Last Updated: January 25, 2016
Today is:   Wednesday  December 2,  2015
Here are some new things for 2016 MASA Softball

 For the 2016 season, the men's A games and women's games will start at 6:30 and remain at 7 innings per game.

  For the 2016 season, the men's B through D-2 games will start at 6:00 and remain at 9 innings.
  If the B through D-2 divisions want to start at 6:30, the games will drop to 7 innings.
  If the MASA Board gets enough feedback from members of B through D-2 on wanting the 6:30 start time, we will make the change.
  For the 2016 season, the team winning 1st place in their division & 1st place in the playoffs will be automaticlly moving up a division the following year. If the team holds 60% of returning roster.  This will be used with the 2015 standings. Please also note that the 2nd place teams will be in consideration as well.
 This year roster forms available on the website will be interactive, meaning they can be filled out and then printed. 
**Not accessable yet, hopefully by the new year**
This should stop the receipt
of rosters which are not legible.  A reminder to all teams, you must present the roster on the team signup/team rep. night.

Any questions please email the board at

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Doug Wedge
MASA Chairman


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