Last Updated: February 19, 2017
Today is:  Sunday,   February 19,  2017

The 2017 Rules & Regs will be posted ASAP, also the
Bat List for 2017.

MASA is celebrating it's 35th season this year.

Here is the 2017 information.

Team Registration Night

Date: Tuesday, March 14th
Time:   6:30pm
Place: To be determined

1) Please have your roster COMPLETLY filled out & your COMPLETE entry fee on this night. 
2) MASA will go over the rules & regs. A person from each team is required to be in attendance for the meeting.
3) ATTENTION WOMEN'S TEAMS: The topic for switching to the 11" smaller ball will be discussed. 
ID Night

Date: Tuesday, April 4th  (Men)
          Thursday, April 6th (Women & Men's makeups)
Place: American Legion
Time: will be given to each team at registration night

Entry Fee

A Division:  $1,000 -- no roster eligibility restrictions
B Division - D2 Division:  $800  -- 3 out of towners allowed at $50 each
Women's Division:  $800  -- no roster eligibility restrictions

Softballs & Scorebooks included


Monday: A, B, D1, D2
Tuesday: C1, C2, Women
Wednesday: MAKEUPS
Thursday: C1, C2, Women
Friday: A, B, D1, D2

If you're new to the league or have any immediate questions, 
please contact MASA.

Bat Flipping:
The flipping of a bat upon completion of a player’s time at bat is strongly discouraged by the MASA Board.  As all players should be aware, a player willfully throwing a bat faces an automatic ejection.  For bat flipping, the MASA Board is instructing game umpires to use their judgment as to a bat flip action which could be construed as throwing the bat.  If an umpire, in his/her judgment determines a bat flip to being akin to the throwing of a bat, said batter will face immediate ejection.  Also, if a flipped bat strikes any participant, including an umpire, said player will face immediate ejection.

 For the 2016 season, the team winning 1st place in their division or 1st place in the playoffs will be automatically moving up a division the following year. If the team holds 60% of returning roster.  This will be used with the 2015 standings. Teams adding players from a higher division could also see a bump as well. Please also note that the 2nd place teams will be in consideration as well.


Any questions please email the board at