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Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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Fall Baseball Clinic with the Pros!

On Saturday, October 18th, Montgomery Baseball League held a spectacular free clinic for our 3rd through 6th grade Fall Ball players at the McKnight Baseball Complex. The clinic - hosted by Johnny Rooney and Steve Perone of the JR Hit and Run Academy - featured skills, drills, and games.  What made this clinic unique and extra special was that Coaches Rooney and Perone were assisted by three professional baseball players. Josh Prevost (New York Mets), Mike Ford (New York Yankees), and Jon Prosinski (Philadelphia Phillies) – all former Montgomery Baseball players (at the MBL and Montgomery High School level) – also spent time talking to our young players about their experiences getting to and playing in professional baseball.  This was a great day and a great experience for all involved. 


Free Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic for Coaches at OKCC

If you are considering coaching your child in baseball (Rec or Travel) this season, the league and town require you to complete the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic.  In addition to insight about effective coaching and safety practices, this protects volunteer coaches from civil lawsuits.  Attending the clinic once provides each participant lifetime coverage and adult membership in the YRSC. 

For those who have not attended but want to coach (or have been coaching but have not yet taken the clinic), a Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic will be offered here in Montgomery on Thursday, November 20th from 7:00-10:00 PM at the Otto Kaufmann Community Center and is FREE for Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill residents.  If you are interested in coaching, but have not completed this course, please plan to attend.  To register, please contact the OKCC.  For more information, click on the "Coach Training Requirements" link on the left nav bar.



2015 Travel Team Tryout Dates Announced


Click HERE for details about our 2015 Travel Team Tryout Dates posted on our Travel baseball website!



MBL Board of Directors Elections - Seeking Board Member Volunteers for the 2015 Season

The Montgomery Baseball League is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization; we cannot operate without active participation from the community.  As such, we are actively seeking volunteers to serve on the 2015 MBL Board of Directors.

We seek volunteers who are committed to the entire league - across all age groups - and can make decisions for the benefit of the entire program and not just a single age group or division.  We look for members who can not only dedicate their time to the program, but who also have the ability to recruit other volunteers to work with them in their respective area.  While being an active MBL Board member has a certain degree of responsibility, it is also a very rewarding experience and well worth your time.

Each year we seek to retain a number of our existing volunteers to ensure continuity in our program while at the same time attracting new board members to bring in new ideas and energy, and to represent our younger player generations.  All Board positions are open for election each year (with the exception of the role of “Past President”) and we know that several existing board members will be retiring and not seeking re-election this year, so we encourage you to seriously consider joining the Board. 

In addition to our existing 11 Board positions, for the 2015 season MBL will be increasing their Board positions to 13 as we will be adding two (2) additional Board positions to better increase community involvement.  While those new roles are still being defined, they will be cross-functional positions with a primary focus on Special Events Planning and Player Registration & Retention (if needed additional details will be provided upon request).

There are 12 different Board position available and open to election that will allow you to contribute time in an area that interests you most. (As noted above the 2015 MBL Board will consist of 13 Board members including the “Past President” position)

Positions include:

      •      President
      •      VP- Cal Ripken Divisions 
      •      VP- Babe Ruth Divisions 
      •      VP- Travel & Tournaments
      •      VP- Umpires
      •      VP- Maintenance (Fields & Facilities)
      •      VP- Administration
      •      VP- Finance
      •      VP- Marketing
      •      Board Secretary
      •      Cross-Functional VP *
      •      Cross-Functional VP *

* Newly created role(s) for 2015 with primary focus on Special Events Planning and Player Registration & Retention

Descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of these positions can be found on the MBL web site under the General Information link (select “Board Positions” under the Categories drop down list). 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Montgomery Baseball Board of Directors, please complete an Application (click on the Documents link and scroll to the bottom) and follow the submission instructions on the form. The deadline for submission has been extended to October 17th. The new Board will be announced by October 31st.

If you have any questions about the application or election process, or about the roles & responsibilities of specific Board positions not outlined in the Board Positions descriptions, please feel free to reach out to any of our existing Board members listed on the Board of Directors link.  We strongly encourage you to seriously consider getting involved and making a difference!  Thank you!



Reminder: The McKnight Baseball Complex is PRIVATE PROPERTY

The McKnight Baseball complex is PRIVATE PROPERTY.  It is not a public facility and is not associated with the Montgomery Township or Somerset County Parks systems.  The management and maintenance of this facility is funded by the Montgomery Baseball League (MBL) through registration fees, advertising, fund raising, and the generous donations of local residents and businesses. 

Use of the McKnight Baseball Complex is limited to individuals registered for current MBL programs and MBL-sponsored events and groups.  MBL reserves the right to permit or deny any individual and/or team access to the McKnight complex, including fields, batting cages, or concession, seating, and parking areas. 

Use of these facilities for private games, lessons, or training without written authorization from MBL is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Any unauthorized use of these facilities for such purposes is at the risk of the Trainer/Coach AND Trainee(s)/Player(s).  Any damage or injuries resulting from unauthorized use of these facilities will be the sole responsibility of Trainer/Coach.  Violators will be considered to be TRESPASSING and may be PROSECUTED. 

Any questions about this use-policy can be directed to any member of the MBL Board of Directors.  If you see unauthorized use of the McKnight Baseball Complex, please contact a member of the MBL Board of Directors or contact the Montgomery Township Police non-emergency number.  Thank you.


TED Talk: "Changing the Game in Youth Sports"

Please watch this 14 minute TED Talk video titled "Changing the Game:  A Parent's Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes & Giving Youth Sports Back to Our Kids"

Some key takeaways:

    • The single greatest effect on performance is an athlete’s state of mind
    • Youth sports used to be about children competing against other children; now it is often adults competing against other adults through their children
    • Children play sports because it is fun; winning comes in way down the list
    • Children quit sports when they don’t get to play, and when winning becomes more important than enjoyment
    • 90% of children would rather play on a losing team than sit the bench on a winning team
    • Competition is important, but being competitive comes from putting the needs and priorities of our children first
    • We can all start changing youth sports for the better by learning five simple words (watch to learn what they are)

I hope you will take the time to watch the video and if you enjoy it, please share it. Share it with families that have children in youth sports. Share it with coaches, schools and organizations that are struggling to serve the needs and priorities of our kids in a youth sports world that sometimes does not allow our children to “Play” anymore. Share it with like minded people so that we all realize that we are the silent majority, and that youth sports can and will change. We have the power to change it the right way, and make it about our players first.


Got WiFi? (We Do Now!!!)


    New for the 2014 season, MBL now has FREE WiFi at the McKnight Complex!
        SSID = MontgomeryBaseballLeague
        Password = MBLguest
(Please use responsibly!)

A Week at a Glance - Upcoming Games and Practices

Friday,  Oct 24
BR 13Prep Team Carver @ Nottingham 2 7:00pm McKnight Complex - Field H
Saturday,  Oct 25
Minors- Green @ Minors- Orange 10:00am McKnight Complex - Field A
Minors- Blue @ Minors- White 10:00am McKnight Complex - Field B
Marlboro Mustangs White @ 9U Competitive ADD-ON Montgomery - Kimick/Kyler 4:00pm McKnight Complex - Field A
Sunday,  Oct 26
Johnny Rooney & Steve Perone Clinic @ Prospects 1:00pm McKnight Fields A, B and H

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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