Last Updated: March 25, 2017
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Super Bowl at R S Central High School



 2016 MAC Conference Superbowl Champions


5-6: Rutherfordton Raiders

7-8: Gaston County Mustangs

9-10: Gaston County Mustangs

11-12: East Rutherford Cavaliers








The Mid-Atlantic Carolinas (MAC) conference is comprised of a group of independent associations with the intent to provide the highest quality football and cheerleading league, as well as provide low cost programming for the communities we serve. Each association in the MAC conference believe that anything built for the children should be solely for the benefit of the children we serve as well as to support the individual organizations that devote their time and effort to ensure our children are respected, educated and nutured while in the safest environment possible. Each orgnaization has the opportunity to send three representatives on the conference to vote and have a voice in the direction of the MAC conference as a whole. No "ONE" organization is more important or more valuable than the "WHOLE". Each association is a separate entity and functions as such including but not limited to structuring, programming, philosophy and coaching techniques. Regardless of how each association is structured and ran, we all have the same common goal - to provide a good, honest athletic program in our communities that puts the children in our programs and in our communities as first priority.


The MAC) Conference is a member of the American Youth Football (AYF) organization. AYF is the largest youth football and cheerleading program in the nation. AYF provides teams the opportunity to play at both a regional and national level, with eight national divisions and sponsorship from great companies/organizations including but not limited to: NFL, Under Armour, Riddell, Field Turf, Team Cheer and many more. The MAC conference is aligned to the Atlantic Region in AYF which consists of teams from Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. National championships are held each year in Orlando, FL. Each of the current teams participating in MAC have attended and participated in National Competition either for football or cheerleading.