ Mets 6:00pm Field 1
Pirates @ Braves 6:00pm Field 2
Rangers @ Yankees 6:00pm Field 3
A's @ Tigers 6:00pm Field 4
Phillies @ Astros 6:00pm Field 7
Angels @ Mets 6:00pm Field 8
Sooners @ Tide 6:00pm Field 5
Cowboys @ Gamecocks 6:00pm Field 6
Monday,  Apr 28
Rockies @ Dodgers 6:00pm Field 10
Giants @ Phillies 6:00pm Field 9
Rangers @ Pirates 7:30pm Field 10
Yankees @ Cardinals 7:30pm Field 9
Braves @ Astros 6:00pm Field 1
Pirates @ Giants 6:00pm Field 2
Cubs @ Orioles 7:30pm Field 1
Tigers @ A's 6:00pm Field 3
Pirates @ Astros 6:00pm Field 4
Diamondbacks @ A's 6:00pm Field 7
Astros @ Phillies 6:00pm Field 8
Owls @ Aggies 6:00pm Field 5
Tigers @ Sooners 6:00pm Field 6

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  May 14
Board Meeting 6:30pm La Quinta Inn
Wednesday,  Jun 11
Board Meeting 6:30pm La Quinta Inn
Wednesday,  Jul 9
Board Meeting 6:30pm La Quinta Inn
Wednesday,  Aug 13
Board Meeting 6:30pm La Quinta Inn
Wednesday,  Sep 10
Board Meeting 6:30pm La Quinta Inn

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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