Last Updated: March 26, 2015
  • Men's ID Night -- Tuesday March 31st 6pm -- American Legion
  • Women's ID Night & Men's makeup -- Thursday April 2nd 6pm -- American Legion
Today is: Tuesday,   March  17, 2015

2015 MASA Division's are now posted
2015 MASA Rules & Regs. are now posted 
2015 MASA Bat List is now posted

Season begins:  April 13th

ID Night:  Men's: Tuesday  March 31st -- American Legion
                 Womens & Men's make up :  Thursday  April 2nd -- American Legion

Division Nights:

Monday & Friday:  A, B, D-1, D-2 Divisions
Tuesday & Thursday: C-1, C-2, Womens Divisions
Wednesday: Makeups

All bats must have a orange MASA Approved Bat sticker.
The green sticker is no longer valid.
1) Fill out a bat sticker request and I shall contact you in a timely manner and
     will set up a time/place to meet.


2) Stop at one of my games:  Mid-State Painting

Thank you,
Dan Terribile -- MASA Board