Last Updated: March 26, 2015
  • Girls Softball Assessments Saturday January 31 from 1 pm to 4 pm at Lila Keiser Park.
  • Spring Adult Softball Registration starts February 2, 2014.
  • LOMS Boys Volleyball Try-outs February 4 and 5.
  • For this weeks schedule of games, scroll to the bottom of screen

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Welcome to Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Sports Division

Welcome to the Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Department's website. This is the home for Estero Bay Youth Soccer, Estero Bay Youth Basketball, Coast Girls Softball, Estero Bay Youth Futsal, Morro Bay Recreation and Parks T-ball/Coach Pitch, Morro Bay Junior Lifeguards, Middle School Volleyball, Middle School Cross Country/Track and Field, Middle School Tennis and Morro Bay Adult Softball.

The current week of schedules can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Full schedules can be found by clicking on the schedules tab in the menu, then chosing the correct division.

Current registration forms, youth scholarship applications, Adult add/drop forms, youth practices schedules and other handouts can be found on the Handouts Page.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 772-6281 or by email: Bob (Coordinator Soccer and Basketball);Cody-- (Coordinator Softball and Basketball); Shane (Coordinator Junior Lifeguards); Lori (Coordinator Middle School Sports) or (Rock to Pier Run, Recreation Supervisor)


Scholarships are Available for Youth Sports Programs!!!!

Scholarships for youth sports programs are available through the Morro Bay Community Foundation.   Scholarships will cover up to 60% of program cost for eligible youth.   If your child is eligible for the school's Free/Reduced Lunch program, then they are automatically eligible for a Morro Bay Community Foundation Youth Sports Scholarship.  Complete the short application in the registration packet and submit with a copy of your Food Services Notification Letter.

Youth not participating in a school's Free or Reduced Lunch Program may still qualify; contact the Recreation and Parks Department at (805) 772-6280 for details.   Scholarship applications are available at the Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Department or by clicking here.

Scholarships CANNOT be applied to online payments.

Coast Girls Softball

Welcome to the 2015 Coast Girls Softball League. 

Schedules are now posted on the schedules page.








Sponsors are being sought for the 2015 season.   Please contact Cody at 772-6281 x 408


  Any questions, please contact Cody at 772-6281 or




Come Join Us at the Next Coast Girls Softball Meeting- Tuesday, April 14, 7pm @ Morro Bay Community Center

2014 Board Members are:

President: Karen Sweeny
Vice President/Tournament co-Director: Mark Mackey

8 & un Rep:

10 & un Rep: Donovan Walker
12 & un Rep: Doug Rauenzahn

14 & Un Rep:  Vicki Schemmer

Cambria Rep: Misty Tartaglia
At Large Member: Cody Stapley

Fundraising/Sponsors/Snack Bar: Jennifer Battala
Sunnyside Field Maintenance: Jim Schemmer


Estero Bay Youth Futsal

Futsal is returning this spring to Morro Bay!  Futsal is a fun, non-compeititve soccer game played indoors on a basketball court.   It is fast moving, but we will not be keeping score.   Come learn the game or practice your foot skills. 

This program is open to boys and girls in K-12th grade.   There is one practice a week and one game.   Games are on Thursdays or Fridays.

Registration forms can be found on the handouts page or your can register online.

Volunteer coaches are being sought for this program.  Please contact Bob at for more information.


Adult Softball Spring 2015


First week of games:


Monday:   6:30 pm LKE  Hit for Brains @ Staff Infection

                  9:00 pm LKE  Rum Runners @ Tremors

                  7:45 pm  LKW  Jim's Automotive @ Jolly Rogers

                 7:45 pm   LKE   Los Borachos   @ Team Sab

                 9:00 pm   LKW  ABA @ Caucasian Debris

Squids have a bye


Tuesday:  6:30 pm   LKE  South Bay Grays @ Gray Line Fever

       7:45 pm     LKE  MB Bombers @ Half Cents

       9:00 pm    LKE   Question Marks 50+ @ Bearly Movin


Thursday    6:30 pm  LKE    Central Cal Schools @ Road Warriors

       7:45 pm  LKE  Pays to Play @   Foresters

First games will be the week of March 23.


