Last Updated: October 17, 2017
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Welcome to Morro Bay Recreation Sports Division

Welcome to the Morro Bay Recreation Sports website. This is the home for Estero Bay Youth Soccer, Estero Bay Youth Basketball, Coast Girls Softball, Estero Bay Youth Futsal, Morro Bay Recreation T-ball/Coach Pitch, Morro Bay Junior Lifeguards, and Morro Bay Adult Softball.

The current week of schedules can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Full schedules can be found by clicking on the schedules tab in the menu, then chosing the correct division.

Current registration forms, youth scholarship applications, Adult add/drop forms, youth practices schedules and other handouts can be found on the Handouts Page.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 772-6281 or by email: Tyler at (Coordinator Soccer and Basketball);Cody-- (Coordinator Softball and Basketball); or (Rock to Pier Run, Recreation Supervisor)


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Estero Bay Youth Basketball

Registration for Estero Bay Youth Basketball will open on Monday, October 2nd at 9:00 a.m. and will end on Saturday, November 18th. 

You can register online at or at our office at 1001 Kennedy Way, upstairs of the Community Center.

Registration is $115 per child and a limited amount of scholarships are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Our divisions will be by grades as follows:

2/3 Girls

2/3 Boys

4/5 Girls

4/5 Boys

6/7/8 Girls

6/7/8 Boys


The season will run December-March with an assessment day on November 18th and indoor practices beginning in January.

We need coaches for our teams. If you are interested, please contact Tyler at or call 805-772-6281.

We need referees. If you are interested, please contact Cody at or call 805-772-6281.


Assessment Day will be Saturday, November 18th at LOMS. Please check below for your child's assessment time:

9:00am: 2/3 Girls from MB/Cayucos                                  9:30am: 2/3 Girls from Los Osos   

10:00: 2/3 Boys from MB/Cayucos                                    10:30 2/3 Boys from Los Osos

11:00: 4/5 Girls from MB/Cayucos                                     11:30: 4/5 Girls from Los Osos

12:00: 4/5 Boys from MB/Cayucos                                    12:30 4/5 Boys from Los Osos

1:00: 6/7/8 Boys                                                                 1:30: 6/7/8 Girls



Estero Bay Youth Soccer

Schedules are posted under the handouts page or can be found by clicking on the age group below:


U6 schedules

U8 schedules

U10 Girls schedules

U10 Boys schedules

U12 Girls Schedules

U12 Boys Schedules

U14 Boys Schedules


Picture Schedule September 23, 2017

    Please note that all pictures will be at Lila Keiser Park  
  8:00 AM Robson (U12 Boys)          
  8:10 AM Hart (U8)            
  8:20 AM Schooley (U6)          
  8:30 AM Fechner (U6)          
  8:40 AM Hankins (U12 Boys)          
  8:50 AM Strachan (U8)          
  9:00 AM Wilkie (U8)          
  9:10 AM Loeffler (U6)          
  9:20 AM Cordero (U10 Boys)          
  9:30 AM Velasquez (U8)          
  9:40 AM Baptista (U8)          
  9:50 AM Hart (U6)            
  10:00 AM Ridout (U6)          
  10:10 AM Pace (U10 Girls)          
  10:20 AM Failla/Gailey (U10 Boys)        
  10:30 AM Shipcott (U12 Girls)          
  10:40 AM Colhouer (U10 Girls)        
  10:50 AM Rugebregt (U14 Boys)        
  11:00 AM Washburn (U6)          



Referees are needed.   If you are interested, please contact Tyler at 772-6281 or


Concussion Education


On January 1, 2017 a new law went into effect requiring youth sports organizations to provide information about concussions to parents, coaches, and officials.   Morro Bay Recreation Services has been providing our coaches with training materials for about 4 years because we feel that the information is important.  It is also in every coaches binder and game binder.

 As a part of the law we are required to obtain annually parent and participant signatures showing that you received the education materials.   For basketball they will be distributed at the first games, other sports it will be a part of the registration paperwork.

Please note if we (coach, scorekeeper, official or coordinator) suspect that your child received a concussion, we will remove them from play.   We will give you a signs and symptoms sheet to take home.  If your child is displaying signs and symptoms of a concussion we will require a signed note clearing them to return by a physician.  Your child's health is important.  It is better to miss one game than an entire season!


The CDC has a website:  CDC Heads Up Concussion with information and training available.


If you have questions, please contact Karen at 772-6281

Estero Bay Youth Flag Football

Please check back as we will move flag football to either the spring or summer months.


Junior Lifeguards

Link to 2nd Session video

 Registration will start April 2, 2018 at 8:00 am

 Dates for 2018:TBA



Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Oct 17
Masters 50+
Movin' Grays @ Wine Country6:30pmLila Keiser East
Hinson's @ MB Bombers7:45pmLila Keiser East
Half Cents @ Question Marks7:45pmLila Keiser West
Saturday, Oct 21
Under 14 Boys Soccer
South Bay 2 @ Benchwarmers11:00amLos Osos Middle School
South Bay 1 @ Oreos2:00pmBethel (Jermin Park)
Vipers @ Quick Silver3:30pmBethel (Jermin Park)
Monday, Oct 23
CoEd Softball
No Glove, No Love @ Jim's Auto6:30pmLila Keiser East
Caucasian Debris @ I Just Want to Play Ball6:30pmLila Keiser West
Jolly Rogers @ Fish on Fire7:45pmLila Keiser East
Tuesday, Oct 24
Masters 50+
MB Bombers @ Question Marks6:30pmLila Keiser East
Movin' Grays @ Half Cents7:45pmLila Keiser East
Wine Country @ Hinson's7:45pmLila Keiser West
Saturday, Oct 28
Under 14 Boys Soccer
Vipers @ South Bay 111:00amLos Osos Middle School
Cambria @ Quick Silver2:00pmBethel (Jermin Park)
Benchwarmers @ Oreos3:30pmBethel (Jermin Park)
Saturday, Nov 4
Under 14 Boys Soccer
Quick Silver @ South Bay 19:00amLos Osos Middle School
South Bay 2 @ Vipers12:00pmMorro Elementary School
Oreos @ Cambria2:00pmBethel (Jermin Park)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!