Last Updated: July 22, 2016
Today is:  Friday,   July  22,  2016


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Attention MASA teams,

Over the last week or two the the fields have been a mess after games. 
Please clean up all cans and garbage and throw them away properly.

Thank you,
MASA Board

Attention MASA,
Teams, please remember if your playing a opponent for the 3rd and final time
or the 5th and final time that the Home/Away is settled with a double coin flip
at home before the game.  This will only be for some divisions.
 MASA will no longer be accepting any add-on's unless it is accompanied with a doctor's note.
Bat stickers:
New stickers will be required for ALL bats this year. This is to eliminate any overly dented or cracked bats.  Please save yourself time and remove all current MASA stickers.
Fill out a Bat sticker request and I will contact you ASAP and set up a time.
Bat Flipping: 
The flipping of a bat upon completion of a player’s time at bat is strongly discouraged by the MASA Board.  As all players should be aware, a player willfully throwing a bat faces an automatic ejection.  For bat flipping, the MASA Board is instructing game umpires to use their judgment as to a bat flip action which could be construed as throwing the bat.  If an umpire, in his/her judgment determines a bat flip to being akin to the throwing of a bat, said batter will face immediate ejection.  Also, if a flipped bat strikes any participant, including an umpire, said player will face immediate ejection.

 For the 2016 season, the team winning 1st place in their division or 1st place in the playoffs will be automatically moving up a division the following year. If the team holds 60% of returning roster.  This will be used with the 2015 standings. Teams adding players from a higher division could also see a bump as well. Please also note that the 2nd place teams will be in consideration as well.


Any questions please email the board at



Upcoming Games

Monday, Jul 25
A Division
Peruti Properties @ King Kutz7:30pmBen Nessing Field 1
Scotty O'Boyles @ 2312 Sports/DPC8:30pmBen Nessing Field 1
B Division
Silver Mill Tours @ Warriors7:15pmBen Nessing Field 2
W$M Con$truction @ Silver Mill Tours8:30pmBen Nessing Field 2
D-1 Division
Mr. Bentley's @ Lombardo's Barber Shop6:00pmBen Nessing Field 2
Quality Time @ Grace Fellowship Church6:00pmColumbus Park 1
Thirsty Knights @ X-Clusive Cuts6:00pmColumbus Park 2
Mercury Instrument @ Grace Fellowship Church7:15pmColumbus Park 1
Tainos @ Caguitas Hornets8:30pmColumbus Park 1
D-2 Division
Ryder's Orphans @ Red Room Grill6:00pmBen Nessing Field 1
A.J.'s Oasis @ Little John Movers7:15pmColumbus Park 2
Sonic @ Di-El Tool8:30pmColumbus Park 2
Tuesday, Jul 26
C-1 Division
B.N.L./Dunkin Donuts @ Carabetta Construction7:15pmBen Nessing Field 1
Godman Energy Group @ Vi's Pizza/Neil's Donuts/Uncle D's8:30pmBen Nessing Field 1
C-2 Division
Gionfriddo's Fine Men's Clothing @ Krystal Kleer/Dental Group of Meriden & Wlfd7:15pmColumbus Park 1
Meriden PBA @ Liberty Lagana8:30pmColumbus Park 1
Women's Division
Meriden Manufacturing @ Surgical Associates/Dr. Metzger6:30pmBen Nessing Field 2
Quality Time @ Mid-State Painting7:30pmBen Nessing Field 2
Thursday, Jul 28
C-1 Division
Vi's Pizza/Neil's Donuts/Uncle D's @ Godman Energy Group7:15pmColumbus Park 1
Carabetta Construction @ B.N.L./Dunkin Donuts8:30pmColumbus Park 1
C-2 Division
Liberty Lagana @ Meriden PBA7:15pmBen Nessing Field 1
Krystal Kleer/Dental Group of Meriden & Wlfd @ Gionfriddo's Fine Men's Clothing8:30pmBen Nessing Field 1
Women's Division
Mid-State Painting @ Quality Time6:30pmBen Nessing Field 2
Surgical Associates/Dr. Metzger @ Meriden Manufacturing7:30pmBen Nessing Field 2
Friday, Jul 29
A Division
Peruti Properties @ Mid-State Painting8:30pmColumbus Park 2
B Division
W$M Con$truction @ Tubby McThirsty's7:15pmBen Nessing Field 2
Tubby McThirsty's @ W$M Con$truction8:30pmBen Nessing Field 2
D-1 Division
Quality Time @ Mr. Bentley's6:00pmBen Nessing Field 1
Tainos @ Thirsty Knights6:00pmBen Nessing Field 2
Mr. Bentley's @ Caguitas Hornets7:15pmBen Nessing Field 1
Quality Time @ X-Clusive Cuts8:30pmBen Nessing Field 1
D-2 Division
Village Barn @ Maloney's Pub6:00pmColumbus Park 1
Danby's @ Sonic6:00pmColumbus Park 2
Roden Landscaping @ Ryder's Orphans7:15pmColumbus Park 1
Red Room Grill @ A.J.'s Oasis7:15pmColumbus Park 2
Little John Movers @ Maloney's Pub8:30pmColumbus Park 1
Monday, Aug 1
A Division
Peruti Properties @ Mid-State Painting7:30pmColumbus Park 1
D-1 Division
Lombardo's Barber Shop @ Caguitas Hornets6:00pmBen Nessing Field 1
Mr. Bentley's @ Thirsty Knights6:00pmBen Nessing Field 2
Mercury Instrument @ X-Clusive Cuts7:15pmBen Nessing Field 1
Quality Time @ Tainos7:15pmBen Nessing Field 2
Caguitas Hornets @ Quality Time8:30pmBen Nessing Field 1
D-2 Division
Little John Movers @ Maloney's Pub8:30pmBen Nessing Field 2
Di-El Tool @ Village Barn8:30pmColumbus Park 1

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