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Effective Immediately (Spring 2016 & All Future Program Seasons/Sessions): All volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches and team parents) representing a Carroll County Recreation and Parks sponsored Recreation Council is required to have a background check and must be cleared prior to starting the season.  No background check, no volunteerism allowed.  Once you have completed your background check immediately forward a picture, with name, position, and council information to  This will allow them to create your photo volunteer ID, which MUST be worn at ALL times while volunteering.  If you are not wearing your id you will not be allowed on to volunteer.  Completed ID's will be mailed to the address on the completed background check. 

For all information about the “Carroll County Department Of Recreation And Parks Volunteer Background Check Program”, go to:


To complete the background check online, go to:




9U Blue Sox Team

The 9U Blue Sox participated in the Youth Baseball Nationals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during the first week of July.  They finished the week as runner-up in the tournament posting a 7 and 1 record only falling to Southern California who is pictured with our Blue Sox players here.  During pool play and bracket play en route to the championship game with So Cal they defeated teams from New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and Ohio.  Three players from the Blue Sox were also elected to the Nationals All Star game - selections were made by the coaching staff of the opposing teams based on the week of games which they coached against the Blue Sox.  Blue Sox players selected for All Stars:  Daniel Reynolds, Cobly Howdyshell, Liam Ziegenfuss.



9U Blue Sox Team

Winner of the 2017 9th Annual Bring
The Heat Tournament, 
Hershey, PA.

Front Row:  Liam Ziegenfuss, Tanner Robertson, Grady Magin, Ryan Noel, Aaron Barnes, Ben McGrew, Thomas McGrew, Cayden Murray
Back Row:  Gavin Larson, Daniel Reynolds, Colby Howdyshell





9U Blue Sox Team

Runner-Up MMU Battle of the Bats Tournament, Frederick, MD.

Front Row: Tanner Robertson, Aaron Barnes, Gavin Larson, Cayden Murray
Back Row:  Grady Magin, Liam Ziegenfuss, Thomas McGrew, Colby Howdyshell, Daniel Reynolds, Ryan Noel, Ben McGrew



13U Blue Sox Team

Winner of the 2017 Armed Forces Slugest Tournament, Frederick, MD.

Front Row:  Daultin Fissel, Tyler Miller, Tyler Leahy, Brennan James, Ryan Scott
Second Row:  Matthew Reynolds, Ty Cromer, Jake Ingle, Josh Berzonski, John Quigley, Adam Hickey
Back Row: (coaches) Chip Hickey, Rich Berzonski, Jr Miller, Bob Quigley, Jeff Scott

 9U Blue Sox Team

Runner-Up Armed Forces Slugest Tournament, Frederick, MD.

Front Row:  Thomas McGrew, Tanner Robertson, Gavin Larson, Aaron Barnes, Ryan Noel, Ben McGrew
Back Row:  Liam Ziegenfuss, Colby Howdyshell, Grady Magin, Cayden Murray, Daniel Reynolds, 


9U Blue Sox Team

Winner of the 2017 Maryland Stars & Strikes TournamentElkridge, MD

Pictured (from left to right)
Front Row:  Thomas McGrew, Gavin Larson, Aaron Barnes, Cayden Murray  
Back Row:  Liam Ziegenfuss, Grady Magin, Colby Howdyshell, Ben McGrew, Ryan Noel, Daniel Reynolds  Not Pictured:  Tanner Robertson  

 9U Blue Sox Team

Winner of the (B-Bracket) Upper Chesapeake Baseball Festival Summer ClassicHarford, MD

Picture (from left to right)
Top Row:  Liam Ziegenfuss, Grady Magin, Colby Howdyshell, Gavin Larson, Daniel Reynolds
Bottom Row:  Aaron Barnes, Ben McGrew, Cayden Murray, Tanner Robertson, Ryan Noel, Thomas McGrew

9U Blue Sox Team

Runner up at the 9th Annual Cap Classic in Pittsburgh, PA

Pictured (from left to right)
Bottom Row:  Aidan Hoffman, Tanner Robertson, Ryan Noel, Aaron Barnes, Ben McGrew, Gavin Larson
Top Row:  Cayden Murray, Liam Ziegenfuss, Colby Howdyshell, Daniel Reynolds, Thomas McGrew



12U Blue Sox Team

3-1 in the 2017 Essex Father's Day Classic, Essex, MD.

Front row left to right: Aiden O'Bryant, Tyler Vonella, Kamden Estes, Alex Mattson, Dustin Barnard, Adam Bryant
Back row left to right; Sean Dietz, Matthew Livingston, Tony Wennell, Bode Griffin, VJ Perricone, Ben Coleman, Brady Brathuhn
Missing from photo is Andy Geldmacher








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