A minimum of 4 teams are required in each division or league offered in order to form a league.  In the event that there are insufficient teams within a particular division or league, the Recreation Department reserves the following rights:

-Right to cancel the division or league and refund all fees, or

-Right to move stronger teams up or weaker teams down form the next nearest division in order to form a league, or

-Right to consolidate divisions or leagues with rule restrictions.


Planned divisions:

Monday night:  Coed Lower and Coed Upper

Tuesday night:  Masters

Thursday night:  Men's


Morro Bay Youth T-ball/Coach Pitch Program

It is time to play ball!   Registration for the 2015 Morro Bay Youth T-ball/Coach Pitch Program will be from February 23-March 27.   This program is open to boys and girls ages 4-6 years old.   The season will be from April 13-June 3 and will meet on Monday and Wednesdays from 4:30 -5:30.  

This program is focused on introducing children to baseball.   We have small teams--infield players only--to increase the players involvement in the game.  Everyone bats each half inning.


Coaches are needed for this program.  Please contact Cody at if you are interested.


Morro Bay Junior Lifeguards

Registration for the 2015 season of Morro Bay Junior Lifeguards will begin on Mar 30.  Morro Bay Junior Lifeguards is open to boys and girls ages 9-16.   A swim assessment is required and dates will be announced soon.  More information will be available soon.

 Swim Assessment Dates:  May 9  9-11 am at Hardie Pool in Cayucos

                                            May 16 8-10 am at Kennedy Club Fitness in SLO (tentative)

Morro Bay Junior Lifeguard Pool Program  June 16-19 at Hardie Pool in Cayucos

Morro Bay Junior Lifeguard Beach Session 1  June 22-July 10

Morro Bay Junior Lifeguard Beach Session 2  July 20-Aug 7


Morro Rock Beach Camps will also be held this summer. 

Session 1   June 15-19

Session 2   July 13-17

Session 3  Aug 10-14

Winter Middle School Sports

 Boys Volleyball-  Tryouts for boys volleyball are scheduled for February 4 and 5, at 3:15, 2015, in LOMS gym. 


On-Line registration for boys volleyball will open on Monday, January 12, 2015.  Depending on the interest, there will be two teams; 7th and 8th grade, or, Team A and Team B;  All 6th graders will be placed on a team.




LOMS Track and Field / Tennis


Track and Field for LOMS begins Tuesday, March 31st, right after school on the track.  Practices are Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:10 to 4:15pm

 Tennis begins Monday, March 30th, right after school on the tennis courts.  Practices for Tennis are Monday and Wednesdays from  3:10 to 4:30pm.  There will be a parent and coach meeting on Wednesday, March 25 at 3:15 in the gymnasium.









Estero Bay Youth Basketball



 Thank you to the Bay Osos Kiwanis for your generous donation for our end of the season basketball tournament.  

 2015 Bay Osos Kiwanis End of Season Basketball Tournament

 Note:  the Consolation brackets are posted within each age group bracket.

3rd 4th Girls Bracket

3rd 4th Boys Silver Bracket (Morro Bay-Resnick; Los Osos Lime-Andrews; Morro Bay Light Blue--Ellis; Los Osos Gray-Garcia)

3rd 4th Boys Gold Bracket (Cayucos Red-Dahlen; Morro Bay Gold-Johnson; Los Osos Blue-White; Los Osos Orange-Hathaway)

5th 6th Girls Bracket

5th 6th Boys Silver Bracket (Los Osos Hunter -Sze; Morro Bay Gold-Eckles; Los Osos Red-Lindsay; Los Osos Black-Sachs)

