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Picture Form

Parents and Coaches,

Follow the link for the picture form and other important documents.

Important Documents

Coach/Team Mom Registration

We understand there has been some difficulty registering as a volunteer. We are currently experiencing some issues with our registration website. Please use the following link to register as a Coach or Team Mom.

 Coach Registration

Important Dates

As we begin ramping up for the regular season, keep in mind there are some important things that need to be done while we're getting started:

February 25th - Mandatory Coaches Clinic at Minute Maid Park (One representative from each team is required to attend) 

February 26th - Mandatory Team Mom meeting (One representative from each team is required to attend) 

March 2-4 - Preseason Tournament

March 24th - Opening Day Ceremonies (Games for Bronco and Pony)

March 25th - Opening Day games for all other divisions

Late Registration

Registration is still open, and will remain until halfway through the spring season. Fundraising can now also be paid online. You must bring your receipt showing you paid in order to receive your raffle tickets. Raffle tickets must be turned in no later than March 23rd. Click Here to Register.


2018 Age Determination Chart

Sponsorship Information

If you would like to Sponsor La Porte Boys Baseball Association Please click here  and create an account and register for the Sponsorship League you can make a payment with a credit card or debit card for other forms of payment or questions please Contact Amberley Boggs her contact information is under the contacts page.  


The following changes have been made to the LPBBA By-Laws for the 2018 Spring season:

Age Date Cutoff

The age cut off will change from May 1st to September 1st for all divisions to correspond with the LPISD grade level designation.


Infielders must remain on the dirt until contact with ball is made by the batter.  


Infielders must remain on the dirt until contact with ball is made by the batter.  

Field Status
Farrington Field 1
Farrington Field 2
Farrington Field 3
Farrington Field 4
Pecan Park Field 1
Pecan Park Field 10
Pecan Park Field 2
Pecan Park Field 3
Pecan Park Field 4
Pecan Park Field 5
Pecan Park Field 6
Pecan Park Field 7
Pecan Park Field 8
Pecan Park Field 9