Last Updated: April 29, 2016

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  • Welcome to LTYBA!
  • Congratulations to 2015 Major Champs The Razor's Edge
  • Congratulations to 2015 Minors Champs DL Grace
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Razor's Edge - 2015 LTYBA Majors Champions
DL Grace - 2015 LTYBA Minors Champions
2015 Season Ending HR Champions




Joseph Fye Memorial Field

In Memory of Dr. Joseph Fye 

Dr. Fye’s vision, leadership, and extraordinary work ethic in this league’s early years remains the foundation for providing a safe and fun learning experience for our youth through the game of baseball.









Schedule of Games

Saturday, Apr 30
Major League
Peterman's Florist @ Gieg Law Offices1:00pmFye
Razor's Edge @ Barton's Plumbing3:00pmFye
Sheetz @ Dave McCloskey Remodeling7:00pmFye
Minor League
Angle Construction @ DL Grace5:00pmFye
Sunday, May 1
Minor League
David Walter Builder @ State Farm - Tammy Kehr1:00pmFye
Angle Construction @ McCloskey Builders3:00pmFye
Monday, May 2
Major League
Dave McCloskey Remodeling @ Razor's Edge5:30pmFye
Sheetz @ Cumming Motors7:30pmFye
Wednesday, May 4
Major League
Razor's Edge @ Gieg Law Offices5:30pmFye
Barton's Plumbing @ Peterman's Florist7:30pmFye
Thursday, May 5
Minor League
McCloskey Builders @ David Walter Builder5:30pmFye
Friday, May 6
Major League
Barton's Plumbing @ Cumming Motors7:30pmFye
Minor League
State Farm - Tammy Kehr @ DL Grace5:30pmFye
Saturday, May 7
Major League
Gieg Law Offices @ Sheetz1:00pmFye
Dave McCloskey Remodeling @ Peterman's Florist3:00pmFye
Minor League
Angle Construction @ David Walter Builder5:00pmFye
Sunday, May 8
Minor League
McCloskey Builders @ State Farm - Tammy Kehr1:00pmFye
DL Grace @ David Walter Builder3:00pmFye
Monday, May 9
Major League
Peterman's Florist @ Sheetz5:30pmFye
Cumming Motors @ Razor's Edge7:30pmFye
Wednesday, May 11
Major League
Sheetz @ Barton's Plumbing5:30pmFye
Gieg Law Offices @ Dave McCloskey Remodeling7:30pmFye

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