5th 6th Boys Gold Bracket (Los Osos Gray-Codron; Morro Bay Blue-Laurie; Morro Bay Orange-Woodbury; Cayucos Sangria-Bircher)

7th 8th Girls Bracket

7th 8th Boys Gold Bracket (Paso 2, Paso 1, Outlaws, Bulls, Cambria, SLO1)

7th 8th Boys Silver Bracket (MB2, Wildcats, Flint Tropics, SLO2, MB1, Ravens)

Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  Mar 27
Softball 14 & Under Girls
Portillo-Paso @ Coast 6:30pm Lila Keiser East
Saturday,  Mar 28
Softball 10 & Under Girls
Five Cites 1 @ Coast 2--Walker 11:00am Lila Keiser West
Five Cities 3 @ Coast 2--Walker 1:00pm Lila Keiser West
Five Cities 2 @ Coast 1-Hotaling 3:00pm Lila Keiser West
Coast 3-Corbet @ Nipomo 1 3:00pm Nipomo High School JV-S Field
Softball 12 & Under Girls
Coast 1--Schemmer @ Nipomo 2 9:00am Nipomo High School Varsity Field
Coast 2--Rauenzahn @ Five Cities 1 11:00am Soto field- volunteer (Ikeda Fields)
Softball 14 & Under Girls
SLO B @ Coast 9:00am Lila Keiser East
Five Cities 2 @ SLO B 11:00am Lila Keiser East
Five Cities 1 @ Coast 1:00pm Lila Keiser East
Five Cities 2 @ SLO A 3:00pm Lila Keiser East
Five Cities 1 @ SLO A 5:00pm Lila Keiser East
Softball 8 & Under Girls
SLO B @ Coast 3--Tartaglia 9:00am Sunnyside East
Five Cities 2 @ Coast 2-Fernflores 11:00am Sunnyside West
Coast 1--Minetti @ Nipomo 1 1:00pm Nipomo High School JV-B Field
Five Cities 1 @ Coast 3--Tartaglia 1:00pm Sunnyside East
Monday,  Mar 30
Coed D2 (lower)
Caucasian Debris @ Squids 6:30pm Lila Keiser East
Staff Infection @ Jim's Automotive 7:45pm Lila Keiser West
Jolly Rogers @ ABA 9:00pm Lila Keiser West
Coed D1 (upper)
Tremors @ Team Sab 7:45pm Lila Keiser East
Los Borachos @ Rum Runners 9:00pm Lila Keiser East
Tuesday,  Mar 31
Softball 8 & Under Girls
Coast 1--Minetti @ Coast 3--Tartaglia 5:30pm Coast Union High School
Coast 2-Fernflores @ SLO A 5:30pm Laguna Middle School
Masters 50+
South Bay Grays @ Sprouse Com 6:30pm Lila Keiser East
MB Bombers @ Gray Line Fever 7:45pm Lila Keiser East
Question Marks @ Half Cents 9:00pm Lila Keiser East
Thursday,  Apr 2
Softball 10 & Under Girls
Coast 1-Hotaling @ Coast 3-Corbet 5:30pm Coast Union High School
Softball 12 & Under Girls
Coast 2--Rauenzahn @ SLO A 5:30pm Laguna Middle School
SLO B @ Coast 1--Schemmer 5:30pm Sunnyside West
Mens Division
Road Warriors @ Pays to Play 6:30pm Lila Keiser East
Foresters @ Central Cal Schools 7:45pm Lila Keiser East
Monday,  Apr 6
Coed D2 (lower)
Jolly Rogers @ Squids 7:45pm Lila Keiser West
Caucasian Debris @ ABA 9:00pm Lila Keiser East
Hit for Brains @ Jim's Automotive 9:00pm Lila Keiser West
Coed D1 (upper)
Team Sab @ Rum Runners 6:30pm Lila Keiser East
Tremors @ Los Borachos 7:45pm Lila Keiser East

For a complete schedule listing, click here!